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Ditzy Doo finds herself attracted to Big Macintosh after delivering a package to Sweet Apple Acres. (Please read and review! Share it with friends too...you know, if you wanna.)

MLP: FiM and related characters are copyright of Hasbro.

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you've got a good story here cant wait to see more :twilightsmile:

Wow..........:rainbowderp: that was pretty good:pinkiehappy:

Can't..stop..reading..need MOAR CHAPTERS! Haha, really looking forward to future chapters, keep up the great work. I don't usually read human stories but yours has interested me quite abit, good job.

Wow that was good:twilightsmile:! I didn't realize it was humanized until too late though lol, dumb ol' me:derpyderp1:. I'll like and favorite and continue to read, keep up the good work partner:eeyup:

Please more:flutterrage:, this was a great read so far, a few errors (Darn them:pinkiesad2:) but didn't affect the story AT ALL:pinkiehappy:. That's an all time new:rainbowkiss:! I didn't have much faith in this story (since I find Derpy should only be with Doctor Whooves:twilightangry2:) but you proved me wrong with this one:yay:. Them being human made it all the more satisfying and real:raritywink:. It was like I could see it unfurling in my mind as I read along. I wish to see more chapters of this book, and so far you get a beautiful 4.8/5:twilightsmile:!

D'aww, love the end. Touching :3

I Enjoy this whole story! Not a high enough rating! :ajsmug:

Hmm what the....
NO! Bad boner bad!
Down! You know better! > :(

Good Job me like :twilightsmile:

Awww yeah thats the applespice for you :eeyup:

I was like :O didnt expect that but ima allow it, loved the textin part XD

Big Mac seems out of character, he talks too much here.

You, came back...


@paintingthedarkness: After nearly half a year, yeah, I'm back. :) :yay:

I was wondering what happen to you. But I'm glad that your back.:pinkiehappy:


More or less other hobbies. Found RPG Maker, so making a game between working two jobs. Writing kind of took a backseat.

Decided to write a direct sequel to this story, so it should start popping up in the next few weeks once I get everything finalized on an outline. It's going to be taking place one year into the relationship of Ditzy and Big Mac.

Working name is "The BigDerp Sequel", because who cares for actual titles if the story is worth reading?

I feel happy to here that from you. Sorry much hasen't been going on in group though. If you ever need someone to chat with for ideas, comfort, or the sake of just talking don't be afraid to shoot me a pm.:pinkiehappy:

~May your days be filled joyous laughter and endless smiles~
~ The 501st

2396546 it does when i can pop and kill one on command!!

Update: Still drafting the sequel. Been busy with work, so haven't had much free time. Gonna give you a small idea of what you can expect...

- Focuses a little more on Big Mac this time.
- Filthy Rich serves as a kind of antagonist.
- Someone leaves; Someone arrives.

That's too bad to hear, But thank you for the story in the first place. :twilightsmile:

2515324 This, maybe you could post this story in writers group or something.

Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the story.

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