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I might as well be the only Anti-Brony here. Anyway, I also like Star Wars :P. P.S. Tari is best Duck Nerd


Princess Flurry Heart seemingly disappears from the Crystal Empire to attend to a deep secret of hers.

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A baby alicorn?
*Puts on Fedora*
Flurry Heart the Baby Alicorn?!

Comment posted by Lemon Lime Light deleted Sep 14th, 2019

Hello Phineas and Ferb. Oh, there you are Perry.


Hehe. Phineas and Ferb, so awesome. :rainbowkiss:

Theres 104 days of Summer vacation and school comes along just to end it.
So the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it.

There are two things which bother me:
One, "Cozy Glows's Treehouse of Evil" just doesn't have the right rhythm for the jingle. I think just having "Cozy Glow's Evil Treehouse" would though.
Two, the REVENGE-inator didn't destroy the rollercoaster, destroying the evidence before certain ponies saw it. Although, I suppose that doesn't matter as much, since Twilight is a princess, and an adult, so I don't think anyone is going to get upset so long as she is within regulation and has all her permits (which she totally would).

Nitpicking things, I know. I did enjoy the absurd and humorous thing over all.

When I saw the fedora, I thought Flurry Heart's secret was that she was autistic.

Well, why don't we ask Waldo or CarmenSandiego Oo? They probably know.

Sure. But where are they?

Why not ask their son? The invisible man.

"Ah, Princess Flurry Heart. How pleasant of you to join me as I plot my revenge. But first..."

Honestly, I half-expected "...my revenge. And by 'pleasant' I mean... COMPLETELY UNPLEASANT!"

This is exceedingly well-written! I wonder who's the Candice of the lot.

Aw man, that was such a missed opportunity!

I wonder who's the Candice of the lot.

I dunno, really. I was thinking maybe Starlight.

that is a very insensitive comment, also nonsensical...i am autistic and i do not wear a fedora or any other hat...

I agree with you wholeheartedly.

To Flurry Heart, it was Tuesday.

<LoL!> This is one of the most playful stories I've had the pleasure of reading in a long time! So many fun references to shows and video games. I truly hope you enjoyed writing this as much as, I'm sure, people have enjoyed reading it.

The mental visuals were astounding! Seeing cozy against Flurry was also so fitting. It, to me, could be its own sort of spin-off. Their battle was certainly a delightfully playful one as Cozy really doesn't come of as much menacing as she'd like to while Flurry having the "Agent P" identity would work in thinking of how she 'is' the first Baby Alicorn to be born. Maybe this fact has more to it than we have been left to understand?

Twilight and Spike playing Finneas and Pherb was nice, too. It was a good scene to establish the cross-over.

*Applause* wonderful!


I am autistic

Yeah, we noticed.

I see you frequent 4chan.

Stop that.

Okay, I saw the Cozy Glow tag and was worried that it was going to be dark, but this was hilarious.

That's gotta be a yikes from me. And a bad call as well.

She's a semi-mature alicorn mammal of action.
She's a furry little flathoof who'll never flinch from a fra-ee-ay-ee-ay.
She's got more than just mad skill,
She's got feathered wings and a horn.
And the stallions swoon whenever they hear her say...


What, no "how completely unexpected, by which I mean COMPLETELY EXPECTED" ? :trollestia:


What, no "how completely unexpected, by which I mean COMPLETELY EXPECTED" ? :trollestia:

I said this before in a previous comment, I admit that's a missed opportunity :P

Let's go even further:
Female Singers: Flurry!
Male Singer: She's a magical equine, alicorn pony of action!
Male Singer: She's a furry little filly, who'll never flinch from a fray-ee-ay-ee-ay!
She's got more than just mad skill,
She's got pegasus wings and a horn,
And the stallions swoon whenever they hear her say:
(pause; Flurry whinnies and stallions swoon)
Male Singer: She's Flurry, Flurry the Alicorn!
Female Singers: Agent F!

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