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Even the slightest changes in the past can have a significant effect on future events, case in point:
what if Spike was never raised by Twilight Sparkle? What if he was raised as a bonafide apple on Sweet Apple Acres, brother to Big Mac, Applebloom, and of course Applejack? What if his arrival as a hatchling had inadvertently prevented the deaths of Bright mac and Pear Butter?

Inspired by my dragon brother by kuairu and spike pie by silver butcher

cover by nixworld

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OK, why doesn't the synopsis have any capital letters?

there, fixed. sorry about that

Now that you've fixed that, how about fixing the rest of capitalization problems in the description and the title.

P.S. Also you used too many "What Ifs" in your description. You really need to reword it, because it just comes off as annoying.

See potential in this.

Looks nice so far, looking forward to more.

Really dude? Can you at least say what you didn't like, instead of just posting an emoji?

Also, I thought this was very good and Look forward to more.

Ummm… Where is Applebloom? Wouldn't she have already been born if Pear Butter and Bright Mac were a week away from …….

actually I think it's a legit question. Your timeline puts Spike arriving when AJ is still in diapers it sounds, and the subsequent deadly journey that was avoided was supposed to happen then. It seemed established that part of AJ's reason for running away to the city for a while in canon was due to her parent's deaths. AB had to have been born by this point, but it also points that AJ is several years older than AB.

so the only remedy I could think of based on your explanation of the timeline would have been that in Canon, AB is not Big Mac and AJ's little sister....but in fact one of them, likely Mac, had a daughter.

okay so i made a temporal plot hole but can you really blame me?
since there is no mention of applejack's parents or applebloom in the cutie mark chronicles or where the apple lies it's hard to pinpoint when applebloom was born and how old she was when bright mac and pear butter died; overall the details of how those two fit into applejack's past are VERY sketchy, so putting all the events in order is very difficult.

but remember that this is an AU fic, it doesn't have to follow the canon timeline exactly.

well of course, and said plot hole isn't going to be an actual plot hole, given the nature of the AU, where the supposed parents of the character aren't dead. It's just a matter of 'the butterfly effect' story telling angle you're using, it brought up further questions is all.

This was really good and I'm looking forward to more! By the way, good job editing wise. I'm a Grammer Nazi, and even I didn't see anything wrong outside of a few missing and or extra letters.

Saccharine enough to make one check insulin levels.

“Yeah, yer right Mac. Everything will be jus- OH DEAR CELESTIA HE’S ON THE CEILING FAN!” Pear Butter shouted.

I laughed so hard at this part! :rainbowlaugh:

It's good work, please continue.

Comment posted by Sinestere deleted Oct 31st, 2018

This made me smile. Good job.:pinkiesmile:

Oh my goodness lil spike with a lil apple accent you have made my day!:pinkiehappy:

Went about as well as could be expected for the mare.

Don't piss off Mama Pear! She just layth the smackdown on that rich assclown!

I like the story, please continue. Also, if our attempted dragon purchaser tries to file any kind of legal action, the whole pony town from the least local farm hoof to the mayer will have somthing "strong" to say. Trying to enslave children will get those torches and pitchforks out lightning quick. I dont know if tribal class resentment is part of this story, but in the show its very close to the earth pony mind when it comes to being looked down on by anyone. The story doesn't say if our fancy pony is a unicorn, but this could easily be old tribal feelings being seen in action. The rich pony should have known better. Hopefully the rich ponies elders will know better before this proceeds. But likely they won't...

All in all, it had been a fun reunion for everypony, and dragon.

Why do I have a feeling that this is one of the last times we see the two lovebirds...

I hope not.

oh no, pear butter and bright mac are going to be alive and well LONG into applejack's adult years.

The same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, Aunt Orange's name is literally Aunt Orange? I would be more surprised if we didn't have someone name Mayor Mare but it has to be confusing calling your own wife aunt.

Either way, the fact that Pear just gave her children to go ahead to anyone that wants to hurt them or their siblings is a Chekov's Gun waiting to go off.

Still, if that snooty mare wanted an exotic pet then I invite her to the nearby Everfree forest, by herself.

Love the story, and I look forward to the next update! :twilightsmile:

"A subscription to Bobby Blabby's newspaper"

Yooooou~! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

The noodle incident, oddly the most frequent reference to Calvin and Hobbes I have come across.

“When we come back, ya’ll are scrubbing that bathroom til it shines brighter than Luna’s moon. Understand?”

Who in the hay is this "Luna" you speak of?

Ohhh this is gonna be good.
*Takes popcorn*

I can imagine if Big Mac and Spike are the same age as Cherrilee. And her rocking roll style as child and teenager before becoming a teacher. XD

YES! Finally somebody got that reference!

Pear Butter and Bright Mac being parents to not only Big Mac, Applejack and Applebloom... but to Spike too...


This is interesting for sure. I honestly hope to see a Sparity form in this story. I think it would be cool to have Rarity fall for the little baby dragon who is super kind to her and even help her with looking for gems and the like. I do wonder tho, with Spike growing up in town and more in line with nature will he grow more and larger than he was in the canon. Like will he make a small hoard of gems, will they have to deal with his greed growth, or any other dragon instinct that start to come into being as he gets older. I really hope he grows to be as big as Big Mac by the time Twi ends up showing up to town. I mean could you see Spike going up to Rarity and telling her she is mighty pretty like a gem or something. Lol that would cause the little filly to just melt lol.

Well, isn't the the cutest gosh darn thing. I thoroughly approve of the bit where that speciesist noblemare gets bucked in her stuck up li'l face.

Well, this has been a fun story. It's nice to see how a small change can ripple through. Besides, the Apples are all about family. Who better to adopt Spike?


“Oh you country ponies and your quaint little habits, treating a beast like him like family.” Delilah said with a patronizing chuckle “but even somepony of your lacking intellect could understand that I am offering an enormously large sum to you for it, likely higher than you can count.”

i hate you

can't wait for the next chapter!

I find myself increasingly looking forward to every new chapter in this story, as the characters, and Spike in particular, develop new dynamics and interactions based on how the differences between this storyline and the show cascade outward.

Spike obviously has much more social interaction here, and feels as if he's genuinely part of a family, as opposed to just being an assistant or a helper. Applejack has much more of a mischievous streak and is much more playful thanks to Spike's influence and not having to deal with the loss of her parents. It'll be interesting to see how their close bond affects their interactions with the other ponies later in the story.

Plus, Applejack's cutie mark actually makes more sense now, because the three apples can arguably also represent the bond between her and her brothers; the three apple siblings, or even her brothers and her as-of-yet-to-be-born baby sister Applebloom (who really should be along soon now since she had already been born before Applejack left for Manehatten in the show).

Also, now I'm very interested to see how the sonic rainboom effected Twilight, since she had no dragon's egg to hatch. What test did she pass this time? Mayhaps Spike will fall for Fluttershy instead of Rarity? Anything might happen.

That being said, there are a few quips...

“Don’t tell me ya’ll forgot about the noodle incident.” Granny Smith remarked with a frown.

I'd call ya out on this easy-out, but seeing as it's Calvin and Hobbes, neither I, nor anyone...anywhere...ever...will complain of it.

“When we come back, ya’ll are scrubbing that bathroom til it shines brighter than Luna’s moon. Understand?”

They don't know of Luna yet. And though there is a statue of Discord, not many ponies know the history behind it at this point,

“Now remember, ya call us as soon as ya git to yer Aunt Orange’s place” said Pear Butter, rubbing some stray dirt of the filly’s cheek with her hoof

Call how? With her voice? They have no telephones in Equestria.

school? oohh i wonder who the bullies will be. also, will you be having spike do his molt and get wings thing?

For that last one, technology is equestria is VERY complicated and tends to vary wildly even in canon. My rule of thumb is that anything from the digital age and beyond is a no-no.

I can’t tell you exactly what twilight hatched for her entrance exam but since ‘my dragon brother’ already did breezier and ‘spike pie’ did griffins, those two are out.

I also find it hard to believe that Luna had been completely stricken from all history books, there had to be at least some record of her existance especially since the Royal guard was founded because Luna became nightmare moon. Same with discord, there had to be at least a few mentions of him around equestria.

Nah, I figured that it would be more fitting to leave him without considering he was raised by earth ponies, trading them in for greater physical strength.

“Don’t tell me ya’ll forgot about the noodle incident.” Granny Smith remarked with a frown.

Spike shot up from his chair so quickly you’d think it was on fire, “NOPONY CAN PROVE WE DID THAT!”

“The royal guard might disagree with ya on that one.”

Spike grumbled as he shoved another apple slice into his mouth, it wasn’t his fault things happened the way they did; he didn’t push the big red button.

I'm very interested on what Spike did & noodle incident

yes there will be sparity, but probably not how you're thinking. there will also be a bit of spikedash for flavor

yes spike will get bigger but only through natural growth, making him only the size of a teenage dragon which would put him at a size a bit bigger than big mac.

lastly I'm surprised nobody has picked up on the subtle spiderman reference in the 'lost in manehattan' chapter

Wonder how Twilight will react to Spike?

Pear gasped “it’s hatching, by Celestia IT’S ALREADY HATCHING!”

I don't know why I love this part so much. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, this is adorable. Thank you so much for making it. I'm very interested to see what's going to happen. :pinkiehappy: And also, yay! Pear Butter and Bright Mac are alive!!

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