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A world long forgotten by all, a place unlike anything imagined, and a race of creatures beyond anything ever known.
Now, after 2000 years, one of these beings must embark on a journey that will change his home land, Equestria, and maybe even himself.

This story is meant to have a true My Little Pony essence to it, to feel like a true "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" episode. Don't think of it as anything less than that. Just enjoy the story.

Recommended music to listen to while reading: Any or all Kevin Kendle music :)

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Well.. When I first saw this I thought War was going to be heading into Equestria and being all emo with his swords and guns and crap, I must say this took me by surprise, It was a pleasant surprise though so I'll follow this story, there were some errors in it and I'll PM you them later.

This is showing up as all uploaded today. Did you edit the previous chapters or something?

Also I can see this going:
A) Very badly.
B) Better than expected.

It's still got grammatical errors but I can gloss over them. Any particular reason for the massive gap in updates by the way? I had almost forgotten what this fic was about.

I did go back and edit them for grammar errors and changed bits of the story.
Believe me, I have been doing this as best I can, although I wish I could be faster.
The next part will be uploaded sooner, I promise.

It's alright. I was just surprised that it updated after this long. And a little happy about it as well. It's a nice little story and I'm looking forward to seeing it play out.

Oops, forgot to raise the sun.:trollestia:

Still interesting. I hope that you keep writing this. There are a rather large amount of errors still slipping through. I'm not sure if you have someone pre-reading this but I believe I PMed you about that when the story first came out or commented to that effect or something. It's 5AM so I'm not making that much sense sorry.

And then he went on a killing spree and killed around 1 million ponies

The rage of a thousand burning white hot suns. Very, VERY long buildup here. Looking forward to seeing how Twilight deals with the grump.

Well, that took a ****ing century:facehoof:, but I finally finished chapter 6, I hope you guys enjoy this much more than it was to wait for it!

Aww, i wanna see him scream at them, but there is time.... But great work

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