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  • 17 weeks

    It is my birthday. That is all

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  • 18 weeks
    Car Work

    Hello. Recently, a car I owned for a very long time suffered some bad issues, and now appears to be at the end of its life. As such, I've had to get a new car in a quick fashion. Now, I've spent a lot of money, and will have make frequent payments off of my loan.

    As such, for a while, I'll try to choose on working on commissions, which means they'll be opening up. Furthermore, if anyone wishes, I'd like donations.

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  • 39 weeks
    Car Trouble

    I'm facing a bit of car trouble, to the point where I'll have to swap out for a new car sometime soon. I'm worried about my financial standing, so I was wondering if I may ask for a few donations?

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  • 41 weeks
    Commissions Open

    Hello everyone! My commissions list is currently empty. As such, I'm willing to open up!

    $5 per 1k words!

    Also, feel free to make a commission towards the linked story. If the commission you wish for is Explicit, it will be private between us.

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  • 44 weeks

    Watchers, my commissions list is beginning to empty out. As such, they're opening yet again.

    $5 per 1k words
    Prefer femdom
    You can also have this commission appear in my massage story if you wish

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Birthday · 7:33am January 9th

It is my birthday. That is all

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It's a commission, and as such I'll wait on them

Hey I was just wondering again what happened to your story It's a Strange Life Is there gonna be any new update on that

On account of it being written by another author, who wanted me to post it while keeping them anonymous, it was in violation of a site rule. It's been transferred to the rightful author, Inkune666, who should've either uploaded it, or will in the future

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