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Spike's new wings had caused him quite a lot of unwanted popularity in ponyville especially among his closest friends. After a tiring day he lays down for a long nap but his dreams are soon interrupted by an uninvited guest, one who has some urgent information regarding spike's long lost past, along with an offer that only comes along once in a lifetime.

sequel's up now!

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I know that's you, Famous.

Please make a sequel to this A.S.A.P I do want spike to have the opportunity to finally meet his parents & train to his fullest so that he can BOTH unlock his true potential & FINALLY be treated as an equal among others.

IF he doesn't take upon this offer, he'll forever remain in his baby dragon form, never be treated as an equal among ponies & his kind, always remain being babied by friends and family due to no one not realizing he's grown up much during his life, and never being able to unlock the mysteries of his past and forever not knowing who his dragon parents really are.

If upon taking this offer, it''s best if he leaves in secret and just leave a good bye letter to his friends & family. Knowing them by this, they'll no doubt do everything in their power in stopping him from attempting to travel off to the vlemm enclave. This to me is an ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY, hopefully they'll understand and at the same time RESPECT his wishes on them not following him or coming along. He should tell them not to worry about his safety & well being for he'll be in good hands from that moment on. IF he should ever come back to Equestria is anyone's guess so the best of luck to them from their on.

Sequel Sequel Sequel there needs to be a SEQUEL

But nopony came……

did spike do a genocide route on his play through of undertale?



Ponies acting like jerks to get the plot rolling, dragons having greater magic powers than the ponies (so they're superior in every way)... those are usually warning signs for me. Admittedly, you did have the ponies apologise at the end, but I would've liked it better if that hadn't been in there to play up how much better the Noble Dragons are.

I guess I'll be checking out the sequel too.

please do.
in all honesty I think I did alot better on the sequel than I did on this.

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