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It is a hundred years before the rise of Nightmare Moon, and a young and vulnerable Equestria is fighting for survival against its longtime rival, the Griffon Empire. Thousands have died, entire cities have burned, and no end is in sight for either side.

Against a backdrop of near total war, ponies from the three tribes - and a few friends they meet along the way - will take up the banner of the Sun and Moon and risk it all to restore what was theirs...

And burn those who took it from them.

Inspired by the brilliant First Contact War universe, a creation of the immensely talented AssasinMonkey.

A collaborative work between: Grand Moff Pony and Loyal

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 15 )

Considering Celestia couldn't beat one Channeling Queen I don't see this elite group doing much beyond slap fighting a few school children.


Considering Celestia couldn't beat one Channeling Queen I don't see this elite group doing much beyond slap fighting a few school children.

Celestia let Chrysalis defeat her in Canterlot Wedding, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to gauge how effectively Twilight could have handled the Changeling Queen instead.

5300321 Yeah you go ahead and keep believing whatever non-canon bullshit you want buddy.

STILL so predictable. You're adorable ^.^

5301084 Hey I'm not the one making FMA in Equestria.

First Contact War? Isn't that the war between the Turians and Humans? LOL Love Mass Effect.


Could be. We're just sticking with the name that the original artist used. ;)

Hope you give it a read though! :)

-GMP (co-author)


I like it; And Grand_Moff_Pony? Spoof of Grand Moff Tarkin of Star Wars? Nerds Unite! I love it. HA


"Fear will keep the local readers in line." :trollestia:


Shit goes in shit comes out. Run of the mill garbage here.

Its a shame I can only thumb this up once, I think it deserves a bit more attention, well done guys.

Hmmm, this story has potential but I'm sceptical about a few things. OK so main protagonist are Unicorns so we see things from their prospective. But from the sound of things only Unicorns and Pegasi are fighting. Where are the earth ponies? I know we're talking pre Nightmare Moon but you'd think they could come up with some form of artillery or siege weapons. Also where are the Pegasus spec ops. I don't see why a three man team would be hammered with a elite escort. I don't care how gifted these mages are they are green, untested, and sent on one of the most dangerous assignments: infiltration behind enemy lines. They should have at least one combat veteran as escort. And why go to Trottingham? If the enemy is using the emerald fire on the front lines why not study it there. I'm sure they have tried or else they wouldn't be sending the Elite Three, so why can't they? Maybe the lines are too hot to have mages study it, but surely they have some data that should have been shared. It all just seems like if these arnt plot holes and they are valid problems Equestria is having its things like this that they are losing the war.

Love the story! I'm looking forward to more. :D

How could griffons form an empire? They are predators and need mountain regions for living. This style of live means they will never be great nation that could form stable state. They will live only in tribes. Maybe in the future when Equestria becomes strong country they could form some sort of state thanks to trade with Equestria.

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