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I might as well be the only Anti-Brony here. Anyway, I also like Star Wars :P. P.S. Tari is best Duck Nerd



The Dazzlings come across a fanfic author who banished himself into the human world. Unfortunately, that author is me.

This may or may not be a cheap trick for me to vent out my problems to the world.

Chapters (11)
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You got me hooked on this story. And because of that, you get a 👍 from me.

Liked, followed, and now let's see what kind of bullshit you four get up to.

And that'll be a thank you from me.

Well, I suppose you can say it. After all, it was kind of obvious.
Still, The hijinks have continued! Huzzah!

Also, you could stand writing longer chapters and publishing only one a day. Or even weekly, I doubt anyone will give you shit for it.

Honestly, it's kind of a habit for me on here. Ever since I learned that you have to have 1k words in your story to have it be published, I kind of made it a habit to have all my chapters be at least 1k words long. I'll see what I can do though :P

Nice job!:twilightsmile: Also, this chapter is a win-win in my book.

Ok, now this is a bit more like it! I appreciate that you took my advice, and made the chapter longer. If I notice anything out of whack (at least, too whack for this story), I'll let you know!


That's a good call. I'm always happy to take in some constructive criticism :P

Interesting idea! Definitely gonna read this.

Woo hoo! I'm not the only one who eats cereal without milk.

Complete already?


I've been betrayed, backstabbed, and quite possibly bamboozled!

Yes. It is complete already.
But this is far from over

This, my friend, is how to make the authors notes absolutly unnecessary.

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