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I'm Foals Errand's husband. A fanfic author with experience in anime and sci fi fics mostly. I'm now branching out.


Lyra Heartstrings is one of the world's leading human experts. Now she has been invited away from her digging to tour Cloud Dreamer's remote island park where he claims to have done the impossible. But simply because something CAN be done does not necessarily mean it SHOULD be...

Edited by Stahl

Additional editing by Zooman Stan, Ocean Stardust, RK_Striker_JK-5, and M E Lovecolt

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You get a follow from me, and a hoof extended in friend ship

I love that cover pic. :pinkiehappy: Oh, dear.. Looks like I need to break out the gif.


Is anybody else looking forward to what might replace the scene where the Dilophisaurus sprays that one guy? I am.

Big Mac for Malcolm? Not the best choice character-wise. I think Twilight Sparkle would have been the better choice. Not just because she's an egghead, but also because she also has a certain tendency to assume the worst outcome. It's not as obvious as in Malcolm's case, but still.

My wife suggested that but I was going for the ironic choice. Truth is that Big Mac probably is one of the smartest ponies in Ponyville. (I honestly believe he had earned a scholarship into higher education when his parents died forcing him to go back to the farm.) He also speaks for common or rather GOOD sense. Sometimes Twilight loses that while following the science. Unlike Ian Malcolm, he doesn't talk much, but when he has something to say, best to listen. :eeyup:

Umm... yes, Big Mac is smart, as is AJ. It's just a completely different kind of smart than Malcolm's.


Fear not! I've already thought of that!

6137817 I'll just make a prediction right now: A redneck spewing his stomach contents on the pony. Just my guess...


Well the Pretentious Period immediately precedes the Cretineous Period and is marked by such creatures as the Napoleonicus Diminutus!

6137832 :facehoof:Dim witted fool! :moustache:Clearly it will be chewing tobacco!

6137836 But 'Jurassic' in 'Jurassic Park' is also a geologic period just like the cretaceous so shouldn't it be something like 'Jerkassic Park' as opposed to 'Humanic Park' to keep up that naming theme?:rainbowhuh: It wasn't called 'Dinosauric Park' after all.

6137917 You're right, what was I thinking?! Heh... actually... just had another thought... if the T-rex is replaced by a neckbeard... good god...

6137937 Nah, whatever replaced the T-rex starts with an 'E' remember?

6137963 Oh... right... hmm... what starts with an E, human related, and has comedy... hmm... I'm drawing a blank here. Can you think of anything?

You're looking at it the wrong way. What's human related, starts with E and would make mince meat out of the rap... err Rednecks?

OK, let me put it this way: I have once read/narrated a story your wife wrote (if I am thinking of the right Foals Errand here), and I'm really considering this one too ^^

Looking forward to where this is going ;)

6137976 Homo Erectus + Erection = Erectus Rex? The rapist/sex fiend?
Extreme Rex? The X-treme sports freak?
Environmentalist Rex?
Euthanizor Rex? The veterinarian?
Evangelist Rex?

I have no doubt there is only ONE Foal's Errand! Thx!

6137994 European Rex?
Ethiopian Rex?
Equal Rights Activist Rex?

of course this had to happen at some point

No it didn't.... I COULD have taken those little pills they prescribed for me but I don't like them. They make the voices in my head go away! :pinkiecrazy:

big mac has a deplorable excess of personality?


I'm going to be honest, when I clicked this I was expecting more.

Then I noticed the Comedy Tag, and Age of the Cretins, and I knew that there wouldn't be anything worthwhile for me here.

You have my attention....

I'm a sucker for Jurassic Park and all for a little parody, so I gave this a look. Parts of this actually look pretty good, though I have to admit, some of the choices are odd. Why have Flim and Flam not working together? And having Ian Malcolm, the chattiest character replaced with the quietest pony... not sure if that's a bad call or brilliant, but at least you still kept him in character for it.

Anyway, it's not a bad start, so I guess we'll see where it goes from here. :pinkiesmile:

6138007 I... I have no words. I really don't. :rainbowlaugh:

I haven't read yet but this seems to follow a story similar to the island of dr moreau or Jurassic park.


Well, thank you for your time. No... Not Beef Burgundy and asparagus tips here, just a good burger and a helping of fries served with a smile. :yay:

I just got finished watching Jurassic park so this should be good
I have yet to see Jurassic world though... Is it worth seeing?

6138011 I'm liking this; I've read other Jurassic Park/My Little Pony crossovers before, but you're keeping yours much more flexible.

Usually its just some MLP:FiM characters saying the lines of those from the book verbatim, but you have much more originality. Make sure not to make the same mistake of following the plot constantly and you'll have a real winner on your hands. :twilightsmile:

Jurassic World: Jurassic Park if the humans in it had been even stupider. :trollestia:

6137836 And we are now approaching the end of Neolitigious Period which concluded with a titanic explosion of lawsuits causing the death of 99% of judges. :trollestia:

And welcome to the tour! Please keep all limbs in the carriage at all times and do not feed the humans!

The cliche counter is being overloaded! OH MY GOD!

Seriously though, this is Jurassic Park all over again, I swear movie scientists will never learn to not clone dangerous creatures. Let's see, I love Big Ian Malcomtosh and I love that you haven't had Fluttershy say anything yet. Shy pony is Shy I guess. Bonbon is good, but I was kind of hoping for a little Twyra at the dig site, but you're the writer so feel free to ignore and or ridicule me for my shipping crimes against fiction.

Anyway you made me laugh, so I will keep an eye on this by way of giving it a bronze star.

I'll see you at the next chapter.

Nah! Cloud Dreamer had all those put down.


And welcome to our distinguished guest from the Saurian Empire!

I just can't buy that they'd get away with this...

I mean, the INSTANT Celestia gets wind that somepony's bringing back humans, she's TOTALLY gonna drop the Sun on that island!


Dear slave to the fanfiction writing community,

I thank you for your first forays into what you will be doing for the rest of your life, and I have to say, those of us who run the work camps where the writers are forced to write expect many big things from you now. Don't forget we need 20'000 words by the end of July or we will cut your rations and throw you in the pit.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Well, you're getting a track. Let's see if this one manages to subvert my expectations. A point by point retelling of the movie might be good, but it wouldn't be as interesting as if you spun the formula a bit.

Lyra (holding a baby human): What geographical subspecies is this? :rainbowhuh:

Geneticist Pony: It's, uh, North American.

Lyra: ... You bred 'Muricans? :pinkiegasp:


Can you ask the chairman if he might let us out for a day from these underground cavers. I can take my I color with me!
I need to see the sun...I'm developing rickets...


~Crystalline Electrostatic~

We are safe here - Unless the Rednecks learn to open doors. :rainbowderp:

If you're a fan of the series, you will ignore the glaring faults and enjoy it anyway. If you have not watched a JP movie in years and you're expecting a spectacular sequel, you'll be disappointed. Like I was.

I am intrigued. Will have to see where this goes.

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