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When a Goddess gets bored of being alone, she moves to a rock farm to start a new life

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Goddess of Laughter

Abandon all hope, ye mighty, and despair.


:moustache: Welp, time to abandon this universe!


Why is there a barrier?


Oh shi—



Hush little colt...


No dreams, only fun...



You have my interest, I barely see any Pinkie Pie alicorn fics and that makes me sad, hopefully this will provide what we’ve all been missing.

There's a lot of mileage that can be gained out of the premise that Pinkie is a deity, but I'm especially intrigued by how the lore here brings in unexpected connections with other canon characters. Will be following!

Interested to see where this goes

I want this story to continue. It is an amazing start.

This is some good stuff i got really sad though hearing how most of the family died

Alicorn Pinkie Pie.
and it doesn't seem overdone, overpowered.

Faved and following :ajsmug:

Have to say, this DOES look like a good start to this story. I have to say, Pinkie being a goddess posing as a mortal allows her abilities to make more sense than they should (though I have to wonder if she discreetly copied her powers onto Cheese Sandwich just so she can have somebody who can keep up with her years down the road). Also loved the reflection on the other gods (including Celestia and Luna's mother). I mean, we already know TWO of the other gods will definitely show up (possibly all three of the still living other gods, since this IS an alternate universe after all) and it's possible that Pinkie MIGHT end up growing to trust the rest of the Mane Six enough to reveal her identity as a goddess to them (but it's JUST AS possible that Discord could end up outing Pinkie as a goddess for sheer cruel laughs [which I hope Discord DOESN'T do, but acknowledge COULD happen]). But, yeah, Pinkie disguising herself as an Earth pony filly, shrinking Gummy to a less frightening size and recreating her mortal family was some wonderful stuff.

On to the next chapter.

Excellent job on this chapter. I can't believe it took me THIS long to find this story. But still, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up were well done in all the right places. Yeah, can definitely sympathize with Pinkie's reflections on her family (though, being a god's creation definitely explains why this Maud has almost super-equine strength) as well as her struggles with adapting to mortal life before that first Sonic Rainboom led to the events that earned her Cutie Mark.

REALLY looking forward to more of this.

Oddly enough, just got another thought:

For some reason, I can't resist this image in my head of Pinkie discreetly talking to Celestia at some point after Pinkie and the rest of the Mane Six defeat Nightmare Moon: "I knew your mother, Celestia, believe it or not. She was a wonderful mare. To this day, I still miss her terribly, but she would be VERY pleased with how you are running Equestria and ESPECIALLY pleased with you and Luna patching things up."

I am super intrigued with this development.

Now I cannot wait for Pinkie to meet Discord again.

“Besides, it’s not like I’m going to go on dangerous adventures. That would be crazy.”

Just beware of a little town called Ponyville, and you will be fine.

How comes this story is not in the feature box yet?

Really good work on this latest chapter. The work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all well done. I especially enjoyed Pinkie reading that history book from cover to cover (something tells me that, in ten to twelve years, she might find out she has more in common with Twilight than one would think at first glance) and having to be reminded to not use magic. And, no, Pinkie is NOT going on dangerous adventures - at least for another ten to twelve years (though she MIGHT end up meeting her future husband in a few months, even if she won't realize THAT for decades).

At any rate, very definitely looking forward to more of this.

And now she knows how Equestria was made!

Maybe next time she'll know how she got her cutie mark! :pinkiehappy:

Maybe it was the fact that there was never any news from there.

Ponyville used to be a little quiet town? Wonder what cause that change...

“That’s it! You lost your teeth privileges.” Pinkie Pie said

... one mystery explained.

Pinkie Pie hopped at a leisurely pace, humming to herself. She let her horn glow, activating some of her magic. Everything around her slowed down. A hummingbird slowly flew towards Pinkie at snails pace. She continued to hop at a slow pace, continuing to hum.

And now we know the secret of Pinkie's move.

Sometimes she liked using her powers to mess with people.

That explains why she messed with Twilight.

I just realized one thing. If the Princesses' mother was one of the God and a close colleague of Goddess Pinkie... does this mean Pinkie is Celestia's and Luna's (non-biological) aunt?

Goddess Pinkie: That's it. Celestia, you go to bed without any cake tonight!
Celestia: But auntie Pinkie...

Pinkie Pie, Maud, Limestone, and Marble walked down a dirt path, each of the men wearing saddlebags in there backs.

Each of the what?

“I missed so much.” Pinkie Pie muttered to herself. For the past millions of years, Pinkie had been up in the clouds, being worshipped by others. She had never taken time to learn about the Earth.

So she became a goddess "years" before the unification of equestria was made, but she's also been a goddess for Millions of years?

Not to mention pony kind keeping records of that far back?

This timeline confuses me.

Excellent job on this latest chapter. Love the scene with her family as Pinkie was heading toward Ponyville. Absolutely adored the first meetings with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. And, yeah, I could see Pinkie taking away Gummy's "teeth privileges" after an incident with Angel (even if Angel DID deserve that bite, there would still be the risk of Gummy getting into it with one of Fluttershy's animal friends that DIDN'T deserve that bite) and the ability to slow down time is definitely a good explanation for WHY Pinkie is faster on land than Rainbow is in the sky.

So, yeah, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are wonderfully done in all the right places.

“I thought Purple Eyed Alligators have been extinct for millions of years!”

How did they name them the purple-eyed alligator? Soft tissue don't usually retain their pigments after millions of years.

Sorry, just something that stuck out to me, and a little nitpick.

Lmao yes yes yes this is amazing, I love it so much and I’m glad it will only get better from here! I welcome our new pink overlord.

Interesting and whimsical little fic.
It could use a lot of polishing though.

For a LONG time I have entertained the belief that Pinkie is a sliver of curious consciousness that is intrigued by mortals that is so ancient and powerful, that it was used as a boogyman when Cthulhu, if not Azathoth itself was young.

Please don't cancel this. It perfectly explains how pinkie can do her abilities.

I need more of this in my life.

They had thrown large boulders to prove strength, skydived to prove bravery, did cool tricks to prove awesomeness, and told their coolest stories to see who was the coolest.

Rainbow Dash you have wings how is skydiving a test of bravery!... Was Rainbow trying to kill off Pinkie because she was mad that she was being beaten? :twilightoops:

Pinkie Pie had only met Celestia a few times when she was a very young filly. Pinkie wondered if Celestia even remembered her. It had been over six thousand years since she saw her.

Something wrong Princess? :twilightblush:
Nothing, my student. It just that I felt I might have met the Element of Laughter before. Maybe her ancestor? :trollestia:

Excellent job on this latest chapter. Absolutely adored the work that went into the characterizations. I especially loved Pinkie using her wings to get that book and Gummy using fire breath to light the way in that secret passage. And Pinkie's reflections on Cosmos were truly emotional stuff, PARTICULARLY after she found Cosmos's journal.

VERY definitely going to be looking forward to more of this. ESPECIALLY looking forward to Pinkie meeting Celestia and Discord again (obviously not both in the same chapter, but you get the idea).

Wow, I’m really enjoying this!! The concept is really creative, and I like how you used the fact that she’s a literal goddess to explain all those “Pinkie” things she does. Gummy’s story is also really neat, (I laughed when she took away his “teeth privileges”:rainbowlaugh:)And the whole thing is adorable too! A big bonus.:pinkiehappy: I’m excited to see what happens next!

Comment posted by Chucklespie deleted Jun 11th, 2020

I know pinkie is all powerful here, but she sounds so cute.(I think its a good thing)

This is a fun chapter, you have nothing to apologize for.

This was a downright sweet and enjoyable chapter. LOVED the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Absolutely LOVED Goddess-Pinkie's first meeting with Applejack and her family (well with the exception of Apple Bloom, but that's probably coming soon) as well as how determined Pinkie is to find a way to cheer up the town without explicitly using her powers.

Most certainly looking forward to more of this. Especially Goddess-Pinkie's first meeting with Mister and Missus Cake (heck, one of her discreet "blessings" later on might be the reason Pound and Pumpkin were born a Pegasus and a unicorn respectively).

Sorry if this chapter isn't the best

Nonsense, it was delightful! I was so glad to see that it was updated!:yay: I’ve got a question. How come Pinkie’s friends can’t see her wings + horn? I don’t recall if this was explained in an older chapter.

It wasn’t explained in an older chapter. It’s to protect them which will be explained in a current chapter

Out of nowhere, an apple zipped past Pinkie's head, making her jump backward in surprise. The apple hit the tree behind her with a large splat.

Is this how Ponyville greeted their guest before Pinkie come? I rather say it might give different message.

"There sure are. There's three in town." Applejack stated.

Undoubtedly, not for long.

Well, this idea with cutie mark looks a bit backwards. I mean, she did manage to become goddess of laughter before she got it. She had to find her talent by that point already. At least it seems to me that points ascend when they doing something related to their talent, but go above and beyond. But well, it doesn't have to be set in stone. In one fic I read all you had to do was to create a new spell and even that were just for a checkbox since Celestia which coincidentally were a main character of the story herself powered entire process.

It contained all of the history for the past million years.

Oh well, that's one really abridged version of history she got.

But timeline really feels off... by a few million years. I'd place her a few thousand years before the show. To fit in millions of years her old pony civilisation had to wipe out itself and new one regrow from the ashes, but they wouldn't be able to keep records for millions of years.

“I thought Purple Eyed Alligators have been extinct for millions of years!” Fluttershy said in shock. Pinkie gave a nervous smile. She had completely forgotten that Gummy’s species had went extinct.

Oh well, millions of years knocking on the door again. Not only they had history books, but either records of all extinct species or some amazing magic archeology which allows to know color of species eyes a few million years after the species died. And on top of that Fluttershy apparently studied that at some point.

You know, in this particular case it would be better for her to just not recognize exact species of Pink's gator.

you know, that explains a lot about pinkie pie.

“Besides, it’s not like I’m going to go on dangerous adventures. That would be crazy.”

that has to be one of the biggest lies in all of fiction. up there with the doctor saying to amy he doesn't get involved in the places he visits.

Comment posted by Direct Access deleted Apr 7th, 2021
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