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London, England. A decently large city that hasn't seen many eye-catching events in recent times. For John Carter, it has always been a nice, relatively peaceful place to live in.

He had plenty of expectations for his future in the city, many were... Far-reaching, but nothing stepping beyond the realm of possibility.

Getting ripped from his body and placed in a completely foreign one? That may have overstepped the boundaries just a slight bit.

This is a complete rewrite of one of my other stories, Becoming One With the Moon

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Pinkamena Diane Pie had worked at Hasbro for seven years, ever since Brian Goldner himself personally ripped the fabric of dimensions and turned the whole of Equestria into a TV show.

That is, before she got fired.

Story commissioned by Wacky.

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Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, more commonly known as Ben Ten, the former wielder of the Omnitrix, and current wielder of the Ultimatrix, has lost.

Even one of his most powerful transformations failed to defeat Diagon, a self proclaimed god and demon from a realm beyond his.

Instead of leaving Ben right after to fight George, and with victory soon at hand, Diagon casted Ben away to the most remote corner of the Multiverse it could find without care.

Now, the saviour of the universe must figure out where he has been sent to, and how to get back before it is too late, if it isn't already.

Story begins near the start of Season 2 Episode 4.

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Earth, the birthplace of humankind, is dying.

Full-scale nuclear war has ravaged its surface, killing billions in the process, leaving Earth a glowing radioactive wasteland.

Years before the war, colonization of Earth's natural satellite, Luna. Was well underway to the point that dozens of domes dotted the lunar surface. When the war started, colonization funding was greatly reduced, bringing the effort to a halt.

Now, years after the war, the colonies find themselves with two options.

Die from starvation, or try to find a new home.

They chose the latter.

Old cargoships, once used to transfer supplies, were hastily retrofitted to the best of their abilities and outfitted with experimental warp drives salvaged from testing stations scattered around Earths orbit.

Three ships, the ULC Coral, the ULC Nightmare, and the ULC Amber in Arms were outfitted with these experimental warp drives and sent filled to the brim with everything needed to start over.

Humanity reaches out in need of a home, but what they find turns out to be a little too much for what they bargained for.

Editors: Magnificent Bastard

Story on hiatus until further notice, focusing on my other story for now.

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David never did have an exciting life. He had a somewhat stable one, along with his roommate, which he considered to be his best friend.

He had a lot of expectations for his future, most were... Far reaching, so to speak. But nothing too crazy.

At least, that's what he thought.

And let me tell you, turning into a blue horse was not something within his expectations.

Disclaimer; Earlier chapters were written when I was still inexperienced. Newer ones are better in quality overall.

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