• Published 16th Jan 2020
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Goddess Of Laughter - ShowShine

When a Goddess gets bored of being alone, she joins Equestria

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New Sights

Author's Note:

Sorry if this chapter isn't the best

Pinkie Pie walked out of the Everfree Forest, humming to herself. The sun was in the sky and the day was just starting. She had spent the whole night in the Castle Of The Two Sisters reading and learning new spells. It was also nice to be able to use her wings again.

Gummy, a few spellbooks, and Cosmos Flare's journal sat deep in her mane. Her fluffy mane was like a magical storing base. She could hide anything in her mane and tail. She always kept her party cannon in her tail for party emergencies. It always surprised ponies when she pulled out her cannon from thin air. Pinkie Pie stopped walking looked around in confusion.

"Where's Fluttershy's cottage?" Pinkie Pie asked herself. She needed to get her suitcase back, it had her history book, a framed photo of her family, and confetti in it. Gummy poked his head out of Pinkie's mane and let out a hiss, pointing his claw to what looked like a farm in the distance. There were hundreds of apple trees lined up. There was a fence blocking the trees from the rest of the world. Pinkie Pie let out an excited gasp.

"That's Sweet Apple Acres!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed excitedly with a hop. She had wanted to visit Sweet Apple Acres but hadn't had the time the day before. Sweet Apple Acres was amazing to her. Maybe it was because Celestia had gifted Ponyville to the Apple family over a hundred years ago. The youngest child from the family was still alive and that amazed Pinkie. She had never heard of a pony living that long without any magic.

Forget about her suitcase, she needed to meet this mare. Pinkie Pie started to happily hop towards the farm, excited to meet everyone who lived on the farm.

Pinkie Pie walked through the farm, looking past trees. She had gotten lost somewhere in the acres and it seemed like she was walking in circles. All she could see is trees.

"Where am I?" Pinkie Pie asked herself. She walked past another tree and peeked around it. She could use her wings to fly over the trees, but she had no idea if anyone would see her. She couldn't risk it.

Out of nowhere, an apple zipped past Pinkie's head, making her jump backward in surprise. The apple hit the tree behind her with a large splat. Pinkie whipped her head to look at the apple and turned back around with large eyes.

"Wow Big Mac, that was a hard kick!" A mares voice said. Pinkie Pie gasped in excitement. Someone was there! She walked passed the trees to see an orange earth pony mare. She had blonde hair and a cowboy hat on. She couldn't be the mare Pinkie was looking for, she looked far too young. Pinkie shrugged it off and approached her with a smile on her face. The mare turned around to face Pinkie and gave a friendly smile.

"Well howdy, welcome to Sweet Apple Acres! What brings you around these parts?" She asked, tilting her hat as a greeting. Pinkie let out a soft excited squeal to herself.

"Hi, my name is Pinkie Pie. I'm new to Ponyville and looking around town." Pinkie explained with a smile. The mare grabbed her hoof and started to shake it wildly.

"Well welcome to Ponyvillie, my name is Applejack and this is my brother Big Mac." Applejack greeted, continuing to shake Pinkie's hoof. The force of the shaking shook Pinkie's whole body. Pinkie let out a giggle at the feeling. Applejack let go of Pinkie's hoof and placed it on the ground.

"Since you're new in town, how about I give you a tour?" Applejack suggested. Pinkie Pie eagerly nodded her head. She had barely gotten to see Ponyville the day before because she was busy becoming friends with Rainbow Dash. "Let me introduce you to Granny Smith, she loves visitors." Applejack said. She turned to her brother. "Can you handle the farm by yourself?" Applejack asked. Big Mac nodded his head. Pinkie beamed excitedly. She couldn't wait to meet Granny Smith.

Applejack gestured for Pinkie Pie to follow her and started to walk through the farm. Pinkie Pie hopped after Applejack, her brain buzzing with excitement. They both crossed through trees and started to walk down a path. Pinkie could see a large red barn that wasn't too far ahead. The barn also seemed to double as a house.

The mares continued to walk down the path, getting closer and closer to the barn. There was a white, wooden arch with flowers across the top and an apple sign on it. It seemed very welcoming. They both walked under the arch and approached the barn.

"Hey Granny, we got a visitor!" Applejack shouted. The side door of the barn swung open, revealing an old green mare. She squinted at Pinkie and slowly walked over to her.

"It's nice to meet you youngin, welcome to Sweet Apple Acres. I'm Granny Smith." She introduced. Pinkie Pie internally squealed with excitement. She finally got to meet one of the original owners of Ponyville!

"Hi I'm Pinkie Pie, it's so nice to meet you!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed. Granny Smith rubbed her ear at the sudden outburst of noise. "I would love to stay and talk but Applejack is going to show me around town." She said happily. Granny Smith gave a kind smile.

"Well, you two go along. Come visit anytime." Granny Smith said before turning around and slowly walking back to the barn. Applejack wrapped her arm around Pinkie's torso.

"Let's get going, I'll show you all of Ponyville's best spots." Applejack said, leading Pinkie Pie away from the barn. Pinkie's grin got wider. She couldn't wait to see Ponyville.

Pinkie Pie excitedly hopped behind Applejack, looking around town. Everything was so colorful and bright. This place was much better than her bland old fashioned town. This was going to be a new start for her and she'd make new friends. This was going to be a piece of cake!

Pinkie bumped into someone, making her stumble back in surprise. A mare fell on her flank and glared at Pinkie.

"Watch where you're going!" The mare spat out bitterly with an eye roll. She got up and wiped the dust off of herself before walking away. Pinkie Pie stared in disbelief. The mare walked away before she could apologize.

"Don't mind her, some ponies in this town are rude as an angry cat." Applejack explained. A frown spread across Pinkie's face. She looked around the town to see some ponies glaring at each other and a few arguing. The tension was high. Pinkie needed to cheer this town up, but how? She didn't want to resort to magic right away, it would be too abrupt. Her face lit up when an idea popped into her head. She turned around and pressed her nose against Applejacks.

"Are there any party stores in town?" Pinkie Pie asked. Applejack took a step back and nodded her head.

"There sure are. There's three in town." Applejack stated. Pinkie Pie let out an excited squeal, stomping her hooves on the ground.

"Take me to all of them!" Pinkie said with a large grin. Applejack gave a small smile.

"Sure thing." Applejack said, gesturing for Pinkie to follow her. Pinkie Pie hopped after Applejack. This town is going to cheer up in no time.

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I know pinkie is all powerful here, but she sounds so cute.(I think its a good thing)

This is a fun chapter, you have nothing to apologize for.

This was a downright sweet and enjoyable chapter. LOVED the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Absolutely LOVED Goddess-Pinkie's first meeting with Applejack and her family (well with the exception of Apple Bloom, but that's probably coming soon) as well as how determined Pinkie is to find a way to cheer up the town without explicitly using her powers.

Most certainly looking forward to more of this. Especially Goddess-Pinkie's first meeting with Mister and Missus Cake (heck, one of her discreet "blessings" later on might be the reason Pound and Pumpkin were born a Pegasus and a unicorn respectively).

Sorry if this chapter isn't the best

Nonsense, it was delightful! I was so glad to see that it was updated!:yay: I’ve got a question. How come Pinkie’s friends can’t see her wings + horn? I don’t recall if this was explained in an older chapter.

It wasn’t explained in an older chapter. It’s to protect them which will be explained in a current chapter

Out of nowhere, an apple zipped past Pinkie's head, making her jump backward in surprise. The apple hit the tree behind her with a large splat.

Is this how Ponyville greeted their guest before Pinkie come? I rather say it might give different message.

"There sure are. There's three in town." Applejack stated.

Undoubtedly, not for long.

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