Dragon's Mommies

by TAD2

One Night On The Train

With Pear, Bright Mac, Cookie, Windy, and Bow escorting Pinkie Pie back to her family's rock farm. The other girls were following behind. Fluttershy had placed Spike onto her back, and Rainbow Dash, AJ, and Rarity were trying to keep up with the older ponies.

They were lucky it was almost evening, and the local weather team had planned for a storm not long after sunset, so not that many ponies were out, and thankfully not that many were in the path of the very angry farm mare. She looked at Pinkie. "Pinkie, what made you think that it was a good idea to head to a different town, without telling your parents?"

Pinkie looked saddened. "I don't know, I just wanted to throw them a surprise party in the silo, and it just slipped my mind." Said Pinkie as her hair deflated, and tears started to pool at the corner of her eyes.

Pear looked at Pinkie. 'Maybe I was a little to hard with her, she is still only a filly.' Pear sighed. "Pinkie, I'm sorry for yelling, I just... look, every parent will spend the rest of their lives worrying about their children. Are they safe, have they eaten, but the most important thing that will help them is to talk." Pear looked at all the girls and to Spike. "This goes for all of you as well. Remember when Spike went missing for a few seconds?"

They all nodded.

"All of you girls nearly destroyed the house, worried about if Spike was safe. That is what every mother feels like when they don't know where their child is." Pear then looked at Pinkie. "Remember that feeling and then try and imagen how your parents feel not knowing where you went, that is the exact opposite of what you would want them to feel like, right?" Asked Pear.

Pinkie gasped, then she started to cry waterfalls. "I'm sorry, mom, dad, Maud, Marble, and Limestone." Cried Pinkie. Pear smiled at Pinkie as she gave her a hug.

"Shhhh, it's ok, you were excited, it was a mistake, and I know they will forgive you if you tell them you are sorry for leaving." Said Pear as she stroked Pinkies mane.

Pinkie stopped crying after a solid ten minutes. Pear smiled at her. "See..." Said Pear, but then a single drop of rain hit her on the snout. She got to her hooves, and helped Pinkie up as well. "We need to hurry, the storm is about to start." Said Pear. But it was too late. The group only made it another few hoof steps before it was raining cats and dogs.

Thankfully, Cookie was at least a little skilled in shield spells. She had to be, raising two unicorn foals, you needed to learn the basics, or you would be walking around town for a week a different color.

So the group kept walking for the train station hoping to make if for the last train of the night. The only problem was Spike. Being a dragon, he was very susceptible to the cold, in any form, but what made it worse for him was the fact that he was still a baby, and his inner fire was not fully developed. He started to shiver, which was very noticeable since he was on Fluttershy's back.

She looked at Spike, and for some reason something in her mind shouted at her to get him out of the cold wind and rain. "Spike!" Yelled Fluttershy. She grabbed Spike in her hooves, and looked forward. The train station was right in front of them, but it was still about 100 feet away. Fluttershy weighed the options. 'I could make it there in a few seconds, but it would expose Spike even more, or we need to pick up the pace to make sure we all make it?' Thought Fluttershy. She sped up to Pear. "Mrs. Buttercup, its cold, and Spike is not doing well, we need to hurry up."

The moment Fluttershy brought up Spike's condition, all the girls heard the shouting in their heads. Rarity grit her teeth as her eyes turned white from the overwhelming surge of power she was channeling. Cookie looked at her daughter, and became concerned, Rarity was going to try a teleportation spell. "Rarity, calm down, your too young to try and teleport everyone, even if its not that far away." Said Cookie.

But the shouting in her head just got louder. Rarity looked at her mother. "I will help my son!" Yelled Rarity as the spell was completed.

100 feet ahead, the stallion in charge of tickets was about to shut down for the night, the next train was only 3 minutes away, and seeing that the train platform was completely empty, it was very unlikely that anypony was going to need his services.

Then his vision was blinded by a large white flash. Once the ticket stallion was able to see, the sight that greeted him was shocking. Now instead of no ponies, there was four ponies, five fillies, and the real odd one out, a small baby dragon. But he was a professional, so he kept his cool. "Good evening Mrs. Buttercup, Mr. Bright Mac, and Mrs. Cookie." He then looked at all the fillies, Bow, and Windy. "I'm guessing that you need some tickets?"

Bright Mac nodded. "All Aboard, we have a problem." Bright Mac pulled Pinkie to in front of the stallion. "This filly needs to get home tonight." Bright Mac put Pinkie down. "My grandson is not doing well, and in the rush we forgot to grab some bits for the trip. Can we pay it back later?" Asked Bright Mac.

All Aboard has been a citizen of Ponyville for many years, and he knew that the Apples were hardworking ponies who were always honest, and payed back their debts. He looked at the group, they were soaking wet, and the only reason why they weren't getting even worse was because of Mrs. Cookie's shield. All Aboard nodded. "Ok, listen, I will have to tell the Transport commission about this, that means I will need to have your identities." All Aboard looked at Spike. "Everyponies."

Spike started to cough. The last train was about to pull in. All the girls looked at Spike, he was getting worse, they nodded. "Fine." Said Fluttershy. "His name is Spike Drake, age: less then 2 weeks." Said Fluttershy.

All Aboard nodded. "Ok, I have his description. 'Purple with green spines, underbelly, and eyes, Dragon.' All I need is his or his guardians hoof print to make it official."

All five girls walked up to the stand one at a time, and marked the paper. All Aboard looked at all the girls and sighed, he then looked at all the adults. "Ok, the same for all of you."

All the adults nodded, and filled out the form for themselves, and the kids. Once that was done, the train pulled in, and the doors opened. All Aboard nodded, as he gave them all tickets. "Now get inside of the train, and make sure to dry off, the trolley should be in the back right now, so head to the back of the train, she should have some towels and warm drinks."

Pear smiled at All Aboard. "Thanks All Aboard." Said Pear as she and the group headed for the back cars.

Five minutes later. Spike and Family were in one of the large passenger cabins. The trolley with the towels had not arrived, and the girls were trying to use their body heat to keep Spike warm. Right now all the fillies were huddled around Spike. It was helping him, but even the girls were wet, so he was still very cold, but at least his coughing stopped. Rainbow was looking at her son, he was still shivering but it was less intense. She nuzzled his head. "No little rainstorm is going to take out a Dash." Said Rainbow, she was putting up a front. In all actuality, she was terrified for Spike. The same could be said for Pinkie, and AJ. Pinkie kept her smile on her face. She was trying to show that nothing was wrong, and everything was going to be ok, and AJ was doing everything in her power to make sure Spike was safe.

All the adults looked at them, and they all smiled. Pear leaned over to Bright Mac. "I think Spike is going to have an interesting life, 5 great moms, 5 sets of grandparents." Bright Mac nodded.

"But what about after all this, we need to make it official." Said Bright Mac. Pear nodded. They looked at Cookie, Windy and Bow and told them the idea, they both nodded.

Pear looked at the fillies. "Girls, we need to talk for a moment, you don't have to move, Spike needs you with him, but we need to discuss what were going to do with him when we get back."

All the girls nodded. But before Pear could bring up the first question, there was a knock on the door. Cookie used her magic to open it. "Hello, sorry for the wait, one of the wheels fell off. Is there anything I could get for you all?" Asked the trolley mare.

"Towels, all of them, 5 coffees, 5 teas, and one milk." Said Cookie.

The trolley mare nodded. "Of course."

After drying off, and enjoying the warmness of the tea and coffee. Cookie used her magic to heat up the milk for Spike to warm him up even more. Spike guzzled it down in an instant. Now it was time for the hard part. AJ sighed as she placed Spike on her shoulder. Everyone else cleared the area Spike was facing. AJ looked at Spike. "Ok Spike." Said AJ as she burped him. He released a few green flames, and thankfully nothing was damaged.

Now that everyone was warmed up, it was time to get back on track. Pear looked at the girls. Rainbow was playing with Spike. She was making silly faces, and playing peekaboo with her wings. "Girls, about what we were saying earlier. We need to discuss a few things." Said Pear.

Everyone looked at Pear. "Ok, the four of us have decided, that to make it official, when we get back to town, we head over to town hall and have Spike legally become your son." Said Pear.

Bright Mac started. "That means, we will need to tell them were he is living, so in the interest of him, we think it would be for the best if Spike was to stay at the farm until he is old enough to start living with each of you."

Cookie was next. "We will also have to find a place for Pinkie to stay, so she can be close to Spike."

Bow talked next. "And the same goes for Rainbow and Fluttershy as well, Spike can't live in a cloud house, so when we get back, I will be looking for a house in Ponyville."

"With that being said. There is going to be a lot of negative feelings about Spike. Dragons are not known for being the nicest creatures, and this will make him an out cast from the rest of the town. So Spike will need the support of his family." Said Pear.

All the girls looked at Spike. One by one they nuzzled his head, Rainbow was first. "Spike, a Dash is loyal, and will never let anyone down."

Pinkie was next. "I maybe a Pie, but I'm tough as stone, I'll move a mountain to see you smile and laugh."

Fluttershy went next. "I will never be shy around you, and even if others aren't, I will always be kind to you."

Rarity smiled as she nuzzled Spike. " What ever you need, I will be there to help you through it."

Lastly AJ. "Spike, I can't tell you the future, but I will not lie to you, it's going to be tough, but here's the one truth that will never be broken."

All the girls looked at Spike as they kissed his head. "We love you."