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950 years after Nightmare Moon was banished from Equestria, an incident occurred in the smokey mountains involving a cult obsessed with a being known as 'the fire starter'.

Said incident was where a dragon going by the name of Spike first appeared in Equestria, setting in motion several series of events regarding the supernatural forces that hid in the shadows of this world.

this is his story.

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Gonna wait for a few more chapters but I will definitely read it!

Also most badass picture of spike I have seen yet!

Perfectly Insane

I hope this is based on the original hellboy movies rather than the recent one .

I was actually leaning more towards the original graphic novel series.

Though I might include a few elements from the movie, the GOOD one.

This is gonna be one epic fanfic. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

question, what would YOU consider the good ones?

hellboy (2004)
hellboy II the golden army
and the two animated tv movies. (though to a lesser extent than the above two.)

as for the newest one, I'm just gonna pretend it doesn't exist

I just hope Spike will have wings. A lot of people do in a major disservice forgetting that he does have wings and this bike did actually grow them within a few years since now he's parked demon.

i see a hell boy referents here

I saw two super hero names from different series. And no Mare do well is not one of them though, I did see that as well.

ah! a man/woman of culture as well!

Interesting start. I was gonna write a Hellboy crossover myself a few years back but I never did finish it. :rainbowderp: Looking forward to how this goes.

And although I may be no expert on Hellboy, I do suggest using less lingo as I have no idea what ECP stands for (unless I missed its explanation somewhere in the story, but I can't find it), and maybe explain Mare-Do-Well being here more too, considering she wasn't a real thing until a canon episode (unless the explanation is planned for later as well).

All in all, solid first chapter that sets up a lot. I'll be watching for updates. :twilightsmile:

All ways enjoyed the original hellboy (cant believe i have to say that now) and Hellboy 2 cant wait to read more of this

It’s a canon mlp term that refers to the royal guard.
Covered in ‘testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.’

Ah, okay. Thanks for that. Have only watched that episode once and way back when it was released, so I would have no clue unless I looked it up.

look good I am hope twilight and him get together, but start out with a more of brother sister like feel that spark to romance,
I can see twilight have issue with her magic overwhelming her grown up and spike able to take what she dish out





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