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Spike never grew up with Twilight Sparkle. Instead, he grew up with Rainbow Dash, when his egg was literally dropped in front of her parents. As they grow up, the duo find comfort in a close brother and sister bond. With love, loss, and the general shenanigan or two, the duo will live as a shining testament to speed, wonderbolts, duct tape, ice cream eating contests, angry sharks, angry mares, angry fleas, uptight nobles, religious butterfly zealots, and a whole bunch of craziness that comes with living in Equestria.

Editing done by SpikeSupreme13, Jyggy, and Flutterbrony539. Thanks a lot guys!

Cover art made by Blueright! Thank you so much!

Chapter artwork also made by Blueright! Thank you so much!

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 490 )

This is the start of what could be a pretty great and interesting story. If you need some proof-reading help or anything else on that matter, I'll be happy to lend in my support. So far, this story is sound and good

It's interesting so far! I can't wait to see where it goes.

It has the potential to be a very great story keep up the amazing work good Sir
Demur signing off

I can't wait to see where this goes. ^^ So far it's nicely written. :heart:

This is pretty neat. Does Spike have wings from his hatching?


I assume that considering he's with Rainbow's family, not to mention the image that title this story, he better have wings, or at least can fly, otherwise this story is gonna be very short and quite messy. :rainbowderp:

6220168 Spike will have wings. He doesn't right now, but he'll grow them in time.

So cool, I'd even say 20% cooler. I so hope his full name is Spike Dash, that would be such a cool name.

So in this timeline Spike is going to be roughly the same age as Rarity... interesting.

Also, what is Twilight going to do to become the Princess's student?

6220402 yeah i am wondering about that too

6220366 yeah i agree with you Spike the dragon full should be Spike Dash

Comment posted by Kuairu deleted Jul 19th, 2015

I am intruiged... :trixieshiftright:

Interesting premise for this story...I like it.:moustache:

The mare turned to Blitz. “What are going to do with the egg now?”

What are we going to....

“I’m just having a bit of fun. You’re cute when your flustered, remember?” she smiled.

you're flustered...

I like the story. Can't wait for the next chapter.

baby spike whit or whitout wings ?

I always wondered how the brother/sister dynamic would work between Spike and any of the other members. Here's a Dash one for me.

Most ponies don’t know it, but you can gain some interesting powers when you become a married couple. The phenomenon had baffled scientists and magicians for centuries, with tests coming up with inconclusive evidence and research.

 One of these powers involve super speed. As a father, your reaction time is increased, so as to save the baby when it is in harm or to help your wife when she is having a mental breakdown and about to do something rash.

 However, the most powerful use of this power is the strange and uncommon “Your wife is yelling your name in an angry manner” super speed.

:rainbowlaugh: That's just... :rainbowlaugh:

This is very intriguing:duck:
Dazzle us some more

Both dragons held very precious and sacred items in their claws, although their intent for these items were nothing but good for the items.


I think you've got an interesting story idea going here, but between that kind of repetitiveness and other little issues, you really need to work on the technical aspect of it a bit. The writing is pretty rough around the edges.

Will this be focused a lot around their childhood? If it is it will truly be adorable.

6225339 Thank you for that. I promise I will try to improve with each chapter.
6225604 The first couple of chapters and small flashbacks in the later ones will feature their childhoods.

I'm really liking this idea so far.
Please continue, I eagerly await more chapters to come.


Well, this is definitely looking like it could be very interesting. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this to see where you take it, although there is not enough story for me to make a judgement on a thumb yet.

An "Spike-and-Rainbow-gew-up-as-brother-and-sister"-story! Great idea!
I can practically see an future prankster-duo.

Good story so far. I like to see how it will continue.

Just one small thing:


You forget the "i" in this 'word'. Also the beginning should be an capital letter.

I like it. I do hope you will release the next chapter soon, my good man.

Until next time, cheers.

Very nice. I want more please. :raritywink:

This is a good start. However, it does bring up a few good AU questions, like what would it be like for any of the others to get Spike to take care of? How would that change the course of the show?

6241883 It's an interesting idea, to have Spike grow up with a different pony than Twilight.

Rainbow Dash is what I'm doing now.

Fluttershy would maybe change Spike to a more demure dragon.

Rarity would have Spike with an eye for fashion, although if it turned into a Sparity fic I'm not sure how far your definition of incest goes...

Applejack might make a more toned and muscled dragon. For a Sparity fic maybe that one could have Rarity fall heels over for Spike.

And Pinkie Pie might turn Spike into a world-renowned baker, and combined with Pinkie's parties it could turn into an interesting "Home Business" sort of fic.

6242131 Fluttershy would probably end up more confident, since a motherf:yay:cking dragon gives an automatic+20 to your badass rank.
Rarity? He becomes dressmaking assistant, and falls for Twilight, the new librarian of Ponyville.
And just imagine if Pinkie bestowed upon Spike her reality warping powers.

6242330 We need to let this idea become a reality! Have a group named Spike the Brother or something!

Now this is just my rabid and eternal curiosity speaking, but how much older is Fluttershy than Rainbow Dash to you? Don't get me wrong this is great, just curious.

6242665 A year older is what I'm working with. I think it will play a nice little factor once we get our full group of misfits together in the next chapter.

What's the shipping flutterdash, fultterspike

Aww, that was adorable. It's also surprising to see that Spike is still quite smart even before he can talk.

Duct tape for everything eh? Was the sticky side actually on them? It would hurt a hell of a lot if it was since the stuff would probably drag a lot of fur with it when ripped off. Spike would be fine, but it wouldn't be pleasant for Rainbow.

6243298 I think it was sticky side up, and they were just rolled up in a tube of it :derpytongue2:

Oh god, extra strength duct tape on fur? That's gonna be like a wax.

where in the timeline do you plan to end this story. is it before or after they meet Twilight.

6243989 A WHOLE lot after they meet Twilight. We ain't goin' anywhere.

This is so damn cute!:rainbowkiss:
Can't wait to see when the 'Romance tag comes in! And young, Gilda!:pinkiegasp:

Loving this story, already! Great job!:moustache:


Wow, as much as I liked the kids and how you have Spike maturing much faster than the ponies around him like in the show, the parents really stole the show here. That duct tape trap was hilarious, although I feel really sorry for Rainbow unless there was something to keep it off her fur, and all their interactions are great.

6244710 joke time: so a Dragon, a Pony, and a Griffin goes to a flight school...

6244118 well I only have one thing to say to that.

6243942 Meh, Spike'll be fine.

“Firefly honey?”

“Yes, dearie?”

“Why are the kids duct taped to the floor?”

And the chapter has just started...

(Now we need an comparison of Rainbow before and after the duct tape.)

Good story so far! I like it!

6246619 A scales thee easy clean of the animal/fictional world, must make bath time easier. Also I can't help but think the duct tape would be even worst for feathers.

6243298 Dragon's mentally mature after than ponies, as pretty much every Spike fic as ever said? It would be so cool if Spike skipped grades because of that, if the not being to fly at younger thing doesn't screw that up.

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