Goddess Of Laughter

by ShowShine

A New Life

A tall pink alicorn laid on a soft cloud, staring over the edge. Her mane was poofy and dark pink with little bits of magic glitter sparkling in it. She leaned in her hoof and let out a huff.

“I’m soooo bored.” She whined out. She rolled over to her back and let out a groan, closing her eyes. A large alligator with fluffy wings walked over to her, before nudging her cheek in concern.

“I’m fine Gummy.” The Goddess reassured. She stood up and stretched her wings. She turned around and faced a large castle. It towered over her 50 feet. She let out another sigh and walked into the castle.

“I wish something would happen.” She groaned out. Gummy walked behind her, flapping his wings a bit. She was Pinkie Pie, the God of Laughter. She had been around for millions of years and watched the world rise and fall. She walked down the hallway of the castle and glanced over at a large painting on the wall. She stopped walking and her ears dropped.

In the painting, a ram, a draconequus, an alicorn, an ahuizolt, and Pinkie Pie. Those were all of the previous Gods. Pinkie Pie was the only God who hadn’t died, turned evil, or gone missing.

The alicorn was Cosmos Flare, the God of the Galaxy. Her coat was a beautiful mix of white, yellow, and orange, making her look like a sunset. Her mane was long and wavy with a perfect mix of dark blue and gold. She had left the Godly Council to elope with an ordinary Earth Pony. She gave birth to two children, Celestia and Luna. Unfortunately, she died giving birth to her second child.

The draconequus was Discord, the God of Chaos. He had visited Equestria one day and got corrupted with power. He tried to rule over Equestria but Celestia and Luna turned him into stone.

The ram was Grogar, the God of Magic. He was the most mysterious out of all the Gods. He rarely talked and is barely in any history books. One day he disappeared without a trace, no one knew if he was dead or alive.

Lastly, the ahuizotl was an Ahuizotl, God of Nature. He took care of forests all over Equestria and protected all of the creatures in it. He hasn’t been heard for a thousand years so Pinkie could only assume that he was too busy, or died.

“I miss them.” Pinkie stated sadly. She continued walking down the empty halls, sulking to herself. She had been alone for thousands of years and the only one to keep her company was her familiar, Gummy. He was an alligator she had found while visiting Earth. He was sickly and was close to dying. She granted him wings and full health for a trade. If he always protected her, she’d care for him.

“What should we do today Gummy?” Pinkie asked. Gummy flapped his wings and led his owner down the hallway. Pinkie Pie followed close behind, now intrigued by where her familiar was going to take her. Soon, they entered a mostly empty room. In the middle of the room, there was a glowing orb floating in place. Gummy excitedly shuffled over to it.

“Do you want to look at what’s going on on Earth?” Pinkie Pie asked. Gummy eagerly nodded his head, making Pinkie chuckle. She walked over to the orb and placed her hoof on it. The room flashed white and Pinkie Pies' eyes started to glow. The room disappeared and they were suddenly in an empty field.

“Blegh, boring.” She stated. She rolled the warm orb in her hoof, looking for an interesting place. She stopped when she landed in a large city. There was a crowd of ponies surrounding her. They were all facing the same direction, chattering excitedly.

“What’s going on?” She asked, turning around. There was a small stage with a large wooden statue of a sun with a hole in the middle. There was a loud horn, making everyone quiet.

“Now introducing, Princess Celestia!” A stallion's voice shouted. A tall white alicorn walked on the stage, making everyone cheer. Pinkie Pie let out a gasp. She hadn’t seen Celestia since she was a small filly. She had stopped watching over her once Princess Luna was banished to the moon. Celestia opened her wings and flew up into the air, letting her horn glowing. Behind her, the sun peaked over the horizon, making everyone gasp in astonishment.

“Woah...” Pinkie muttered in amazement. The sunlight passed through the wooden sun statue, making everypony stomp their hooves in excitement. The light lit up the city perfectly, making the ponies and the building warmer. Pinkie Pie stared in amazement. This was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She took a step back and her hoof slipped off of the orb. The room turned back to normal, making Pinkie gasp.

“No, I didn’t mean to do that!” She exclaimed in a panic. She frantically put her hoof back on the orb. The orb flickered and dropped to the ground, cracking it. She let out a gasp.

“No no no no no!” Pinkie shouted, picking up the orb. It had a cracked and kept flickering on and off. Her ears dropped and her eyes filled up with tears. “How am I going to see what’s happening now?” She asked, her eyes filling up with tears. That was her only way of seeing what was going on in the world and feeling like she was apart of something.

“What am I going to do? I just can’t leave.” Pinkie said to herself. Her ears perked up in realization. She could leave, she just had never really thought about it. All of her friends left and she had been waiting for them to come back. No one had worshipped her in over three thousand years and she was mainly forgotten. No one needed her anymore. All of the other Gods went to Earth, so why shouldn’t she?

“I’m going to start a life on Earth!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed excitedly, hopping out of the room. Gummy quickly chased after her, trying to stop her before she did anything crazy. He slid in front of his owner and snapped his teeth, making her stop in place.

“Hm, what is it Gummy?” She asked. Gummy nudged her leg with his muzzle, making her look at herself.

“You’re right, I can’t go down looking like this! Ponies don’t know who I am, I wouldn’t want to scare them.” Pinkie stated before turning around and walking in the opposite direction. Gummy rolled his eyes and flew after her. This was going to be a hard bargain.

Pinkie Pie stood in a mirror, staring at herself. She pondered to herself.

“How will I know what to do once I get down there?” She asked herself. If she made herself look like an adult, she’d seem lost and afraid. She barely even knew what the new world was like. Pinkie couldn't just go to Earth looking like an alicorn, she wouldn’t know how ponies would react.

“I know, I’ll pretend to be an Earth Pony filly!” Pinkie started letting her horn glow. She felt her legs get smaller and her body get rounder. She opened her eyes and looked in the mirror. She looked like a regular Earth pony filly. She moved her poofy hair back to see a tiny horn that was the size of a splinter. No one would be able to see it.

“Perfect!” She exclaimed, turning around and hopping away. Gummy stepped in front of her, letting out a soft growl. He was now Pinkie’s height and looked her straight in the eyes.

“I didn’t forget about you Gummy, you’re coming with me.” She reassured. She wrapped her magic around Gummy and quickly turned him into a small alligator. Gummy looked down at his tiny legs and gave an annoyed look.

“I know you don’t like it, but it’ll be too suspicious if you’re big.” She stated. She picked Gummy with her mouth and placed him on her back. She took a large step before freezing in place.

“Wait, if I’m a filly, I need a family to live with.” Pinkie stated. She rubbed her chin, thinking to herself.

“I know, I’ll recreate my old family from before I was a God!” She exclaimed. She grinned to herself and let her tiny horn spark up.

“Are you ready Gummy?” Pinkie asked excitedly. Gummy rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out. He didn’t think it was a good idea. Pinkie Pie closed her eyes and grinned happily.

This was the start of a new life.