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Vignette Number One Complete · 5:58pm February 1st

I got the first of these planned side stories done and dusted, although I'm now trying to locate art that fits the story or that I could fiddle with to conform to the story. Something with Nightmare and Chrysalis in it, but not erotic because the story is pretty PG/PG-13. Maybe if anyone reads this, they can suggest an artist or some artwork. Point is, it'll be put up when I can find the right art for it.

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And were I a nasty paranoid sort, I'd speculate that a calm, reasoned opposition was an actual danger, where the loud and nasty people were useful idiots. Were I paranoid, that is.

Were I a nasty, paranoid sort, I'd note that a bunch of people who were being decidedly unpleasant (and making the opposition to MrNumbers' points look bad) were allowed to keep posting, while I was not, and conclude...


I'm not terribly surprised by that. There's a reason that "pegasister" was an awkward after-the-fact tack-on term and the catch-all term for adult fans of MLPFIM is "bro-ny." That said, I'm still somewhat skeptical of Bad Horse's survery whereby more than 90 of every 100 adult fans of a very female-centric cartoon show are male.

EDIT: And may I add, I can totally see why MrNumbers blocked you. What you just posted is just so totally nasty and unreasonable. :P

Blocked at Mr Numbers' place, so I'm replying to your post here.

AID dun goofed, and that's not what Alexa actually says:

FiMfic is ~60% biased to men relative to the internet as a whole, not only ~60% men in total. We're more male-centric than average.

I benefit just as much as all the other backers. :) But you're welcome.

  • Viewing 80 - 84 of 84
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