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After quite a lot of pestering, Princess Luna allowed the Cutie Mark Crusaders to see the dreams of their friends one night. But after a mistake, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo watched Spike despair in a nightmare. After seeing what torments him, the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to conquer an impossible mission: Give Spike a purpose and his own Cutie Mark.

Wrote by me.
Cover Art by me.
Edited by: Blue Diamond_Topaz
Assistance by: CategoricalGrant

Chapters (4)
Comments ( 62 )

Hey, glad to see you took my advice and posted this story!:pinkiehappy:

Your short description tells me Spike is trying to find his dolphin.

:unsuresweetie::applecry::scootangel: He has a cutie mark! Yeah!
:moustache: I can't show it to anyone!
:twilightsheepish: why not?
:moustache: Promise not to laugh ?
:twilightsmile: cross my heart and....
:moustache: It's three blue diamonds with a ball & chain. :raritystarry:
:facehoof: I know a tattoo shop around the corner,

ohh this has potential for all sorts of CMC shenanigans. considder my interest caught.

Very nice of them to help Spike.

7467974 Thanks for help me to find my grammar mistakes. It's little hard to find some of them after some weeks .

7468036 Maybe I forgot to edited that part too. Thanks for show me, if you find more mistakes, I will be glad to change that. :twilightsmile:

7467852 Thanks man. I will not disappoint everyone here.

Mostly good, though I think once Scootaloo saw that Spike was scared out of his mind she'd be a bit more concerned and not take things so lightly as she did.

7469276 That was her idea, and she will not give up from her ideas, even if Spike will be scared or not. :rainbowlaugh:

:scootangel: so that's what dragon poop looks like
:unsuresweetie: You don't see that everyday
:applecry: They look like diamonds
:twilightoops: You did WUT?
:moustache: You try it...You'd poop too!
:raritystarry: look at the diamonds!
:unsuresweetie: Ah Rarity...Oh never mind.

Being a superhero could be his destiny.

7469415 Who knows?! XD. He can be everything he wants.


Yeah, Spike's destiny could be being a hero, which would be awesome with him being a dragon. it would be a big middle claw to the stereotype that dragons currently have of being jerks and brutes. Seems like a similar scenario where a normal guy goes to high school for the first time and he's he ends up with that he's destined to be the despised Demon King, even though his personality and demeanor seems the opposite, and then he has to spend all his time trying to convince everyone else that he's not like that all (it's rather futile, apparently the sheeple have already condemned he before anything else could happen)...

.... sorry for the somewhat out-of-context metaphor, I'm been on a bit of a anime binge. That comes from the anime Demon King Daimao, look it up if you want to take a look, best bet would be on KissAnime, and it also has a English dub of it.

7470439 That's is the suggestions and reviews I want to read every day. 2 for Spike being hero, anyone has another idea of what is the Spike's purpose?! A knight? A mage? A librarian? A King?

Guess how will end up Spike and enjoyed every try of them making him does something. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by ShadowSpider deleted Aug 12th, 2016

7470455 I've always believed that a ponies cutie mark does not represent what they are best at, but what makes them happiest.
Pinke for example is an excellent baker, but what makes her happy is throwing parties for others.
So the real question is, what can Spike do that makes him happier then anything else?

Comment posted by CaioCoia deleted Aug 12th, 2016

7473263 Yeah, will be the best part of fiction.

*Several attempts of getting a cutie mark later*

Been waiting for this, if only just to see Spike's Mark. Okay, not the best story I've read but it had it's moments.:twilightsmile:

:twilightoops:Spike what are you doing to my library ?
:moustache: My cutie mark! I kill and burn books! Ain't that great?



Thanks for you too guess how is the destiny of Spike, this make me feel more great to write more about that. I hope you liked.

7484042 KKKKKKKK.
I laught a lot here. Thanks for give comments like that. I hope you will enjoy the another fictions. XD

7485524 This oughta impress Dragon Lord Ember.

The Knights seized to exist years ago

I think you meant ceased instead of seized.

7508883 That's a mistake on my part, I was kind of sleepily when I was editing this part I think

7472980 if its a whip to symbolise slavery im gonna laugh

Well...a sword is close to a whip i suppose...

I like this idea, a few errors but nothing horrible, at least Spike's aunt did his best to help him. I'll be reading more now.

7996796 Thanks for watching me and add Spike's Cutie Mark in your favorite.

And here is the link of the new group like you said:


A few errors but rather funny and in character, great job.

Got to admit, him actually getting a Cutie Mark rubs me the wrong way for some reason but I do very much like the idea of Spike being a knight, interesting idea. Even a bit of Spike and Momlestia, loved it, again a few errors but nothing to bad, you did great, excited to see where this goes.

7996852 Thank you dude, maybe in the next year I will reedit this fiction and make the sequel.

7996855 Not a problem, can't wait for the sequel, I'm here if you need me, also a good idea is to maybe write a blog promoting your new group and telling friends who like the idea, get the word out you sniveling colt!:pinkiehappy:

7996869 I like the idea, calling more people for this group will be good. So, let's do that. XD

7996879 Damn straight. I'll promote it myself after I finish editing it a bit.

7996899 Perfect, I like the pun about Discord. XD

7996907 You just did that because of Shipping Doors right?

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