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After the events of Party Pooped, The Yaks can't wait to return to the snowy climes of Yakyakistan. But then, Celestia wants to have a little word...

This is a story with the moral just because you're a rock star, it doesn't give you the right to trash a hotel room.

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Well, that certainly was a quick follow-up. Plus, it had everything you'd expect from a story like this. I don't see a reason not to give it a thumbs up.

Pretty sure the head yak had a specific name, though. You might wanna look that up.

Diplomatic Immunity!

(Oh and give angel bunny a bath?? Fluttershy really *IS* vindictive when it comes to threats against her animals)

Check out the episode @ 7:30 before Pinkie leaves the others listen (Pinkie farts...)

Cute story......

They might be diplomats,

Wouldn't that give them immunity?
Anyway great story:pinkiehappy:

Well this is another "there are consequences for your actions kind of fic" and I agree with It. Apparently the ponies, like most humans, are ok being doormats to people with power and status no matter what they do but one thing:

If we ponies had come over to Yakyakistan and ruined some of your personal property and residential buildings, you'd be pretty upset too, wouldn't you?

If we are honest here we never received enough information to support this claim. For all we know if the ponies did the same thing, the yaks would have enjoyed the random destruction or maybe they would have enjoyed fighting the ponies destroying their home like many fictional warrior cultures do. At some point during the episode I tought that the Yaks were going to reveal that they were enjoying their visit because the ponies were presenting them many things to destroy but apparently that was not the case, they really were just nitpicky.

I'm going to accept this as the offical off screen ending of the episode.

The part when Rainbow Dash had nothing to say was hilarious :pinkiehappy: And she has a point...can't really destroy snow, can you? :rainbowlaugh:

Diplomatic immunity!

Hahaha!! We think alike, my friend! Personally, my headcanon just had Twilight blowing her stack and driving off the yaks. Still, well done.

WOW!! I only wrote this story as a form of therapy, because it p*ssed me off at the end that the yaks seemed to get off scot-free with all their destructive behaviour... And it seems a lot of you like it!! Thank you all VERY much for the positive reviews, favourites and up votes.

In answer to a few of your questions: Yes, having watched the episode again I do realise Twilight called the yak in command prince-something, but I couldn't make out what it was, so I just said "Whatever" and credited him as 'head yak' or 'lead yak'.

As for 'Diplomatic Immunity' (it seemed we have a lot of Lethal Weapon II fans out there) I like to think that such a process doesn't exist in Equestria, and nopony can get away with behaving like a tw*t just because of their money or status. MInd you, it seems to work for Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon. Hmm...

My last point is about the notion that the yaks would like it if the ponies went back to Yakyakistan and started destroying stuff there, the same way the yaks did in Ponyville. I disagree.. Remember, the yaks seem to generally only smash things they HATE, so if our equine friends started doing the same thing to things the yaks LOVE, they may get a LITTLE hot under the collar (Not that I'd be around long enough to find out).

Have a good day, yall!!

Alright. That does it. My story needs a filler chapter about this sort of thing as well.

The name you are seeking is Prince Rutherford. Also, very nice story you made here. :twilightsmile:

Can't upvote this hard enough because the way the yaks behaved throughout the episode REALLY pissed me off.

A thought occurs to me, perhaps the Yak Prince gets a talking-to from Most Honorable And Yakkity Yakyakistan Queen Yak! Something along the lines of, "Be a good guest there I said. Tis not Yakyakistan there, so get not mad I said. Remember that PRINCESS PONY MOVES SUN I SAID! WHERE GO WRONG I ASK?!"


Yaks are obviously too stupid to understand the concept! Their loss. :trollestia:

HEH-HEH-HEH. Clever...

'Bout time some retributions started being written about, instead of just leaving devastation unattended to.

(Good example for children, too. Does Mom allow a ransacked bedroom to be left un-cleaned up after play-time is over?
Well... my Mom never did. )

In the TV espisode, I almost expected Fluttershy to HULK OUT or PUT THE STARE ON them unruly Yaks, after they tried to trample her little woodland animal friends, saying: "You should be ASHAMED of yourselves, for not appreciating all the efforts being made, to make you feel welcome here in our land!" Prince Rutherford would probably have CAVED on the spot, if she did.

SO... Again, glad to see somepony trying to dispense justice.

This is my headcanon for the end of Party Pooped. They did warn me that this episode was sub-par, but damn these yaks were knobbers.

6141561 That'd be Prince Rutherford.

FINALLY we get a story that has them deal with those mindless idiots. I think the episode would have been better if the yaks were chastised at least a little bit for their actions.

Ah justice is served knew they had to somehow make up for their unlawful acts as supposed diplomats

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