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950 years after Nightmare Moon was banished from Equestria, an incident occurred in the smokey mountains involving a cult obsessed with a being known as 'the fire starter'.

Said incident was where a dragon going by the name of Spike first appeared in Equestria, setting in motion several series of events regarding the supernatural forces that hid in the shadows of this world.

this is his story.

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or how twilight found out about her assistant's secret relationship

spike has very strange tastes in mares....specifically ones with bug wings and holes in their legs.

(A/N, sex tag for implied bug on dragon sex and innuendo.)

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Even the slightest changes in the past can have a significant effect on future events, case in point:
what if Spike was never raised by Twilight Sparkle? What if he was raised as a bonafide apple on Sweet Apple Acres, brother to Big Mac, Applebloom, and of course Applejack? What if his arrival as a hatchling had inadvertently prevented the deaths of Bright mac and Pear Butter?

Inspired by my dragon brother by kuairu and spike pie by silver butcher

cover by nixworld

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This story is a sequel to the dragon's den dream

two weeks after being offered the contract, spike decided to accept it and return home to meet his birth-parents; not just for him but so that he may protect all of his friends. unfortunately neither twilight nor the others see it that way and will be willing to go through tartarus and back to retrieve their friend. worse still, spike's new noble dragon friends would do the same to ensure that he arrives at the vlemm enclave. And when certain members of royalty get involved not just from equestria, but the other kingdoms as well. Then there will be enough chaos in the land to make discord shed tears of joy.

cover by bluewolfartista

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Spike's new wings had caused him quite a lot of unwanted popularity in ponyville especially among his closest friends. After a tiring day he lays down for a long nap but his dreams are soon interrupted by an uninvited guest, one who has some urgent information regarding spike's long lost past, along with an offer that only comes along once in a lifetime.

sequel's up now!

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