• Published 16th Jan 2020
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Goddess Of Laughter - ShowShine

When a Goddess gets bored of being alone, she joins Equestria

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Castle Of the Two Sisters

Pinkie Pie walked through the Castle of the Two Sisters in awe. She hadn't seen the castle since Nightmare Moon was banished. Even then, she never got to see the castle in person. She knew that Cosmos Flare built that castle with her husband so they could raise a family together and start a proper kingdom.

Unfortunately, Cosmos Flare didn't live to raise Luna. Her husband died of old age so he didn't get to see his kids grow up. It was sad to think about. Pinkie Pie had only met Celestia a few times when she was a very young filly. Pinkie wondered if Celestia even remembered her. It had been over six thousand years since she saw her.

Pinkie Pie entered a library and her eyes lit up. It has millions of old dusty books. This has so much history about Celesta, Luna, and Cosmos Flare. Pinkie excitedly stomped her hooves on the old ground, kicking up some dirt. She zipped over to the first bookshelf and picked up a random book. She looked at the cover to see that it was a spellbook. Pinkie flipped through the book, skimming through the book.

"I'll save this for later." Pinkie said to herself in a sing-song voice. She went to slip the book into her suitcase, only to see that it was nowhere in sight. She had forgotten it in Fluttershy's cottage. Luckily, it didn't have anything important in it, just her history book she had gotten a few years back and a few articles of clothing. She could get it in the morning.

Pinkie placed the book on the floor and scanned the bookshelves. Her eyes landed on a stone book that was on the top shelf. It looked very different compared to the other books, which is why it caught her eye. The top shelf was right below the ceiling, which was at least thirty feet over Pinkie. Her eyes lit up.

"I can just climb right up!" Pinkie said, placing her front hooves on one of the higher shelves. Gummy nudged her hind leg with his head. He looked up Pinkie and gave her a worried look. Pinkie looked back up the top shelf. It was really high up. It would be a dangerous fall.

"Fine fine, I can't climb it," Pinkie muttered. She could just use her magic to bring the book down but that would be no fun. An idea popped into her head. When was the last time she used her wings? Pinkie Pie's horn lit up and she used her magic to reveal her fluffy pink wings. She stretched her wings out. She hadn't used them in years.

Pinkie Pie lightly flapped her wings, lifting herself off of the ground. She flew upwards, zipping up into the air. Gummy watched his owner as she flew to the top shelf. Due to Pinkie's large wings and her small body, she was a very fast flyer. Within seconds, she reached the top shelf.

She was face to face with the stone book and reached out to grab it. To her surprise, the book was firmly in place. She tugged at it with full force and the book tipped over. Dust poured out from behind the book. The large shelf slowly started to slide like an automatic door. Behind the shelf, there was a large room. It was pitch black. Pinkie Pie let out an excited gasp.

"Mystery door." She said in a hushed whispered. Pinkie landed on the ground and picked up Gummy. She stared at the darkroom and happily skipped inside. Gummy's eyes darted around the room as he looked for any source of danger. Pinkie lit up her horn for a light source. She looked around to see a solid mass in the middle of the room. She could tell that there was a candle on the table. Pinkie held Gummy forward to face the candle.

"Light it up Gummy!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed. Gummy let out a terrible hacking noise that sounded like a cat choking on its tongue. A tiny flame shot out of the alligator's mouth and the candle lit up. Gummy panted, feeling sick. Pinkie frowned and pet Gummy's back.

"Geeze Gummy, you need to practice breathing fire more, that sounded painful." Pinkie commented. Gummy curled up into Pinkie's arm for comfort, leaning his head into her chest. Pinkie Pie pat her pet's head and levitated the candle. The candle only lit a tiny area in the room. She looked up at the high ceilings to see an old chandelier. Pinkie levitated the candle up to the chandelier and dropped the candle in it. With that, the room instantly lit up.

Pinkie Pie looked around the room in awe. The room was large and had more bookshelves. There was a large table in the middle of the room with a thick book on it. Despite the room being filled with cobwebs, it felt very homely. There were multiple cushioned chairs around the table. Pinkie walked over to the table to see that there was a note next to the book. It was covered in dust and torn up.

She inhaled and blew the dust off of the table. Pinkie levitated the note and started to read.

"Congratulations, you found my secret study room! You must have solved all of the puzzles I had set up to lead here. Since you found it, feel free to read whatever you want, you've earned it!
Truly yours, Cosmos Flare :)"

Pinkie Pie gave a small smile and put the letter down. Cosmos Flare was always an adventurous and fun-loving pony. She loved to make complicated puzzles. That's how she made sure ponies didn't break into her castle, she could set up traps and puzzles. That's what made her mysterious to ponies, no one could get in the castle without guards with them. Pinkie Pie looked around the room, deciding on which book to read.

Her eyes landed on the book on the table. Pinkie approached the book and stared at the cover. It was blank and covered in cobwebs. Pinkie levitated the book and shook it, letting dust fly out. She flipped open the book to see a signature on the inside. The name 'Cosmos Flare' was written neatly on the inside. This immediately caught Pinkie Pie's interest.

"This is Cosmos' journal?" Pinkie asked excitedly, her wings fluttering with excitement. She hadn't heard anything about Cosmos Flare in six thousand years. She barely knew about her life in Equestria because she had to stay in Godly Realm to take care of things. She did visit a few times.

Pinkie Pie sat on one of the cushioned chairs, making dust kick up into the air. She placed Gummy into her mane and opened the book. Her eyes scanned the first page, immediately catching her interest.

"The ponies have finally started getting along and made a new land called Equestria. I should go down to visit. Maybe there will be something interesting..."

"I'm very excited to raise my children with Night Breeze. My second child will be coming very soon! I'm thinking of naming her Luna."

Pinkie Pie stared at the journal with tears on her cheeks. That was the last page. Pinkie sniffled and wiped her eyes. Gummy let out a concerned his and put his claw and Pinkie's arm.

"I'm fine Gummy, I just didn't expect to get so emotional over this." Pinkie said with a stuffy nose. This was the most she had ever learned about Cosmos Flare. Once she moved to Equestria, they talked less and less. Pinkie's lip quivered and she let out another cry.

"She never got to meet Luna!" Pinkie Pie shouted while sobbing. Gummy gave her a sad look and crawled into her arms to comfort her. Pinkie let out another sniffle and held Gummy close to her. She needed a hug at that moment. All of that was intense. She slowly inhaled and exhaled.

"Okay, I'm fine." Pinkie Pie said in a calm tone. She pulled Gummy away from the hug and kissed him on the head. Everything was alright now.