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Life at the post office has always been the same since you got to Ponyville, and worse, you always end up sleeping on the job! It almost seems like you're destined for a life of getting chewed out by your boss as you just can't seem to stay interested with sorting through the mail.

It seemed that way before you met the most lovely pony on a delivery that was forgotten but one of the mailmares. Now you can't seem to get this beautiful mare out of your head, and you're both ecstatic and horrified of interacting with her on a daily basis, now that your boss has officially made you a mailman.

You're not sure if this is fate, or if this is just the worst luck you've ever had. It looks like you'll just have to wait and see!

[It's a 2nd Person Romance, Starring YOU and Roseluck!]

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The last part, if only for the constant interruption of the thoughts, was actually kind of funny to me.

Hm... Anon tripping over himself for Roseluck, Derpy mad at Roseluck...

I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

3987059 In Soviet Russia,plot sees where you're going!

3989191 the first thing I thought when i saw that was you probably thought this was going to be some NSFW thing didn't you....pervert

Comment posted by EvilOtaku deleted Feb 25th, 2014

Every time I see a story with someone named Anon, I immediately imagine

I think it'd be better to just give the reader an assumed name, or a nickname. Or even use a little clever writing to not have to use a name at all. But that's just me I guess. Still a great read so far.

Yeah, you got a point there bud. My other story doesn't use a name at all, but I thought I'd might as well have someone refer to you by a name this time around, allowing me to open up a bit more of the conversation. I thought Anon would be a decent placeholder simply because everyone uses it. Perhaps that isn't always the best course...

Thank you for pointing that out, friend. I'll be sure to use it on future 2nd person stories I may or may not write. :twilightsmile:

Good to see Anon being shipped with someone other than Applejack or Rainbow Dash. :twilightsmile:

3990565 Don't judge me! I would totally fuck Roseluck!

And now comes the question. Where is an update?
I'm waiting!

In writing purgatory! I'm working on it as we speak! :moustache:

Now I wonder, how will you pull this triangle between them... I really like Derpy and this guy seems to be as clever as a rock of we speak about romance.

I like having a somewhat pitiful and sort of misinformed main character, since no one is perfect or completely innocent, I played with the sudden infatuation with Roseluck to have Anon about as clueless to any other mare imaginable.

I think it will lead to some interesting encounters between both Roseluck and Derpy. Believe it or not, it was actually comments made by a few on the draft of this story that made me think of the idea for any sort of love triangle, so this was well past the initial plot I had for the story. Because of that, I still have a bit of work to do in regards to this dynamic relationship between the characters.

I hope that sorta helps. I'm bad at explaining things. :twilightsheepish:

No, it was very informative.
But honestly, this guy really is acting like a pussy, to use his own words. I kind of expect him to have a breakdown in the middle of the street for not finding his teddy. :applejackunsure:

I suppose that's my own fault, I did not mean to have him seem like that, I promise. I didn't really want a particularly confident main character, both from the circumstances of still adapting to a new world and simply a set of comedic yet sympathetic personality traits.

When I read greentext, Anon always seems sort of pompous, uncaring, and cruel. That's comedic too, and I just wanted to shake things up a bit with this one in making a character that's a bit oblivious and somewhat overwhelmed.

Now that teddy bear idea, that could be funny... :trixieshiftright:

Regardless, I just hope it didn't bother you too much, I apologize if it detracted from the story a bit.

Eh, it was bearable. But I suggest taking it back somewhat in the next chapters. Making a man manly is something you can't leave out, unless you want to lose a part of your readers.
Well, good luck writing.

I dunno if I'd be okay with dating Rose if Derpy ends up liking Anon...I'd feel bad about choosing one over the other.

Ohhh, hahahaha, the flower-trio and the bunnies!
I almost forgot about that!

Though I really do wonder, why is this bunny following him?
Angel bunny's conspiracy, or what?

Anyway, this was an entertaining chapter, keep it up!
Also, he should get a hint on Derpy's intentions.


So Derpy has a crush on Anon and Anon has a crush on Roseluck. Yea I need to pop some popcorn cause this is gonna be good.

Bro, I think you got a crush

I think Derpy's got a crush

His cluelessness makes him come off as kind of a jerk

Wow, this is a great fic. Are you planning on updating it any time soon?

Yes, of course. I want to update a lot of things soon! I've got so much to write... :applejackconfused:

It was about as impressive as a van down by the river

Great. Now I'll be picturing him as Matt Foley for the rest of the fic. :facehoof:

Huh. I come from reading a story about Anon being head-over heels for Fluttershy and Roseluck playing third wheel directly into a story about Anon being head-over-heels for Roseluck and Derpy playing third wheel. Weird. :trixieshiftright:

It was about as impressive as a van down by the river

I saw what you did there :rainbowkiss: huehuehuehue.


Aww, poor Derpy //sobs
DAMN... Anon... you a pussy, like... holy shit, wussbag!

Awesome job so far dude!

UGH, anon I want to punch you so badly right now :pinkiecrazy: with a knife!

And this bunny... wtf is up with him?

Awesome job so far dude!

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