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Thanks for favoriting All the Angels, deuces!

Thank you so much for the follow! Hopefully, you'll forget to un-follow once the walls stop talking to you. :raritywink:

Thanks for liking Assassination Classroom! I'm really happy you enjoy it!

I love your story it’s both interesting and portrays character correctly. I love how your character is willing to lie and fake friendships in order to survive instead of constantly willowing in self-loathing or becoming something statue worthy like Tarik. It really does deserve its place as one of the best story in Fimfiction for both its execution and quality.

Tbh I’ve had this account for a few days but like I’ve never found an author who writes as well as you do besides the author for the overworked Alicorn(pretty sure this is dead) who does a fine job at world building while also including G1 and The Enchanted Library that’s on a damn other level compared to all the story’s on Fimfiction though I haven’t followed them since I still haven’t finished reading their story. To say I’m impressed with your work would be an understatement especially since you’re going for a unique type a genre that isn’t often explored yet still manages to be done well.

...And now you're watching me! :O

Your first follow. I'm so honored. :V

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