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Author & Pre-reader; Trance/EDM junkie; Trekkie; Chief Apprentice in Loyal's House of Fanfic

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Status Update + Short Hiatus · 4:37am August 28th

Hey, folks! Sorry for the relative silence over here. Been out and about with business travel lately, so that's been chewing up my time. Anyway, a quick update, plus some news!

Story Updates

  • Sunset Shipping Contest Entry - I won't make the deadline, but it's well on its way and I like the idea. I'll finish it regardless
  • Red Shoes Chapter: Daring Do - About 40% done, will move up the list soon

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That’s a rather illustrious bookshelf you’ve got there :raritystarry:

Thanks for reading :twilightsmile:

Hey, can I get a full-size version of your profile pic? Thanks!

Your watch, as a thank you.

I hope you enjoy Dead Tree and Bone Daddy, a new story will come out soon, Bone Daddy is undergoing full rewrite for EQD review, and Dead Tree chapter 19 should be ready by next week! Please drop upvotes on what you enjoy and downvote what you hate, I'd love to see your opinions in the comments; I like talking to folks a LOT!
(Even if it's by text).

I just finished up at Crystal Fair in St. Louis, I'll be at High Roller Pony Con this weekend, maybe I'll see you there?

  • Viewing 187 - 191 of 191
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