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What is the point of wanting to live without fear If you will live with the fear of some day being afraid anyways?


[Ben 10 X My Little Pony: FIM]

Vilgax, an intergalactic warlord, lands unwillingly in a world that lacks the technology for space travel. With no means to leave the planet, he starts developing a malicious plan to steal two of the most powerful sources of energy he has ever witnessed in the universe hidden in plain sight from the ponies' habitats with no regard to what it will do to their planet.

Twilight noticed a shooting star and observe it until it exploded in mid-air dispersing its fragments into two. One landed close to Tartarus and a smaller one landed on her friend's apple trees.

Surprised was she when she didn't see an alien creature like she has hope for but rather a white stallion alicorn who was foresight to bring calamity to Equestria and the whole world if he is ever seen.

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Thanks, men. I just hope you don't believe I am trying to steal your thunder or anything :twilightsheepish:

Started when an alien device did what it did,
And put itself upon his wrist, the secrets that it hid,
Now he's got super powers, he's no ordinary kid, he's Ben 10... Ben 10!

The princess though wandering if her wish was granted. 

This should be Wondering

Both Big Mac and Applejack come down surprised by the event.

should be Came

Whatever it was that landed on the field, it creates a big crater destroying a couple of trees with the impact and a couple more with the fire but nothing too serious to be worried about.

In and Created respectively

"But what do this? One of those space rocks Twilight had talked about?" Applejack slowly and carefully gets close to the impact sone trying to see what is in there but the smoke makes it harder to see.

Did, Got and Some

This made the farmer stand in _ guard position but still being brave enough to not run away from there.

There should be a an there

"Then help me with this. would'ya? I think there is somepony here. Grave that shovel." Big Mac, finally recognizing the seriousness of the situation, do as told and stay in guard like Applejack. The two holds their breath waiting for the smoke to clear up or to see any sign of something moving.

Grab, Did, Stayed, and Held

"Applejack!! Are you guys alright?" Twilight has come flying and landing next to her friend.


There are more that I found but this comment is already too long for my taste. PM me if you would like me to point out the rest. also please don't take this as an insult to your writing, i just don't want people to be turned away from this already great story because of a few grammar and spelling mistakes.

I'm really loving this story alot can't wait for more uploads as soon as u can I'll be waiting my friend

It’s quite good this chapter but you need to fix some of the mistakes in your spelling as quite a few words are incorrect or have letters missing from them.

There, I think the problem was solved. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, men, That is true. I didn't even realize that. I guess it was stuck in my mind from your story. I just thought I needed a different color Omnitrix and that one was the first one I thought.

Not bad, could use some more work on spelling and sentences.

It felt like the conversations were broken in some way between Ben and The Princesses.

That is kind of what I was going for, I guess? I wanted Celestia to be very nervous meeting Ben because of the legend of the stallion of calamity that I haven't revealed yet. I want that story to be like the boogeyman for the princess but since she has millions of years and probably had dealt with stress before, she would know how to be calm when stressed but since this time she is dealing with a fairy tale from her childhood it comes up like... this? I don't know. probably I do it bad.

"I am afraid I can aloud you to go free. You represent a threat to this land and until I don't know exactly where you came from and for what reason you come here you will stay." Celestia says as her stare become colder.

Paranoid bitch

Really good chapter, needs a little work on the spelling though.

Some words are incorrect and others have added letters that are unneeded.

Still?!! Got dammit. I have an editor but I am always too anxious to upload a new chapter as soon as I think is ready XP. Tell me, is it too bad?

Bens stuck as an alien I hope he gets to transform back

So much potential for this story. Just give it to your editor and it will be okay. I'm also a Ben10 fan. That is why I'm reading your story

Well if you are looking for a basic pencil drawing at first I can probably make one. Just send me a list of what he looks like and I will get started.

ok Ben can't change so it's either a his watch is damaged or be the magic of the land is holding him in pony form. place your pets

You will found out in the next chap:raritywink:

Is 3/4 done by now so not later than a week from today. I have my finals this week so I cant work on it too much but it will be up really soon. :pinkiesmile:

so i'm taking it the omnitrix was damaged of discord was messing with ben I can see either really I mean discord can pretty much do anything

Alien X! Yaay! Honestly this is a fun story. Maybe Azmuth could explain why Ben's alicorn form is so powerful. Since the Omnitrix makes Ben into the peak of a species' potential.

Stop with the confusion, my head cannot take it. :applejackconfused:

This si absolutely amazing and funny at the same time, keep up the Good work Cyber, your biggest story lover approves (me) :ajsmug::twilightsmile:

is it weird i find that picture cute?

Yea, I know. The guy who was helping me hasn't responded. I guess he gives up on the 6000 words chap. :unsuresweetie:

No, I have not. Actually. I am very behind in all my readings. I'been berry busy lately.

This is awesome and i love the cliffhanger you added.

Your Kidding, those really aren't the Sun and Moon that orbit around Equestira, then what are they really?

Geeze you may need to fix Rooks speech pattern as it’s a bit off.

Some words are incorrect like in a few instances you have him say awake rather then awoke and other times you mistakenly use me instead of I and vice versa.

Other than that I enjoyed this chapter so far, good to see you updating again.

Haha thanks. I wanted people to wait for the next chapter that is why I leave that cliffhanger :twilightsheepish:
Well da. The last time I checked it was the planet that was spinning not the other way around XD. This was actually the first thing I thought while making the story, an explanation of why that happens, then I thought it will be fun to include the Ben 10 universe into the mix.

Really? Chezz no matter how many times I check it and recheck it and rerechek it. I always miss things like that. Thanks glad you like it


But this is Celestia and Luna we are talking about, their SPECIAL TALENTS are MOVING the SUN and the MOON with their magic.


Yes they do, after all you see Celestia and Luna's magic grab hold of the Sun or Moon and lift or lower them when needed to.

Needs some editing.
It is not replay but replied. A look into the FAQ writing guide of this site would help

It is always something stupid like that.
If it isn't "white" instead of "with" or "sweat" instead of "sweet"
Hahaha Actually that last one was really funny when it happens.

So just guessing here but is the reason why Ben is stuck in Alicorn mode because of the shear amount of Mana in the environment screwing with the omnitrix? If so then Azmuth seriously needs to fix that glitch/vulnerability since this is the second time that the omnitrix has been compromised by mana. And if not since Ben went "Alien X" can he now access his other forms, but for now has Alicorn as his base form (seriously we saw everyone's reaction to Alien X even if they didn't exactly know what was going on, but what about the other aliens, although I'd rather see Celestia's reaction to ben fighting Vilgax while swapping between different forms).

So can Ben use his other forms or was the Alien X transformation possible because Alien X? Or well he be able to use his other transformations in the final battle (Waybig punching Tirek in the face and Celestia seeing that Ben wasn't lying)

Well at least he has Fourarms to help him against Vilgax.

"Is there a manual for the watch?"

"There's no Omnitrix instruction manual! That's a sumo slammers trading card guide!"

"Hmm... No wonder it's so complicated."

Blukic and Driba are da best.

"So that elegant tall stallion alicorn with the noble white feathers and with the beautiful emerald eyes is in reality..." * Burrrp * "... this?" Rarity said in disgust as the bipedal creature burps very loudly in front of them.

So... Much... Laughing... :rainbowlaugh:🤣

Na, Ben has full control of the Omnitrix now. The only reason he didnt transform into the aliens he wanted was because of his stupid habit of slamming the Omnitrix when pushing the button what makes the cylinder to tilt slightly and selecting a different alien. :pinkiehappy:


"There's no Omnitrix instruction manual! That's a sumo slammers trading card guide!"

"Hmm... No wonder it's so complicated."

Blukic and Driba are da best.

Hahah sure they are :rainbowlaugh:

Got that from the Wii game. 10 out of 10, would play it again.

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