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Unicorn Frappaccinos are taking the world by storm, thanks to its secret ingredient – “unicorn magic”.

Pinkie Pie is sure her Equestrian self could easily reproduce the drink, given the recipe, and sell a lot of them in the process. After all, who better to buy a magical drink than magical creatures?

A late entry to the frappaccino bandwagon. Written just for fun.

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There was a bandwagon? I didn't notice any stories on the topic other than mine.

In any case, this was an enjoyable dose of insanity. I feel the pacing could've been better—the confused businessman added nothing to that scene, for example—but this was still quite fun. Thank you for it.

Oh, and that’s not even counting Starlight’s sudden ability to use the Royal Canterlot Voice on command, and teleport Luna to and from her bedchambers!

This is where the ‘Oh you poor innocent Twilight :ajsmug:’ comment should be, but it’s clear she has her own Royal Canterlot Voice practice sessions :rainbowwild:.

I love the antics, and the punchline is great. Nice work!

Pinkie removed her own helmet and watched her hair literally spring back into its usual poofy arrangement. “No, last time I said ‘Yeppers!’. This time I said ‘Absotutely-lutely’, and that’s definitely not the same thing.”

In this paragraph you say that Pinkie takes off her helmet, then two paragraphs down...

Pinkie just smiled back as she removed her own helmet. “Not to worry, Sunny! This location has the last ingredient for sure!”

Interesting read. It's nice

So, I take it from that last line from Pinkie Pie that you’re a TwiDash shipper, huh? I must say, I’m a bit surprised that the drinks aren’t having any affects in the EQG world. Still, perhaps it has something to do with how Pinkie made them.

Oh, and btw, you mentioned EQG Pinkie removing her helmet twice.

Argh, I thought I had fixed that. My apologies! :(

It's been fixed now.

Thanks for the heads up. It's been fixed. My apologies for the error. :(

No shame in being late to a bandwagon. I still have a draft blog post about the mathematics of the Ice Bucket Challenge :rainbowwild:

So I really like the idea of the magic powder granting temporary abilities to the ponies that they don't normally have. Although Bon Bon probably always knew how to turn invisible and is just pretending it's from the drink because Twilight caught her. That's the kind of skill you have to have if you're working for as secret monster agency, after all.

I also really like how you had EqG Pinkie sense work.

Haha, I wondered how the characters of MLP would react to the Starbucks Special Frappe.

:rainbowlaugh: man that's what I call funny

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the story! :D

Hilarious, but I do wonder what that drama with the business guy was, it kinda broke the flow a bit. Otherwise it was great. Pinkie is hard to write,but you did it well.

Thanks for the comment! Honestly, at the time I was trying to work in some kind of interruption to Pinkie's mission, so either her and/or Sunset would have to butt them out of the picture in frustration. A random customer thinking their order had been called seemed to fit the bill, though it admittedly didn't flow as well as it sounded in my head. :)

Wow. That was hilarious. Took a lot of turns that I didn't expect! Was kinda expecting the secret ingredient to be Equestrian Magic, as is traditional of the EQG franchise apparently, but this was still a great fic. Fantastic stuff!

“Fine! But make mine a small!”

Pinkie: "It's called a Tall, Twilight, but I get what you mean!"

This was a lot of fun. This kind of reminds me of that rush back in the day where people couldn't get the Szechuan sauce for McDonald's and tried to make it themselves. Great work, great characterization, and Pinkie was hilarious in both worlds! This is absolutely up my alley!

Twilight blushed furiously as Pinkie pronked away back toward the counter, and after a second’s hesitation, she hurried to follow.

this implies things i hate

If that ever happened in this universe, all they'd need to do is make an Equestrian Rick and Morty episode in Season 2 to get it remade for LTO.


Hawk I still need to right mind find me I started writing it I need to finish my nose what I mean voice to text is just shiting the bed but the point is I have a story about the same topic I started like five f****** years ago that I should probably finish

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