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This ain't as easy as I make it look.


Grey enjoyed his life, simple though it may have been. He was a simple Engineer from Anville Town, working with his Pokemon to maintain the Battle Subway. However, when Arceus moved most of the population of Earth, human and Pokemon, to Equis, he found himself as a shiny Metagross in a world where the steam engine is a recent discovery, and magic is real. With that in mind, he sets himself a goal: find his scattered Pokemon, and create a new rail system for his new home, and new friends.

Side Story to A New World, A New Way

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A new story journey begins for our hero!!

From a science engineer to a pokemon with the brain power of more than 4 super computers and the capability to destroy the planet if he so desired.

So yeah, if think it was a pretty good trade off.

7123712 No, he was just a regular engineer at first.

Please continue writing this! It was getting good!! :pinkiehappy:

7123719 Either way, it is still an upgrade. :pinkiehappy:

I haven't actually read the story yet, but from what I know, only the champions are allowed to be shiny. Or at least, that was what was implied. I'll still read this book, it's a minor detail, but you might wanna PM Zues about it, just in case.

7124076 not entirely true, in 'A New Game' there is a Shiny Lucario who is a former Ranger. Shredder seems to enjoy putting him through the wringer...

A shiny? I thought only the champions became shiny when the humans transformed.

7124798 read 'A New World, A New Game'...theres a Shiny in there who isnt a Champion, hes just a Ranger...

7124798 I don't think that there's a restriction on it. Even if there were, I could easily make an argument that Grey's an engineering champion.

7125354 Yeah yeah, I'll get to it.


Wow, that is an excellent compromise! Nice!

7128204 Metagrosses are living supercomputers, you expected him to be dumb?

7128219 I am not that knowledgeable in Pokemon... but no I never expected him to be dumb.


Damn, now I wish I had 4 brains that were as strong as supercomputers. Wait, no. I always wished that I had at least one. It would've helped do all those sudoku's if I had a brain like a supercomputer. Would've helped a lot in school too. If you got a any problem that can be solved with math then you just calculate at the speed of thought until you get a solution.

Plus it would be great for those headaches. You got one and you can just run yourself off the others until it wears off.

7128240 Metagross, the Iron Leg Pokemon and the final evolved form of Beldum. with its four brains, it has an intelligence rivaling that of a supercomputer.

Grey seems to be taking his transformation too well, as if he's not even surprised by it.

"I am Bjorn," Gimli replied.
"Then why did this in my personal forge?"

There should be a comma before Bjorn, and what did Flux do in the personal forge?

u r aware that Markarth more or less is a Dwemer ruin? just one that the people of the Reach moved into and turned into a town. but no matter. the story seems to be lagging a bit, though that might be a result of the relatively short chapter chapter length more than anything else.

7150072 I'll fix that
7150078 Yeah sorry, to be honest this chapter was written during a mild case of writer's block, next chapter should pick up.

7150100 ancient wisdom: do not force urself to write, the quality will always be less. ur characters will speak to u if u let them...when they r ready...

Considering how big and intimidating Metagross are, it's a bit weird how nobody seems the least bit nervous in his presence.

7150560 Yeah, I'm just going to say that they've already seen a Steelix and leave it at that.

wait... so far the only shinies have been very special people like the champions and top rangers. there were actually edits made on the canon pokemon characters list made by the group admins at least one to keep some people from being shiny, and i don't think engineering champion would go towards making the character shiny. if so, then we would have shinies for champions in every skill, at least tripling the number of former human shiny pokemon

7158611 Come on, cut me some slack. As far as I know, there are no official rules that state whether or not someone can be a shiny.

Loved that last line! XD

Does he really need tools? What can tools do that a giant metal fist and psychic powers can't?

7159524 One word, multimeter. Also, remember that Grey just became a Metagross, only knows 2 moves, neither of which can be used to help build a train, plus the only member of team he has with him is Flux. Minor spoiler, he'll be meeting up with Shine during the journey, but he'll still be missing Brace, Temper and Dome.

don't Pokemon know all of their moves they just only use 4 of them because those are the rules for the pokemon league?

maybe he needs to learn them first, but he can use more then 4, because he doesn't fight in the pokemon league.

still im liking where this story is going so far keep up the good work and i hope this comment will help clear some people's mind about

*only knowing two moves*

7159594 He only knows 2 moves right now, by the way I already hinted at one of moves he'll learn. As for the 4 moves rule, yeah let's just say I'm not the one who already dynamited that, I've already got 6 moves lined up, with more to be added whenever I feel like it.

7159539 He's got a quad-wired supercomputer for a brain. Would he really need a ruler? A brain like that could probably perform surgery with flawless precision.

7160415 Yeah, let me know when you figure out which move can be used as an angle grinder.

7161390 Okay, you got me there. He definitely doesn't need all of it though.

7162702 Maybe not all of it, but definitely the coffee machine. Also, the tool belt has sentimental value, no I'm not saying exacty how.

7162708 ... So he's an addict.
Now the next question is, how much coffee does that body need to ingest to actually have an affect?

7162827 He is not an addict, lots of people need coffee to start their mornings.

7163644 Well I'd like to see you wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed after pulling an all-nighter.

7164409 Unlikely, I'm pretty sure you don't know where I live.

yay:yay: a new story in this world

7164551 That's what Facebook's for. By the way, just in case I sounded creepy, I meant for you to post a video or something.

7130553 i'm not sure how well four brains a headache if it only affected one it's fine but you would run the rise of all aching at once headache times 4
(plus it's not your brain hurt with a headache it's the stuff around it)

Hmm, I felt like that was quite a jump. For a former human, a week is actually a long time, yet you just kinda skipped everything he could've done over a week while he went to get his coffee maker.

7230095 To be honest, I didn't have any ideas, road trip movies are only funny when the car spontaneously explodes halfway through.

i like how the story is going so far im keeping my eye on this one.

So someone other than Gene doesn't mind this. Well, I guess Grey has a little more perspective than others now.

There's an awful lot of dialogue in this chapter that isn't labelled, causing me to loose track of who's talking.


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