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In which I write non-horsewords · 2:14am Last Monday

Do not adjust your monitors, folks. The title of this post is correct!

Just a few minutes ago, I submitted my entry for the Round 1 challenge in the 2018 NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Contest!

NYC Midnight hosts a variety of writing contests each year, including Flash Fiction, Short Story, Short Screenplay, and Screenwriting. The contests are timed, and are prompt based, so it's like a mega version of the Writeoff. :pinkiecrazy:

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Hey, can I get a full-size version of your profile pic? Thanks!

Your watch, as a thank you.

I hope you enjoy Dead Tree and Bone Daddy, a new story will come out soon, Bone Daddy is undergoing full rewrite for EQD review, and Dead Tree chapter 19 should be ready by next week! Please drop upvotes on what you enjoy and downvote what you hate, I'd love to see your opinions in the comments; I like talking to folks a LOT!
(Even if it's by text).

I just finished up at Crystal Fair in St. Louis, I'll be at High Roller Pony Con this weekend, maybe I'll see you there?

DS9 I love for just the science and everything behing it.

But Voyager man... the characters, the never before seen planets and species. Every episode felt like a new adventure.

  • Viewing 190 - 194 of 194
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