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Single white male, community singer, actor, cartoonist, writer, and party DJ. Resident of Northwest Florida since 1978.

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Oops...wrong key again. Sorry...

Yep. That listing in the next column over says it all. Cranky Doodle & J. Arthur Crank. Go fig.

Got this idea while reviewing my old 2006 DVD box set of The Best of The Electric Company, Vol. 1. The show that taught me and a whole generation (if not more) the basics of reading, writing, and vocabulary, in a series of comedy-variety skits, with a colorful troupe of New York actors, playing a colorful variety of costumed characters. And of course, sitting right next to it on the video console, was a stack of recently watched MLP discs.

So...the seeds were planted, and the ideas started blooming... How would the Mane 6 and other ponies react to these characters? Who would mingle with whom? What would the results be? Alternate universe, or another dream? Then...one look at old J. Arthur Crank again, and I said: "OOH, BOY.... Cranky Doodle Donkey, to a Tee!" The rest is my own personal rough draft history-in-progress. I figure: who else would be doing MLP-EC crossovers right now, eh?

Thanks to all, for teaching me well, and for making me the fanfic author I am today.

Okay, new draft started, while on brief hiatus from my Cheese Sandwich story.

It's a crossover mashup with Sesame Street. I call it: Gilda meets Oscar.

I know it's not the first MLP-Sesame St. crossover attempted, but I figure, hey, I couldn't do any worse, right?

Well... Part 1 is submitted today, and awaiting review for approval or rejection.

Have recently updated & tweaked my Gilda paragraph in Chapter 2 of Ex-Evils Anonymous.

Did this, because I now realize what character on another show Gilda and her fellow griffons reminds me of: Oscar the Grouch of Sesame Street. Not inherently evil; just...different. So that kind'a makes Griffonstone...the Grouchland of Equestria! Yeah, that explains it...

HEY, FRAM! The moderator who first set me on the path to Rangerphiledom. "---yay---!" :yay:

Good to see you here. I'll be watching you, too.

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