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The Apple family never misses a birthday celebration. And what's a birthday party without a story or two?

My entry for the 2015 EFNW Pre-con Writing Contest
Edited by Loyal and Silver Flare

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Comments ( 27 )

This is a really sweet story, keep up the good work!:ajsmug::pinkiesmile:

In a word...


In more than one word...

Uh, what's the plural of d'awww? D'awwws? D'awww's?

Aww, so sweet...

Glad you wrote it...

Great story! I enjoyed it. All the Apple characters are spot-on here, and the little bit of sadness with a happy ending makes it very sweet.

Good luck in the contest. I hope this story does well. :twilightsmile:

This perfectly captures my feelings I had for my dog. Great job with this.

Whilst I'm really glad the story took it's time as it began, I wish we got to see more of Applejack and Winoa. But I suppose that when my main complaint is that something was too short, I think you've done something right.

I really liked this, although more for the Apple Family than Winoa herself. Still doesn't make it any less enjoyable, though.

I'm reviewing this as a candidate for the Everfree Northwest competition's Community Choice Award. So, here's my review!

I suppose HapHazred's review is pretty close to my own feeling. Winona and her bond with Applejack isn't really explained in detail, but that doesn't really hold back the story from being interesting and touching. It makes good use of its short length and portrays all the characters believably. This one is going on my list of nominations!

Good luck in the competition!


Thank you both for your comments, and I'm glad to hear you liked the story! :)

You're both right in that I'd have loved to explore the growth of the link between AJ and Winona. But, as my revisions came and went, I felt I couldn't do that specific element justice without hand-waving away much of the build up/context that is needed to frame a story with such a low word cap. But, it is what it is, lol. :)

Still, thank you both for the feedback, and I hope you'll consider voting for this entry in the fan poll! :)

Hello. Just letting you know that for reasons explained here, I've added your story to the Goodfic Bin (what with me being a story approver there and all.

Have a good one!

5834537 Sweet! Thank you so much! :)

This was pretty entertaining! You have a like from me. :twilightsmile:

6097951 Glad you liked it! :)

If you like, feel free to check out my other stories as well. I hope you find them enjoyable too.

Just the one puppy?

6898368 Yeah, most of the time, dogs have litters, so more than one is certainly the norm. I'll chalk this one up to 'author's prerogative' (aka - works well enough for me) :raritywink:

Thank you for giving this a read and a fave though! I'm glad you liked it. :)

I'm super late on this, found this on the recommended list off to the right of the screen. Good little story, grievously underrated.

Aww, thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate it! :)

I came across this, and if ya don't mind. I think I might work something of a ghost of this story into Ranger. It would work out well with the way the dog is part of the story.

That's very flattering! Thank you! Please go on ahead! :)

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