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This story is a sequel to Royal Guards in Training

This story takes place after the events of Bridle Gossip.

After Twilight and her friends were cured of the poison joke. Apple Bloom decides to help Zecora clean up her hut and only succeeded in turning the zebra into a foal. As a cure is being developed Apple Bloom and her family take it upon themselves to watch the baby zebra.

As Zecora becomes apart of the Apple family and they come to accept and love her. A cure seems unlikeley, and it may come down to Apple Bloom to make a difficult decision...

Editor Superpinkbrony12

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 55 )

I think this story should be tagged AU as well, since most likely Zecora will be regressed for some time and that means she won't be a fully grown adult in "Swarm of the Century" when Twilight goes to her for advice. Still, this is a cute start. The only other padded Zecora I've read hasn't updated in years. :rainbowkiss:

looks like another master piece by foal star I'm looking forward for more and you know when your done I'd love to see a story based of that image of Zecora and pinkie pie getting regressed to foals by a spilled over caldron (sorry couldn't find image) it maybe a little soon after another story about Zecora getting regressed but I think it has lots of potential

theirs another padded Zecora story? mined telling me

8293218 Enchanted Baby Zebra by Autumn Breeze, I believe.

Too bad the Cake twins haven't been born yet. One can only imagine the trouble those three would cause:derpytongue2:

I remember that pic lol. Maybe one of these days.

<LoL!> I really love how excited Apple Bloom is over getting her Cutie mark in this story post Bridle gossip. She no doubt has been harassed by Diamond Tiara for quite some time now and definitely wants to no longer be a 'Blank Flank'.

I'd certainly say you captured a younger Apple Bloom very well. Very easy to visualize her, her thoughts, her actions, and that delightful scene with the pig where she made up her mind on what to do. That was just like the opening to an episode!

It's fun looking all the way back to Season 1 and realizing just how much has changed. Apple Bloom has yet to befriend Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. She may know of them but has yet to become friends as "Call of the Cutie" has yet to occur.

Nice rhyming with Zecora, too. I like how she still can do it, to a degree, even as a foal. Great job!

I really enjoy Apple Bloom's enthusiasm to help. She may be doing it all to get her Cutie Mark but it does add some depth to the story if it were to be considered as part of the canon universe.

I honestly don't remember a lot of talk about having, or not having, a Cutie Mark until "Call of the Cutie". No doubt the teasing AB has been dealing with has been going on for quite awhile and this story shows just how desperate she is to get hers. Foal sitting and care are likely not a super desired thing to have your 'special talent' in but a young filly, like AB, would certainly have the eye on the prize instead of thinking of what would come later.

It's also interesting to get some background on how involved Granny Smith was in raising Big Mac, Applejack, and Apple Bloom. As we say in "Ponyville Confidentail" she certainly does know a lot about raising the family with many pictures to prove it. :)

Can't wait to see how Zecora reacts when her foalish instincits inevitably take over. :rainbowkiss:

Lets just say Apple Bloom is going to hace a long night. :twilightsmile:

8293670 Well, maybe baby Zecora could be given to The Cakes for a while, and that could factor into their decision to have children a season later?

This is just the calm before the storm. When Zecora's foalish instincts kick in, she's going to regret having Zecora in her room.

I'll bet the cows would be glad to give Zecora some of their milk if she needs it, after all if Zecora's gonna be a foal for a long time she needs proper nutrition. :twistnerd:

That was the point of the joke that Apple Bloom was trying to find her cutie mark without realising how emberassing it was.

Quite the exciting chapter. I'm liking how Granny Smith is getting to show the side of her that kept the Apple Family together the loss of AJ, Big Mac's, and AB's parents. She certainly does not show her age as she just keeps on pushing along to ensure her family is happy, healthy, and thriving.

The scenes with the pigs and cows were super cute! Little Zecora trying her best while the critters were kind enough to help and console her instead of belittling her or putting her in danger. Super sweet.

Apple Bloom's lesson in foals was also definitely one that anyone with a little one can relate with. It seems so much easier than it really is when it comes to the night. I know I was a happy ducky when our son finally slept through the night. Waking up multiple times over the night certainly leaves you feeling burned out.

Yeah I really did enjoy making this chapter and seeing how much you can relate to apple bloom's predicament is cute. Im happy your enjoying the story so far.

That wasn't mud in the pig pen. Trust me. :pinkiesick:

Applejack only told Zecora not to wander outside, she never said anything about wandering about inside. :raritywink:

An epic chapter! Lots of amazing tie-ins to the show. It really makes this story genuinely feel more like a "Lost Episode" than a work of fan fiction.

My favorite parts were when the Cakes came across Applejack. The discussion they were having certainly would be right in line with the pair deciding whether-or-not to genuinely try to have foals. The seriousness of the discussion made it quite worthwhile as, from my experience, many couples have many things to consider prior to making a true effort to start a family.

You also did well in keeping up with Apple Bloom's desperation to have a Cutie Mark. Having a call back to how she was trying to get one in caring for a foal worked great in how, as expected, Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara would've ate that up for teasing fauder. Great work!

Maybe caring for a foal won’t be so bad after all.

Famous last words, Applejack. :rainbowlaugh:

Mischief is on the horizon, I can feel it.

8324708 Applejack's gonna need to start foalproofing the house, and maybe get a monitor for Zecora.

Ooh! I love how the story is turning into a tale of how Applejack may feel about being a mom. Zecora's situation being a perfect vessel for introducing AJ to what it could be like if she were ever to find a stallion to have foals with.

This makes me wonder what would happen if Apple Bloom, Big mac, or Applejac ever had foals. Would they all live on Sweet Apple Acres with their families to keep the farm going? Or would they have to decide who got to stay at Sweet Apple Acres and who went off to start a farm somewhere else?

Your stories have certainly increased in depth with each one you've written. You may think it is just a situation of a pony being regressed and waiting for a fix but there is a lot more involved than that. There are underlying / between-the-lines concepts you get to consider along the way. Very nice!

8325144 I think that would depend on who they married or had foals with, and whether or not their partner stayed on Sweet Apple Acres with them.

I always liked Zecora as my favorite non-pony pony and as a baby she's even better. :twilightsmile:

You know, that begs the question of what has happened to Zecora's hut. It's been vacated for at least a week and a half now. :eeyup:

Hopefully they won’t get into too much trouble

I wouldn't count on it. Their reputation as unintentional troublemakers is well earned.

Nice chapter. Apple Bloom reading the book certainly ties in well with her Season 4 interest in potion making. Actually it gives more validation to the interest as, earlier in the story, you had her visiting Zecora and offering to help. Now she's reading the book and thinking about potions. Nextwe have AB trying to get her Cutie Mark through "Hearts Desire" and then there's the whole "Love Poison" thing she got everyone into.

Yep! This story is doing yet another fine job of adding connections to past and present events in the show itself. Well done!

I wonder what will be next...?

The CMC in Zecora's abandoned hut that is filled with magical potions. What could possibly go wrong? :derpytongue2:

To be honest before season 5 I thought apple bloom wpuld get her cutie mark in potion making and become an apprentice to zecora.

Hm, I wonder what Applejack could have in mind to get everypony to stop treating her like a mom. I hope it's not something she's gonna regret. :trixieshiftright:

I'm really liking the conflict of Applejack seeing herself, or being seen, as a mom. It creates a delightful 'inside story' that goes beyond the search for how to bring Zecora back to her former self.

I'm glad to see another chapter of this delightful tale. Definitely looking forward to more.

That's one powerful laxative Zecora mixed up for herself. :pinkiesick:

Very nicely written! I really am getting the feeling that being 'responsible' and 'dependable' is AJ's only reason to want to go into her act at the party. It's delightful gradual how you have made the concept of Applejack being a mom seem like something she'd not mind taking on. She may like bucking and selling apples but a part of her could genuinely take on the role of a great parent. Her behavior in the show also shows how being a good "Big Sister" could just be a tie-in with the faithful time when she is ready to settle down just enough to raise a little apple family herself.

The way you wrote the CMC so confidently making the potion worked very nice, too. At this point in the timeline they would have that childish overconfidence of feeling like they can make potions while asserting authority. I know my son is 10 and he likes when he feels like he is, in his own mind, a leader role while not giving a second thought as to what he may be doing is right. It's right in his head and, like the CMC here, it's all that matters. :)

I feel like we are coming to a very insightful part of the story. What will show Applejack's true feelings as a mom. I wonder how close she'll bond with regressed Zecora before that all fully kicks in and has a lasting effect that may have her a little sad when Ma AJ is back to just AJ?

Thank you for the lovley comment

You know, if The Cakes are expecting to have foals in the near future, maybe they should see how they do with Zecora for a couple of hours first? I'm sure Applejack wouldn't mind leaving Zecora in their care, and Pinkie Pie would love the playmate. :rainbowkiss:

Applejack in mom mode is so cute! She's definitely going over-the-top but the lengths she's going through to try and convince every pony to leave her alone about the whole 'mom thing' are certainly only going to convince everyone, including herself, that she'd be a great mom.

<LoL!> That scene where Twilight got hit with spit-up was hilarious! Books can only tell you so much. Especially about little ones. Twilight got a real life lesson in just how unpredictable they can be. I wonder if she'd make that a letter to Celestia? "Dear Princess Celestia. Today I learned that foals are very unpredictable. You really have to have experience, like Applejack is getting, to know the right and wrong ways to care for a foal. I'll definitely need to do some more one-on-one time with Zecora to learn more of what it is like to be a mother and how I can best be a good friend to my friends who are, or may become, mothers..."

Truly what has me hooked is Momma Jackie. She's really showing how her stubbornness can backfire. Kind of like in "Apple Buck Season". She thinks she has it all going right and can handle everything but... :)

Too bad Zecora told everypony her wish, now it will never come true.

Nice little moral in this chapter. All this time Applejack felt she had something to prove by going overboard in being a protective parent when, in fact, she really is just a great parent-figure by being herself.

There are so many books out there that tell you the supposed "Dos" and "Don'ts" of being a parent. These are all great on a macro level. However the best parents are those who don't try to be anything more than a mother and father in conjunction with their own personalities.

This story has kept me thinking a lot on how it would make a lot of sense for AJ to eventually find herself a stallion to share the family farm with and have a foal, or two, to keep Sweet Apple Acres going. The way you wrote the canon AJ in this maternal role definitely illustrates how she would genuinely make the most sense in being a mom.

Loved the Rainbow Dash interactions. It certainly made for a lot of fun. Dashie would never wish to lose her only real competition within the Mane 6. Only AJ can match her and Dashie would be so crushed if Momma Jackie ever came into too much appearance to destroy all the rough-housing and competitive feats the two get themselves into. :)

It'll be interesting to see Zecora play with Bucket Bridle, Cannon Feather, and Bright Wing. I just hope they don't pick on Zecora for being in diapers while they're in potty training. :twistnerd:

lovly story so far but i hope zecora decides to stay a foal in the apple family

What an epic surprise! You found a way to link this story to "Guards In Training" which puts it along with other tales where Bucket Bridle and pals get into misadventures. So, if I dare guess, this keeps these tales that you are writing to happen in-between canon episodes in the same universe as your other stories like "Finding Sunburst", "Finding Shining" and others. How delightful!

If this is the end of the story I must note how I really enjoyed it. It was far more than a regression story. It had the CMC doing CMC things and really gave some wonderful perspective on how Applejack would genuinely make a great "Momma Jackie".

You've certainly evolved a lot as a writer since we first met in 2015. All your work in 2016 was super enjoyable and your 2017 work is yet another step above the previous two years. You capture the characters so well through the adorable misadventures you create. I'm so glad I discovered you and I can look forward to what you write.

I don't know why Applebloom is being so hard on herself.

You sure like urine, I see a bunch of it in your stories :rainbowlaugh:

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