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Insane, Reality-Warping Chaos God? Warring and Reunniting Siisters of the Day and Night? Vague backstories? How was I suppose to resist? My Patreon!


Across the lands of Equestria, Discord sends devices so that everyone can hear and see a message from him: The message being a multi-segment lesson in some of Equestria's lost history. With various guests, they shall recount such events as the real version of Hearth's Warming, forgotten heroes and villains, and wars few could imagine today.

"All viewers of this program are invited to leave their own questions for Discord and his guests."

Note: Not really an AU so much as putting in new material with only minor bending to canon.
Inspired by the "If The Emperor Had a Podcast" videos.

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To Discord: a lot of conspiracy theories and myths surround "The Age of Chaos", recording it as lasting anywhere from a few days to it's own thousand-year block. It is often blamed for Equestria's relative ignorance of the past regarding any time preceding it, and even various phenomena such as the environment's need for manual operation.

So I suppose the simple question would be, what did you actually do, and how long were you doing it for?

Venerable Ro.

Dear Discord,
How many Villains were actually imprisoned in Equestria and how many of them are still imprisoned?
And why didn‘t they just kill the Villains if they were so agressive back then?

Best regards,

P.S.: I like your Show 👍

Dear Discord,
What happened to initially make the ponies see you more as a dark lord than a chaos lord, and how did that change?
Also I have a chaos related question, when cotton candy gets wet it turns all gross and sticky and hard and stuff so how does the cotton candy cloud that pours chocolate milk rain work exactly?
hope thats not too many questions!

- Candyfloss

P.S: this makes me wanna learn more about equestrian history, seems actually interesting.


Dear Discord,

Where did YOU come from? You are (or aren't) the source of many evils, but what's your source?

Loving your show,

P.S. Potential Alicorn of Time, huh?
P.P.S. Has Spike ever wondered what pony tastes like?

To the chaos entity known as Discord,

First, I would like to ask if beside you will spike be a constant character in your "chaoscast" episodes

Second, I would like to know if you had ruled over the land that would later be known as Equestria, therefore making it so you would have been evicted and shunned from your own land

Third, is it possible to add suggestions as to who would be appearing on your episodes or is that entirely up to you (if possible I would like to request thorax cause a non-pony perspective other than the great draconaquis discord would be nice)

From: a lost and alone space marine on the dark side of the moon

Dear Discord,
Who was the first Dragon lord, and how did dragons even come together in such a way.
Sincerely Yours
P.S. Loving the show so far.

Yo, Discord! I was thinking, are you actually Q undergoing a friendship-treatment ordered by the Continuum? Cuz that's what I've thought since Season 1.

Thankees from McSpankees

Discord: ΔĴИɛ∂ʝнωн нʝωɛ ∂ιʋи293ия21ʋι∂м23][∂]ω\;\∂=ω,ιннα c ʋʏƨαιиϰʋιc αωɛcι`ρʋɛι1=яι23-9яιʝɛғмκʝ∂cм /ʓ.мϰκℓʝʓκℓмϰʌℓмα-ɛғι09ωαι)ƲƖƜƉαим∂02039ɛ843ʋ87яʋ)Ɩ()*Ʋ*&Ƴ^@Ƴ$*&(@#*∂αℓ∂σ;ωɛғ\ωɛ]ғ[][ɛωƨғ\cιƨвʋя2093ʋ498-0(*&^%$ƨʝκиcκʝƨв∂cℓ(Ɩ)ƤƆѲѦƨαɛ'ғρ'ƨ∂м\]α∂ʌ[ρℓσαƨκcʝ0_)Ɩ()(398я43ʋн ʏʋ*(Ħ(*ǪƳƧ673мƨ∂κʝcκиκʝƨ∂cƨ∂cмʓ

To the ever devilish creature known Di5-C0RD

The world is filled with mysterious things, if there was one thing you could obtain without the use of magic, what would it be and why?

Cannibalism, it get the job done.

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