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This story is a sequel to Frequency

Vinyl Scratch thought it was a joke. Adhiambo Longstaff thought it was a miracle. Now, two years after fate and an old two-way radio brought them together, all of Equestria will stand with Vinyl to honor the only human they've ever known.

A fan-made addition to 'Frequency', by PaulAsaran, and published here with his permission and gracious support. Extra thanks to Paul for his editing and advice!

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Adi’s hope was for their to be a tomorrow at all.”

Wrong there.

Great work. Lives up to the story it continued.

*tosses in the Awesome Reads bookshelf*

6038280 Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :D

Man, you made me tear up again because of that Luna-damned story (I mean, I loved it, but damn if it didn't break my heart). I'll be honest, I didn't love the graveyard sequence here...but the memorial was perfect.

Or at least, it made me tear up. So maybe I'm just a sentimental sap, but take my like. :fluttercry:

I wholeheartedly approve of this story. You may all consider it canon to the AU.

Also, expect a proper review in about a month's time.

The sequel i've been dying for is finally out! Yeah!!!!!!!!

Well done! :twilightsmile: A fitting conclusion. It's a warm restatement of the themes of the original.

In a way, it feels very meta. At the end of the last story, losing Adi was such a blow, it was hard to embrace the positive aspects of the story's theme. Now, it's two years later for the characters and two months later for the reader. Emotions have settled and life has continued. Now, a carefully constructed memorial is being revealed, showing love for the source material and reminding us what the story taught us about the power of hope. As I said, fitting and I applaud that you succeeded on multiple levels. For me, this conclusion, at a step back from the final drama, makes the other story more complete and better overall, so thank you for that too.

Grammar correction: Luna's speech has a paragraph break in it. You need a open quote at the beginning of the new paragraph (though no quote at the end of the previous paragraph is correct).

A reason to hope.”

Great encore to Frequency. Liked, faved, and followed.

6092687 Wow! Thank you so much! :twilightblush:

6149962 Thank you very much! :)

Why yes, yes author, you can haz like and favorite.

Aww nice.. shit that ending just made me ache to read both the original and this sequel all over again, back to back this time.

I was expecting that this story, through some convoluted reason, will undo the death of adi. I was really, really hoping but this ending is good too. It is a perfect homage to the original that brings a soothing salve to the sore feelings i still bear. Kudos sir, ku-effing-dos :moustache:


best read I've had in a long while:yay:

6264673 Sorry for the super late reply, but thank you! :)

6334282 you're welcome!:yay:
a late reply is better than none!:moustache:



6335188 Eeyup. Getting dusty in here. :raritywink:

This is a worthy addition to the Frequency legacy. That story made me tear up, and this one was beautiful in its own right. This is one of a very few stories (its predecessor included) that presented Flash Sentry in a positive light. I liked that, although humanity may be no more, in some way, our legacy survived.

im fucking crying

Well hell... seems my eyes sprung a leak.

Not enough tissues exist in this world or Equestria.

wwwaaaaaahhhh !!!!!!

6740691 I'll take that as a positive comment. :raritywink:

/just joking
//glad you liked it, and thanks for the read!

Well, it seems I'm crying

Thank you so much for posting this, after a solid half-hour of fruitless searching, this is the one thing that managed to lead me back to "frequency". I'll have to read this one too, but it will probably be a little while.

Well... A fitting conclusion, I suppose...

A fine addition to the previous story, and while it's another kick in my feelings, this one wasn't as harsh. Thank you for sharing it.

Absolutely wonderful story. :fluttercry:

I thought i ran out ot tears when the main story ended. Apparently not.

Thank you for this addition to the story.

now quick someone make a fanfic were she actually survived! Nah but that was a good ending and epiloge I wouldn't change it

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