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Meta Four

I didn't write any of that.


One is a pegasus who sees things nopony else can see. The other is an abrasive, competitive showmare. Can love help these two ponies overcome their differences and face the difficulties of the road ahead? Nope!

Sometimes the open road throws the least likely companions together. Sometimes, the last person you would expect can become your strongest friend. And sometimes they just drive you insane.


This is a companion piece to Split Eyes. You should be able to read these two in either order.


Cover art by Applelight Limited (modified slightly by yours truly).

Mad props to my pre-readers:
Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi
Japanese Teeth

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More Alarm Clock Ditzy? Yes, please. :pinkiehappy:

Ah, and she's paired up with one of the more tragically obnoxious Trixies I've seen. It seems like Ditzy's very existence is going to make Trixie question a lot about how she thinks the world works. And that's ignoring the question of what Ditzy did to end up on the run from an asylum.

Oh, and nice use of the pine cone meme.

Definitely looking forward to more.

Wait, Ditzy reaches inside a tree and pulls out something blorange? This is going to be one of those "sees beyond the edge of the universe" Ditzys, isn't it? :derpyderp2:

Hey, Meta Four, you should mark Alarm Clock as a sequel so people have an idea of what they’re getting into. …and so they can find the original too, of course.

That is precisely what it is.

Ditzy can see magic, so where is the description of Trixie's passive magical glow?

Ditzy's magiocular synesthesia was never mentioned as an internal note; was this intended?

Well done on writing Trixie! You can taste the various mental complexes!

Trixie is amazingly strong! Ditzy is no stranger to combat and hard work! It seems strangly un-unicornlike of Trixie, i wonder if that is a backstory clue?

Looking forward to discovering the plot!

This story was made of CUTE! :heart:

I loved the scene with Trixie and Dodger...and uh, everything else.

“I was arguing, not flirting!”
“There’s a difference?”

Does that mean Trixie always flirts with everypony???

Anyway, I can ship it.

I do hope that in any future stories in this verse we can see Derpy playing the sax.
Cause that would be awesome.
Also, poor Trixie she fell kinda hard and fast for that wall eyed mare.

Ooh, Trixie's in on the transdimensional crazy. Unfortunately things might be too awkward between them now to tag-team in Ponyville in the future.

I wonder if Pinkie may have some Great and Powerful blood in her.

:facehoof: Can't believe it took me this long to read the second chapter. Very glad that I did, though. A fun prequel to Alarm Clock. Thank you for it.

These characters are brilliant. Trixie is simultaneously ungodly annoying yet also hilarious to listen to. I definitely prefer this interpretation over the "shallow jerk" or "bully who readers are supposed to sympathize with because of her difficult past" types that she's so commonly cast as.

I'm having a tough time deciding if I would enjoy being around this Trixie or not. If I could tolerate her general cluelessness, the hilarity of it would make it worthwhile. But then, if I couldn't take it, she'd drive me up the walls. I think I could do it though.

6562232 Thank you.

Trixie was immensely fun to write, when she wasn't being immensely frustrating. More than any other character I've written, she kept making conversations veer off in directions I hadn't planned. I don't think I'd enjoy this Trixie's company in real life, either—but in the process of writing, I came to sympathize with her a lot more than I did beforehand.

Those pin-headed pencil-pushers persist in pumping up the price of paperwork!

Alliteration! :pinkiehappy:

“Ditzy!” she called. “Get back here, you airhead, right now!” She waved the sack in the air. “You left your stupid pine cones back here! Ditzy! Ditzy!”

She called into the darkening twilight for about two minutes before her voice cracked. Trixie coughed, then in a normal volume, she continued, “Fine! Be that way, you dummy. Trixie will just have to eat all these pine cones herself!”

Trixie grabbed one cone and bit off half of it. After a few seconds of chewing, she flipped the burlap sack, dumping all the remaining pine cones onto the street. She stepped back into the wagon, locking the door behind her.

Night fell in the forest just west of Baltimare. Ditzy lay for an hour on a tree branch, tossing and turning. She had to snatch a passing cloud to use as a pillow before sleep came to her.

Aww... Trixie used Ditzy's actual name! ... And those ending scenes show they care... Or something... ... Not "caring" as such, but something sweet?

What's Trixie dumping out the pinecones supposed to represent?

What's Trixie dumping out the pinecones supposed to represent?

I don't entirely remember, to be honest. It just felt right.

Hello, Meta Four! First of all, I want to thank you for such an awesome story :D
Soo, will you make a sequel? This story is really great, I've read it in one go. Can't help myself but smile like an idiot.
Anyways, you totally made the best Trixie I've ever seen, competitive and clueless, it really fits her. And the relationship with Ditzy - awesome!

I wish you luck with the sequels of this story. :thumbs up!:

7960214 Thank you!

There already are some sequels, actually. There's Alarm Clock, which is mainly about Ditzy. (Actually, I wrote Alarm Clock first, and this story is the prequel.) And that has another sequel: Beauty Will Tear Us Apart, in which Trixie makes her great and powerful return.

7960313 Oh my god, why didn't you say so in the description, I suggest you add it. I'm gonna read those stories right away :D

This Trixie seems kinda Flanderized to me. Yeah, she's competitive, but is she really THAT dense?

Aww. Poor Trixie. (And given what I said last chapter, that's saying something.) Who knows, they might have been able to be friends of things panned out a bit differently. This was a good chapter.

Since this is supposed to be pre-season-one, my idea was that Trixie mellowed out a bit, in between this story and "Boast Busters". But in retrospect, I do agree I got a bit carried away and mixed up Trixie's stage persona with her real personality.

“With that attitude, it’s no wonder Trixie bested you.”
“Really, Trixie, with that attitude, it’s no wonder you can’t do it.”

:rainbowlaugh: Nice parallel construction.

Townside Lake

I see she can't keep her story straight-- oh, wait, no, it actually makes sense. Well-played.

“the comforts of Trixie’s home are much nicer than the comforts of your home—”


You sound just like my philosophy teacher.”

Philosophy is no joke, young mare!


I have no words. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

“Trixie doesn’t make ... mistakes. But she does occasionally make slip-ups,

stnanks, you mean? :raritywink:

Corrections offered without malice.

Ditzy sighed and laid down

lay down

Hearths Warming

Officially has an apostrophe. (two instances)

“Hi ho, Trixie, away!”


Nestor the donkey replaced all the missing horn-rimmed glasses.”

Third time's the charm.



aww…poor …both of them.

Your trixie is greatly and powerfully exasperating. :trixieshiftright:

8189288 It's odd. I meant for this one to be a comedy, but it ended up having a sad ending... while the drama companion story had a happy ending.

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