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This story is a sequel to Timeless

After sacrificing her world, Pinkamena knew that it would be difficult adjusting to a new Equestria. But she never expected herself - or rather this Equestria's version of herself - to be so difficult.

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To be honest, while this was good, it would have probably worked better as a longer story in my opinion.


Honestly, I would have preferred to make Timeless a longer story. But alas, time was short and I wrote what I could. As for this story, I was just happy to have the time to write as much as I did.



It felt like the beginning of something much longer... The ending was a bit bittersweet for me due to lack of completion (I realize that was probably intentional due to time constraints you mentioned)...

Anyway, good story :twilightsmile: - however, I'm not sure about the comedy tag... :rainbowhuh: I found it more on the sad side - but perhaps that's only me.


Through A Timeless Mirror Darkly

Just an idea.

And either way, will there be more from this continuity?

Hmmm good, or Hmmm bad?

Well, I kind of remember that happening. So maybe hmmmm good?

Can you make a sequel to a sequel?

Thanks for your interest. The original story, Timeless, was written quickly for a contest deadline. This story, on the other hand, was written over a much longer period of time. I felt I had an interesting story to tell and I wanted to be able to fully flesh it out.

I must admit that I have been kicking around a few ideas for another story in this series. The problem has been two-fold. First, I have a number of stories already in the process of being written (currently three). Second, I have a really great idea, but it is more of a part IV or part V. I feel there should be something in between that I should write before I introduce an unexpected twist. Well, I'm headed to BronyCon, so maybe I'll get some inspiration there.


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