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One of the most powerful weapons in the universe ends up in the Everfree Forest and is discovered by a certain purple dragon. With it, Spike is able to turn into all sorts of different creatures! But he'll soon discover that the Omnitrix is something many aliens want. Something that warriors are willing to die, and kill for.

A Ben 10 crossover, without any of the Ben 10 characters.

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:pinkiegasp: Never thought of a crossover like this before. Pretty cool, dude. Keep updating?

i was a little "meh" through it, but otherwise it was OK. :twilightsmile:

Was good! Would read more.

Hmm... something I love with something I hate. odd mixture.


Trust me, I know how you feel.

Sorry to break it to ya, but I already tried a crossover like this. Although I do think that yours is better than mine. It's defiantly less rushed. You can read it and come to your own conclusion. Nice story by the way!:pinkiehappy:

Hmm, i never even considered a crossover like this, but it turned out FANTASTICALLY AMAZING, hope there's more, cant wait to read it:pinkiehappy::heart::scootangel:

god i cant figuire out who the last alien is. also this is a good story it deserves to be continued

98004 The last alien is Humongousaur. I decided to take some liberties with his appearance. For one thing, if I do continue this story, and with all this positive feedback, I probably will, you'll notice Humongousaur being much more dino like, with sharp teeth, claws, and the such.

I think this could be pretty good, if you do more i'll def give it a read, and he is definitely more competent than Ben was when he first put the Omnitrix on.

this is good:heart::heart::heart::heart: plz continue :twilightsmile:

i liked the first series of ben 10 but after that it sucked honestly plus i like the series please continue

Not bad. There are quite a few errors that I found, but it is a good idea. I hope to see more of this. You've earned a track and four stars.:moustache:

totaly awsome! i cant ait to read more

Funniest would be if one of Spike's forms is "Ben" :pinkiehappy:


Now this was totally epic! Looking forward to what other adventures you have in store for Spike and the Mane 6!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Having watched the original, second, and a lot of the third series of Ben 10, you need some things corrected. Since you seem to be using the first 10 aliens from the second series, it shouldn't include Cannonbolt(he was one of the ones from the second set on the original series). His first use of Big Chill needs a better description(I didn't figure it out until the name was actually shown, and originally couldn't tell whether it was meant as Big Chill or the evolved Ghostfreak). The grammar was mostly okay, although there were a few common errors. This has potential, and I look forward to seeing an update. And, as always, there goes another idea of mine already written before I can get around to it.:twilightangry2::facehoof:


I should make something clear. I am picking ten aliens from the franchise, I'm not going to use the exact same ten Alien Force or the original series did. Instead, I'm picking aliens from throughout, so you can expect an alien from Ultimate Alien, like ChamAlien, and one of the originals, like Stinkfly, to appear.

And I am not very good at describing things, but I'll try to think of a better way to describe Big Chill. I had hoped the moth wings and breathing a cold vapor would have been a big enough hint.

Also, I'm not the first person to write a Ben 10 crossover. Bronyzilla did one, though his is more traditional, with him actually having Ben in it. So if you want to write something like mine, I say go for it. I bet it'll be good.

Needs more Wildmutt, that would be amusing. I always like pausing the video mid-Wiildmutt-transformation, because it makes Ben look like a moustachioed ginger.

It's not bad, but the writing itself is fairly simplistic.

Okey! I will start reading this. Giving Spike the Omnitrix sounds cool.

I loled at the end. Gigantosaur. Wow that is atleast not the bigest alien.

Eeyup I enjoyed it also Cannonbolt was originally intended to be part of Ben's original aliens but they wanted an alien to be in the watch that would be evil and be released from the watch hence Ghostfreak I have enjoyed all of the Ben 10 series (but I'm worried about the new Ben 10 Omniverse deal so please continue :raritystarry: also be sure to bring some aliens to ponyvile for the Omnitrix to analyze thus giving spike more aliens :rainbowdetermined2:

Great job, man!:pinkiehappy: I eagerly await the next chapter dude!:pinkiehappy:

I like the idea of a combination of the two and no ghostfreak and XLR8 + Alien X are the best.:rainbowdetermined2:

Nice start. Could use a lot of work, though, like perhaps adding "something only Spike would say/do".

O. M. G! I am in love with this! You combined two totally epic shows!!! :heart: Please use Xlr8 in the next one! Please! Please! Please!

Are we talking Big Chill for the "bug-like" alien? Because of the robe-like wing structure?

Hey, you should have Asment(?) come over and try to take the Omnitrix back so he can give it back to 10 year old Ben! That would be hilarious!


I think you mean Asmuth. That would be cool! :pinkiehappy:

Oh. Well don't I feel stupid.


Sorry. I just love the show. I have the tendency to aggravate people by correcting them. I don't mean to... :fluttershysad:

okay... when i first saw this i was like NO! but then i was like THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!

okay, i wany more, this is too fucking cool

The egg transformations was a nice touch. I do like Ben 10 this should be an adventure

Fluttershy meets a vulpamancer cool:pinkiehappy:

Does it really matter how I spell his name? :rainbowhuh:


No...not the Apple Bloom Face! Must...Resist...oh, buck it. D'awwww! :rainbowkiss:

will spike be unlocking new aliens throughout the story? like ditto or clockwork or juryrigg or way big

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