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This story is a sequel to Night Rose

Nothing has been the same for Roseluck since her whirlwind trip to Marecelona months ago. Memories of the Tablao Rosa, and the incredible, unexpected romance she found within its walls, fill her dreams. Frustrated with work and distracted by visions of the past, she visits one of Canterlot's hottest nightclubs to dance away the stress.

But a chance meeting may hold the key to reconnecting to a piece of herself she thought was left behind forever.

Pre-reading/Editing by: Olden Bronie and Dewdrops on the Grass

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This is just such a well done story. I loved seeing Rose's perspective and how she has pined for the stallion she shared such a special experiance with in Marecelona. You really captured the energy of Roseluck's emotions by matching them with the vibrant club setting of Cnterlot's nightlife. And such a terrific twist in a chance meeting! One never knows how fate will turn and bring the most promising of opportunities!

Will they meet again? Will they continue to long for one another?

I can't wait to find out!

Thanks for the kind words, my friend! And especially for your editing help! :heart:

I wish to second Olden Bronie on this one. The emotional weight of the story is heavy despite its lightweight structure and the interest and intensity between them is sparkling. They seem well suited for each other with great chemistry.

I hope they go far and dance a lot.

Thank you for your kindness and assistance, my friend!

I want to read the sequel.

I want him to go get his scarf, and I want to know what happens when he does.

Yes! I love it! Night Rose was one of my favorite stories, always wanted to know what happened next, if anything!

Hey there, Crafty! IT is so good to see you pop up in the comments again. I hope you're doing well! :)

Thanks for the read and I'm glad you liked it! If by some chance you're still doing live readings, you did such an amazing job on the original story, consider this a pre-approval to have at it if the mood strikes you. ;)

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