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Bruh, lookit these stories im sure there will be some you like here eventually- maybe not now, but eventually.


Set one month after the events of "Equestria Girls: The Friendship Games"
After the events of the Friendship games, Dean Cadence was promoted to the position of Principal. As a more caring instructor and overseer, she must confront a problem she has no power over.

James, a troubled teen traveling from foster home to foster home has finally found a permanent home in the residence of Mi-Amore Cadenza. With his respect for her as a figure of Authority now established, his trouble making moves to the school of Crystal Prep Academy- where his adoptive mother has little to no power.

Until Recently.
Follow the Exploits of James as he learns the value of education, morals, and most of all Friendship.

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cant wait to read the next chapter!

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