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After the student body of Canterlot High is swayed by yet another surprise musical number during lunch, Sunset Shimmer muses the students are easily influenced by songs at this time. Pinkie quickly comes up with a song of her own.

Sunset Shimmer considers this a high point of her week.

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At the end there, I was honestly expecting some BS where Luna gave Sunset detention for not wearing pink.

This chapter is hillarious.

“Is it just me,” Sunset Shimmer wondered out loud, “or was that sort of highly inappropriate for a high school?”


Yeah...everything ABOUT "Battle of the Bands" pretty much ran screaming and on fire past FiM's TV-Y rating.

“But you’re scaring poor Fluttershy!

Missing punctuation.

many of them still arguing with eachother.

Missing space.

Pinkie is more mixed up then crate

than a crate

“Do you think Applejack gets we all know she’s from a farm?”

Rarity turned and shushed Sunset slightly. “Shhh… Don’t take this from her… this and apples is all she’s got!”

Sunset frowned. “God, that’s sad…”


Pinkie Pie stood there a massive grin on her face

Missing some punctuation there. Like a period at the end, and a comma after 'there'.

as she let her hand full to her side


and she scowled out the campus


as she fixed readjusted her sunglasses

One too many words there.


There was a very brief silence as the other three girls stared at Sunset.

“Uhhh… phrasing?” Fluttershy said in a somewhat unsure tone.

Oh. My. GOD. :twilightoops:

Rarity wore a strapless, frilly dress that hugged her torso tightly as the squirt went from pink, to light pink, and finally to a pinkish white.

I'm PRETTY sure you meant 'skirt', not 'squirt'.

I guess we know whose winning


Pinkie placed her mouth over the wad gum

wadded (or wad of)

there limbs


as evidence by


This is by far one of the most fucked-up things you've ever written. :rainbowderp:


Yessssss~ Ze randomnezz iz all coming together~
Lol Sweet work!! 10/10 for some good laughs!


I'm glad my friend and I weren't the only ones who noticed the extra looooong caressing of Trixie. :trollestia:

The world is totally shitting all over Sunset in this story. :rainbowlaugh: Poor girl, it'll take her a week to get that bubble gum out and another to return her hair to normal, if it's even salvagable. :fluttershysad:


Got these! Thanks. :twilightsmile: And that last comment is quite the feat considering I once had the CMC run around with a copy of the Necronomicon. :trollestia:

Cafeteria Control by Justice4243
Spoilers inbound so please read the story first you twat

A song which had left the students of the school agitated and arguing with each other.

Well frankly Id be cranky too if someone just felt me up then left me hangin. Ding!

Is it just me....or was that sort of highly inappropriate for a high school?

The scene did not contain a lap dance with its sensual pat down, so no. Ding!


See Trixie agrees with me, also, author references his other story Ding!

“I’d say that’s more serendipitous than someone showin’ up with fiddle that’s already been tuned for a hoedown.”

Even the characters acknowledge how overly convenient this is. Ding!

“Are we having trouble achieving lift off when the wind picks up?”

This usually never happens! I swear! Ding!

“Should we be worried that she just did that?” she asked as she pointed after Pinkie with a thumb.

You get a sin for even having to ask that Ding!

Then turned to shoot a collective scowl at Sunset Shimmer.

This was already established in the movie and by Cinemare Sins but I think that it bears repeating that Sunset is a dick to fluttershy Ding! Also Sunset's a dick to innocent bunnies Ding!


That's racist.......... i think? 1/2Ding!

“I’VE GOT SOME GUM!” a female voice called out.
“ME, TOO!” another female voice added.Sunset pursed her lips into a tight grimace as several students produced small boxes of chewing gum and began passing them around.

What the hell? Did they all just conveniently bring gum to school? and it all just happened to be pink? Bullshit! Ding!

“Sniff… hhhehhh…. But I… just wore what I always wore!” she cried out.

"I didn't do anything wrong" cliche Ding!


:trollestia: Molestia Approves of that statement! Ding!

“Look at all the fu—”

still more than Applejack! She knew and she still didnt wear any! Ding!

“Well I suppose if an official bet and change of money is involved, then you may all proceed.”

Irresponsiple teacher allows gambling on school property. Not to mention their probably all skipping class right now! Ding!

Sin Count: 13.5 Plus 5 extra sins for literally every stereotypical line AJ has, so +7
Current sin count 20.5

Justice4243 You have been randomly (not really) selected to have your story sinned! Congratulations! Should you chose to wear your sin as a badge of honor, please add your story to our fabulous new Sin group Literary Sins where your story will live in fame, glory, and infamy! If you choose reject your right, feel free to delete this comment and we wont bother you again (On this story anyway)

I... What the? I don't even...

Head explodes

Clearly, Sunset has to plan bloody vengeance here, by singing a song during lunch time as well. It's the only way her hair will be avenged.

Am I really rooting for Sunset Shimmer? How did that happen?!

Well... this is certainly one of the more interesting things I've read. It is good though! And very hilarious!

Know what? Am gonna follow this just because it's you!

I hate the Mane Six now. I really hate it when everybody is against a character. Need to read if Sunset kills them all.

Hmm... so EQG follows the same laws as High School Musical.

Here's the reference Pinkie was making: http://kill-la-kill.wikia.com/wiki/Nui_Harime

Now you know what she and Rarity looked like.

If people in this world are easily swayed by the power of song, then naturally you just play this really loud:

4836570 I'm being followed around by a couple of pitiful little trolls.

It's of no consequence. If they have nothing better to do with their lives than waste their time going around pointlessly downvoting comments, that's their business. I actually feel sorry for them. It must suck to have that little in the way of a life.

Please, continue good sir. :moustache::rainbowlaugh:

Girls, do you WANT Sunset to turn evil again? This time she might do away with sublimity and just blow up the school with black magic.

I imagine the sirens not liking that Pinkie over wrote their brainwashing.

I just a mental image of Sunset finding Trixie tied up, hanging upside down with 'clothes traitor' scrawled on a piece of tape on her.

I love this story! I love your Applejack, in my humble opinion the more homespun similes and exaggerated her accent, the better (I think in Equestria Girls most of Sweet Apple Acres has been sold and turned into suburbs, which explains why Applejack is trying so hard to speak "extra - country," she's compensating for the fact that she doesn't feel like a real farmer.) I do hope the girls deal with Fluttershy's anorexia eventually though.


Sunset probably doesn't deserve to be the buttmonkey to that extent.

I want to make a comment, but it's probably in REALLY bad taste.
So instead, I'll just ask for Super Saiyan Sunset Shimmer said five times, FAST. Seriously, that's probably how angry she is.

I desire vengeance for Sunset.

Applejack shrugged. “You know Pinkie, always runnin’ off somewhere. She’s got more energy than a bucking bronco during mating season.”

I am just imagining what the former equine n the room was thinking.:twilightsheepish:

“I JUST GOT MOBBED FOR NOT WEARING A CERTAIN COLOR AND HAD GUM STUCK IN MY HAIR!” Sunset cried as she pointed to her hair with both hands. “I CAN TAKE IT AS HARD AS I WANT!”

There was a very brief silence as the other three girls stared at Sunset.

“Uhhh… phrasing?” Fluttershy said in a somewhat unsure tone.

Now I'm just imagining Flutters try and get through an episode of Archer. Mostly I see her holding a pillow to her face which she either blushes into, hides behind, or uses to catch her tears. Modern adult cartoons are not for the more sensitive of temperaments.:fluttercry:

As to the story, weren't they trying to rehab Sunset? Because I'm pretty sure this counts a emotional abuse, and Luna should probably have incurred a lawsuit for the school district.

I mean, granted she picked on Fluttershy, (With the express intent of getting her to eat a mean that won't cost more calories to chew than it provides, how evil:trixieshiftright:) but even if she was making the bare minimum of effort at not being evil this is just horrible behavior on the part of her supposed friends. Except for Pinkie, as its obvious this universe's version is only barely being kept from a mental institution and can't really be held accountable for her actions.

And now I have nothing but sympathy for Sunset Shimmer. Despite the whole raging she-demon thing.

You’re somehow wearing more pink than anyone else I’ve seen today! And that’s with the entire school looking like an aisle of girl toys!

I just remembered who the target audience for this franchise is, and I busted out laughing! Then again, everything you do has that effect. :twilightsmile:

You right
the best
Sunset Shimmer

Pinkie turned towards Sunset. “Well, it would make the reference the outfit is making much more overt and—”

Oh thanks for that Pinkie, I didn't realize it was THAT pink outfit until you pointed it out.

This was hilarious. You should put a link to it in your summary for All that Shimmers as a sidestory.

Also, apparently there's another movie...? That I haven't watched...? I assume that's what the beginning is about, anyway.

Yeah! That preview. Just... why not hold a giant sign that says "We are evil" and be done with it?

Sentences I never thought I would see in my life: Issue 1

And you two wonder why I have poison control on my list of contacts…

And I am finding that even in fanfics, Aria is by far my favorite of the Dazzlings.

4959889 Mine too! Sonata's my second favourite, because she's the stupidest and reveals their plans! I wrote a story about a character named Lumin Aria, who her best friend calls "Aria". I didn't know that Sonata was anything like Aurora when I made her up!

4959843 Or one that says "We are not evil!" on it!

I died laughing at Sonata's comeback. Seriously, you know how to make comedy. Please make more chapters!!! They are freaking hilarious!

4930743 It comes out the 27th. Watch the trailers this story is based on at youtube

Well, my two foot desk now has a three foot crater. Guess how that happened.

Yeah, upon viewing, my first impression was "Who split the Alicorn Amulet into three pieces?".

My second impression, of course, was "Hey, Sunset Shimmer looks pretty similar to her portrayal in a couple fics I've read, including All that Shimmers. That's probably gratifying to the authors."

Yes. Just mildly exaggerated for comedic purposes. And I do mean mildly. They're... not subtle. In fact, a lot of this dialogue is word for word from the preview. On the other hand, this chapter did make them even less subtle than the clip.

Here, watch it and compare to see just how much of this is basically canon:

4852483 Now you're making me wonder how Sunset Shimmer dealt with menses when she came to this world.

I lost it at "wall candy."

Sunset is the primary(read almost only) reason I am going to watch the movie at some point.

I like the explanation of her trying super hard to be friends as why she ignores all the obvious "We are evil" stuff the bad guy trio says.

Is it too late for Hasbro to hire you to write the script for Rainbow Rocks?

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