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When Zephyr Breeze gets rejected by Rainbow Dash, he meets a certain bug who catches his eye.

Chapters (5)
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This is certainly an interesting pairing.

Oddly enough, this makes sense. Fluttershy gets to have Discord, why shouldn't Zephyr get somecreature too?

Wow. I've seen a majority of weird pairings, but this has got to take the cake. It.......works. :rainbowderp:
Also, this is really good so far! Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

I got the ship from a crackship generator and found it really interesting

I love this so much

I pair him with Lightning Dust, because they might deserve special somecreatures but that doesn't mean they deserve happiness.

Never thought Zephyr could be this adorable but here we are. Looks like Chrysalis will soon get her king.

Zephyr is so sweet and thoughtful I love this chapter so much and Chrysalis get genuine affection which is so wonderful

Hopefully things will work out between Zephyr and Chyrsalis.

He's buying presents with what money?!?

Careful Chrissy, you might reform!

his mane stylist job ... nah he borrowing it from his sister without telling her

Heh, wondering how hungry he must have been to not complain about the theft.
Chrissy can help remodel the apartment, make it more homey! Changeling resin is pretty good at containing mold and mildew...
Keep going! ;)

I love this pairing. I wonder how meeting the family will go...

This is..oddly adorable and charming. Do continue.

Y'know, I usually think nobody deserves Zephyr (take that how you will), but in this case....

gonna be delighted zephyr got a girlfriend, not so much on who he dating,

im almost picturing the future where zephyr get fluttershy to babysit his kids and she just stuck in a room with 100 grubs

Hehe, sending out a single pony to scour a city each is strangely amusing to us.

Man, this must be so awkward for Chrysalis. Zephyr is so damn oblivious!

:rainbowkiss: Appledash, Fluttercord, and now Zephylis. Fluttershy's house is going to be packed...
A dress with a burnt butt. Hmm, maybe Chrissy can do something with that...

Ok, i can see where this is going, at least i think i know, chrysalis will think he is setting her up with the elemtns, and will rin away, a lot of drama could happen here.

Oh God, Zephyr just keeps making this more and more awkward. This meeting will be a trainwreck.

I also gotta way, I feel bad for Zephyr. Sure he's not the best or smartest pony ever, but everyone seems to treat him like a buffoon who can't take care of himself.



everyone seems to treat him like a buffoon who can't take care of himself.


"Thanks Shy, you'll love her!" Zephyr exclaimed. He let go of the hug and flew off into the sky. Fluttershy shook her head. Anyone who willingly dated Zephyr had to be crazy.

so harsh fluttershy he your brother i think you want him to move on be successfully and get a girlfriend,

this date is so going to be a clusterfuck, but will chrysalis go in disguise, you think she wouldn't want to be discovered after all

"Well, there were your girlfriends "Very Real Mare", "Totally Not Fake", "Princess Celestia." Fluttershy started to list off. Zephyr waved his hoof, making Fluttershy stop.

it be really funny if he actually did date celestia



Best ship name ever!:pinkiehappy:

A dress with a burnt butt. Hmm, maybe Chrissy can do something with that...

:rainbowderp:Oh you know she can.:rainbowkiss:



Sounds like a disease you would get from a sketchy blowjob next to a dumpster behind a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

this is adorable, love it

that's... oddly specific.

“You live here? I thought ponies were neat and kept everything clean.” Chrysalis said, looking around. Zephyr shrugged his shoulders.

If Chrysalis lived in a hive full of mud and didn't like it, why didn't she instruct her employees to clean it up? 🤔
if for Changelings dirt in the hive is the norm, then Chrysalis, in theory, should not pay attention to it. 🤔

"a dangerous villain may have appeared in the city"
What to do?
-maybe an organized group should start searching from the area where he was last seen?
-no nonsense, let's better split up and scatter one by one to different cities and in the city where we directly saw this villain we will send the weakest link of the team.
-Yes! that's a good plan. let's do so.

for some reason it seems to me that this date will end something like this ...

Ohoho, this is gonna be good

He opened the front door, taking a step outside. A large rat ran in front of Zephyr, holding a carrot in its mouth. It let out a loud hiss and swiped at him before running off. Zephyr didn’t live in the best part of Cloudsdale.

So, is that a cloud rat, or can rats just inexplicably walk on clouds?


“How do rats even get up here?” Zephyr questioned to himself.

Gosh darn it.

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