Rainbow Dash never learned to shave her legs. That didn't used to be a problem, but lately it's been starting to make her feel uncomfortable in front of other girls. Rarity doesn't completely understand how Rainbow feels, but she's willing to do just about anything to help out a friend.

Even if that means skipping class to give shaving instructions in the girl's locker room.

Contains trans Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and friendship

Thank you to Cynewulf, Brasta Septim and Cinder Script for helping me figure out how best to word things, and for their support in general.

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I really enjoyed reading this. <3 it reminded me a lot of how awkward I was when I first tried

“And they were roommates!”

Ri2 #3 · May 2nd, 2018 · · ·

If I have one complaint, it's that I don't think Rainbow's parents would have a problem with her being trans since they blindly worship the ground she walks in, if they're anything like the pony versions.

This was a very interesting and well done story!
I wish there had been people that were as open and willing to help and listen whemti was younger.
I'm so very glad there are now and I'm so proud of each of you, for being who you are and for caring so much.

Cute and Heartwarming :twilightsmile:

A tittering giggle filled the locker room as a phone clattered to the floor. “Oh my gosh, they were roommates! ” Lyra replied, shuffling the roll of toilet paper back underneath the stalls. Two toilets flushed in harmony, and the two girls washed their hands, their chatter inaudible over the din of rushing water and hand dryers. The door slammed, announcing their departure.

I see what you did there..................:rainbowderp:

Cute adorable, and more importantly well executed my darling :heart:

People are complicated. It's very possible for someone's parents to act loving and supportive in general, without supporting everything about their child.

They could certainly laud her athletic successes without fully accepting her identity, or something like that.

I really like this story. It reminds me that true friends will always be there to help you out. To be honest I am extremely jealous of Rainbow Dash having a good friend to help teach her.

Ri2 #10 · May 3rd, 2018 · · 6 ·

Aren't these the same parents who keep her very first diaper on display, and cheer her for absolutely EVERYTHING no matter how irrelevant, including her making them cry?

"Dashie, you are the BEST at being an abomination before God!"

Not what I expected at all

The prismatic mare shrank

That's a bit weird in the human world, isn't it?

Oh no it's relATABLE

Oh, I liked this, seeing well done fics with trans characters, especially of the mane characters, too few and far between.
Thank you for this!

Yup. Generosity takes many forms, and Rarity's always looking out how to make her friends shine more.

The prismatic mare shrank back against the wall, taking a few deep breaths. “I just think it’ll help me feel more like me, you know? And while no one on the soccer team judges me for having hairy legs, I still want to look like that. I want to be like them. And I know it’s a weird question to ask, and it’s probably super awkward, and I promise I won’t look any higher than, like, the middle of your thigh, and that’s just to see if I’m doing it right because I don’t want to mess this up, and-”


Feels a bit short, but I like the direction you're heading in with it.

Most of my stories are pretty short. I'm working on longer ones, but usually it's just easiest for me to write short oneshots and snippets (partially because I don't usually have the energy to write long epics after working 10 hour shifts, and partially because I don't believe in dragging out a story that I feel doesn't need to be longer.)
Thank you so much for reading!

A touching story. I wonder who were the two girls though. You would think Rarity and Rainbow would recognise them

Awww, this is super sweet.

Lovely work... though Dash's hypersupportive parents do make her having a hard time with gender identity feel a bit off. Still, you addressed the burning question I had when going into this story: Yes, human Rainbow Dash's body hair is also rainbow.

In all seriousness, a lovely little story. Thank you for it.

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