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Planes. They're big, loud, and heavy, but they somehow lift off the ground over and over again, going from place to place seemingly without effort. But what if planes didn't exist? Not because they didn't work, but because they weren't needed?

What if I had wings of my own?

What if I told you that such a world really existed?

My entry for Scribblefest 2016, the EFNW pre-con writing contest.
Pre-read/edited by Winston, Biker_Dash, Loyal, and FamousLastWords
Featured by Equestria Daily and The Royal Guard

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Comments ( 43 )

I like it. Short, sweet, and of course human Dash would wonder if she'd ever get to fly again.

That was indeed sweet. A nice daydream of an unknown world. :twilightsmile:

…hmmm. Nice. My personal head canon is that EQG Dash wants to be a pilot, or more specifically a fighter pilot. After all I would assume the EQG universe wonderbolts are much like the Blue Angels.

Not too bad. Good luck in the contest!

7005673 Thanks, and same to you! :)

I like this calm and introspective take on Rainbow, for a nice change of pace. Good luck in the contest!

7005697 Thanks again for your help! And good luck to you as well! :)

That was awesome!!!!!!

7005608 they are cause the wonderbolts uniform is modeled after the blue angels outfit

7006221 Thats the thinking mate :derpytongue2:

Or join those crazy maniacs out on the East Coast, the Kerbal Space Program and fly 'planes that can reach the Mün!

Beautiful story, It's kinda the same feeling I get when I'm flying on my simulator, or thinking about it, and even on one flight, I saw a circular rainbow in a cloud, and it reminded me of a sonic rainboom

Nice and sweet story :twilightsmile:

Congrats on getting posted to Equestria Daily! :pinkiehappy:

7055537 Thank you! Couldn't have done it without you and the team! :pinkiehappy:

Now this is a story that resonates. In my (relatively little) experiences with flying gliders, I've flown about 10 or 11 different gliders of the exact same model. I can tell you that each and every one has it's own unique features, instruments that perform in certain ways, handling, and other little things that make you love it or hate it. You make nicknames for them and you have your prefrences. I've had similar experiences with small powered aircraft, but I haven't flown as many. Regardless, it's a lot like what the story says. And while you're less likely to own a plane than you are to own a car, you definitely remember the plane you did your first solo in. For all intents and purposes, you may as well call it yours.

Great short story.

7055795 Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightblush:

This was a very nice short story.:twilightsmile:

7060351 Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :pinkiehappy:

Just wanted to let you know I posted a review of this story — and 13 other entries in the Scribblefest competition — over at my blog.

Good luck in the competition! :twilightsmile:

It shouldn't surprise me that the only EQG story to really grab me is one where human-Dash is daydreaming about Equestria. :twilightsmile:

And you do something here that EQG rarely has time for: developing some character. Good show, old sport.

I reviewed this as part of Read It Later Reviews #46.

My review can be found here.

You made Dash believably introspective. That's impressive! :rainbowdetermined2:

7124510 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :)

I know you already saw it, but because I like to do it:

You can has review!

This is an excellent story. I always wondered if the Equestria Girls would wonder about their pony counterparts, especially after hearing the kind of things they can do. I felt Rainbow Dash was thoroughly in-character through the whole story.

Yknow, I have the same thoughts when I'm flying, especially now.

7403180 I'm glad that the story hit the right mark for you then! :) (and special thanks for the fave as well!) :pinkiehappy:


Man, I've had this one on my read later list forever!

It's a really good piece to read in a quiet place.

7762626 Sorry for the delayed response, but thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Feel free to check out my other stuff, if the mood strikes you. Cheers!


I know you've seen my review of this elsewhere, but I should really pop in here and give this the fave it deserves! I'm a fan of stories dealing with a slightly more introspective Rainbow (human or equine), and this hit the spot. :twilightsmile:

With planes there, what's to say that the Equestria Girls verse doesn't have planes from Boeing, Airbus, or even McDonnell Douglas?? :rainbowderp:

8010368 In my head canon, they basically do have those planes. Only reason I didn't spell out a plane type/name was to avoid any risk of some corporate copyright lawyer stumbling on the story via Google keyword searches or something.

But in my head, Dash is flying on a Alaska Airlines 737-9, with the new Boeing Sky interior. ;)

Well the Boeing 737 is THE most popular plane ever built by Boeing, over 10,000 have been built since the plane was unveiled to the world at the Boeing Everett plant in 1967!

Author Interviewer

Blrgh, that was very good. :)

Magnificent. Something like learning about the existence of magical alien horses will leave an impact on you, especially when one of them is you. Another you, who can slip the surly bonds of earth at will, when you've tasted that kind of freedom only once and don't know if you ever will again.

This is a surprisingly underexplored part of these girls' lives. Between that first taste of magic and bringing the band together, what did they think? What did they feel? What did they dream? You did a great job of capturing that for Dash. Thank you for it.

Oh, this was delightful. Like others said, exploring how the EQG girls react to the magical nature of their pony counterparts is such a rich territory, that I wonder why it isn't explored more often. And with execution this good? This fic is a winner.

Soge has noticed one of my stories? :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

Thank you very much for your kind words! I'm elated that you liked the story so much. :twilightblush:

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