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Wanting to know if she could have another second chance in the form of a magical do-over Sunset decided to conduct a little experiment with her friends to see if youth really is wasted on the young.

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Your welcome also I came up with an idea about something that you would like to know

Loving it already. Can't wait for more! I'm so intrigued on how this is going to go.


It’s an okay start, but I would highly recommend that you get an editor, way too many punctuation errors.

I love surprises I can't wait for more

I'm kinda worried about that romance tag considering you turned Baconhair into an 8 year old.

Friendshipping and she won't be an 8 year old the ENTIRE time.

That pic of her is adorable.
Can't wait to see what crazy hijinks ensue for her!

ok this story has my attention please update it soon

you got me hooked. although if Sunset had stayed on the good path, then she would never have come to the human world in the first place

Perhaps...perhaps not. Destiny is a funny thing as is fate

Will be any wetting in this story?
I mean if Sunset will be a kid maybe she'll wet herself.

will this update soon im still wanting more of this

Are you going to continue that story?

When's the next chapter coming it's been like 9 months since this was released

It's on hiatus for the moment. I need help writing cause I have a bunch of unfinished work

if people DM me and follow me on discord and such getting help and therefore getting out more chapters will be easier. Working alone makes all this hard

What do you need help with exactly?

Good premise. This would actually be a good idea on Sunsets part as a way to make up and repent for her actions in the past

'I nearly ruined Rainbow Dash in name and spirit. She's so strong for not breaking' Then with Applejack? Considering that she was such a 'high and mighty' bitch back then; she looked down on country folk and often times went out of her way to be incredibly racist towards Applejack and her sister often calling them insulting slurs like hayseed or bumpkin. She even went as far to suggest they were inbreeds and that Applebloom a bastard child that her parents died just to avoid having to raise. Sunset's cruelty knew no bounds and because she was so intelligent and had so much dirt on the Apple siblings? She knew she could talk all the trash she wanted and have her hands remain clean.

That's not racism, that classism and plain old-fashioned bigotry short of Sunset just hated all humans. Racism has to do with hatred of a person's perceived heritage and familial point of origin. I could say ethnicity but far too many people don't understand what that really means. Everyone has an ethnic origin short of a group not having originated from earth but then again that's an origin too. In human terms that typically equates to skin tone and other features that point to where our ancestors originated from. In the case of Equestria Girls, not only are the skin tones random pastels, AJ is the closest match to Sunset. Sunset disliked the Apple family for being farmers. Unlike Equestria, Farmer is not a race.

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