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Legend has it that a keeper of the forest will come to protect the forest and every creature in it.

Contains slight blood, violence, and profanity in future chapters

Chapters (23)
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Comments ( 77 )

Interesting i like the concept

Love the story so far, but that last line:

“Guess I’ll come back tomorrow.”

kinda lacks impact of him changing his decision... maybe

“Guess I will come back tomorrow.”

See how much difference that TINY change makes?

I'm intrigued. Not sure if I'm willing to give it a Like just yet, but I'm definitely going to be tracking this.

I'll give it a watch, looks interesting!

More please. I'm very much enjoying this so far.

I'm really enjoying this!! Can't wait to see more!:pinkiehappy:

Cant wait for more

Spike is doing a good job. go spikey boi!

Spike the sage of the forest sounds pretty nice:moustache:

Oh, this is gonna be good!

I have seen a lot of great story’s die out of nowhere. I beg of you don’t let Keeper, New King, and Leave it all behind die.

Nice chapter, kinda wondering how his friends are going to react to him taking care of a ton of animals from the Everfree. Fluttershy would probably be scared at first but then really happy about it.

A little before they find out, Twilight bans Spike from the forest cause he got seriously hurt and he just runs away like a kid would do.

Yeah, that's expected honestly.

Man I'm loving this story.

Ponies only wore saddles so it would damage there backs when they carried heavy objects

Didn't know ponies where masochists.

Really loveing this story! C:

Don't give up spike you can't let Debbie die.

so spike is slowly turning into swamp thing.


I don't recall dragons having the ability to manipulate weather like the Pegasi, and I really don't think Spike would be able to pull five carts on his own, especially as an adolescent dragon that just got their wings, but I guess I could see it as the Stone of Amity giving him the power to do so. I also wonder if the Everfree Forest would reject the bushes since they're cultivated by ponies, and I wonder if the clouds produced by the Weather Factory would go haywire because of the ambient Chaos magic that makes the Everfree such a dangerous place.

I like the concept, but there are things here going against what we've been shown from the show, and Spike's acting as if his personality's been switched with Fluttershy. The latter could be explained by the Stone of Amity affecting him on a deep level, but said stone would be doing a lot of convenient things out of nowhere when Spike's been living at Ponyville for at least a couple years now. His kindness towards a timberwolf in particular is strange considering his personal experience with them during that one episode with Applejack.

Maybe I'll give it another chance later, but for now...I've been kind of turned off. I'm worried Spike's becoming a Gary Stu here, and his apparent change in personality doesn't help.

I’ll clear some things up for you. First, it isn’t water manipulation, it’s controlling the clouds. Any creature with wings can move clouds around, the only reason we’ve seen pegasi do it is because any other creature lives in there own lands and don’t do anything with the weather team. Spike has carried multiple heavy items at once with no help in the show, so he could pull a few carts. The Everfree forest wouldn’t reject the bushes because since the Tree of Harmony is protecting the forest, and she recognizes Spikes as the forest keepers, so she’ll keep the bushes alive. The clouds won’t do anything, they’ll just be floating around until they need to be refilled.

The stone is helping him feel more compassionate with the forest. All of the creatures know he’s the forest keeper due to the magic of the stone. Also, he felt pity for the Timberwolf because he was hurt. The only reason the stone is affecting him now is because he found it. It could affect anyone who finds it.

Hope that helps :)

Thank you for a good start!

It seems that spike has finally find his purposes c:.

My moneys on Fluttershy being the first one to find out about Spike and his powers.
Any takers.?

I actually haven’t planned on the first one to find out yet

It makes sense. One of the animals spike helps tells Fluttershy and pointes her to the old castle where she finds buddy and the others sitting around as spike works in his potion workshop, or something like that.

It does make a lot of sense and I might actually do that.

That or Luna looks into his dream that night but it’s up to you

There are two new episodes that have potential for Spike to make new friends, so I’m waiting until then to make my decision

Like the New coverart.

Thank you, I thought it fit better than the last one

another addition to this weird family

Thank you for a cute story so far! I love the weird and wonderful group of friends Spike is making!

Thank you for the chapter! I love Spike reading comics to get them to sleep!

This story is super kid friendly

There might be light swearing and definite violence in future chapters

Eh, this showed some promise but it's got some serious pacing issues and honestly, I don't feel like I'm reading a story about Spike. He acts... Off. Now I'm not sure if the implication is that the "Stone of Amity" is supposed to be affecting his personality but if that is the case then this story just got way darker in my eyes, mind control on this level without directly stating such is pretty messed up. If that's not the case then he just seems out of character, some of the things he's doing, and the spontaneous manner in which he does them seems completely out of the question. Spike seems unnaturally confident to a dangerous degree, risking his life on a whim with the confidence of information provided by some light reading, sometimes seemingly read in the moment, and while the first chapter seems to point out that he has some form of protection as the Guardian, he doesn't know that... It just seems too convenient, and while I'm uncertain as to what direction this will be taken, the way it's been written I won't get any payoff to this plot due to it just all kinda falling on him. Just my two cents.

you have a typo in your description

Legend has it that a keeper of the forest will come to protect the forest and ever creature in it.

ever should be every

Thank you for the chapter! I'm glad that the tree gave Spike a base of operations!

Comment posted by Alondro deleted May 24th

This was amazing! Who knew that a story about spike taking care of the everfree forest could be so good. Hopefully you can do more chapters or do another volume. Also, DALEK GREVIOUS WILL HELP SPIKE TAKE CARE OF EVERFREE FOREST

I’ll definitely keep writing this, it’s one of my favorite fics and I can go all out with this

Irdes is an.. interesting character. Thank you for the chapter!

Didn't this story used to have a human tag?

No, you must be thinking of a different story

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