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A young man's letter to no one, detailing his feelings for the relationship between two of his best friends.

Rated T for mildly suggestive sayings. Special thanks goes to Reneigh Haycraft for editing!

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Any time I read these stories with human x pony and there's the whole "horse" issue, I like to refer to the number one go-to guy when it comes to banging aliens: Captain Kirk. I mean, sure those green skinned space babes looked mostly human but still. If good ol' James Tiberius Kirk landed on Equestria, you can bet your ass he'd be in either Tia or Luna's bed before you could say "Obey your prime directive."

Not sure about the whole "villain" thing. I'd wager Dash would appreciate being told the truth, personally. But then, I'm not an emotionally confused character in a sad story.

hahahathat'sthejoke *weeps softly*

Weird, for some reason the Like button ain't working.

Nice! I enjoyed reading this.. Though it feeels as if this might only be a start... Like... Maybe let somepony find this letter? :P

Anhoof: have a +1 from me! :)

Because i cant leave a like, i'll leave this comment saying i like your story.


I'm having trouble connecting to the main character here, as I'm not feeling the strong emotions that he's feeling. The narrative is summarizing the story, as is the nature of a letter, I suppose, but it makes the story less intimate to me, like I'm distant from the main character. This story tells me about the main character experiencing frustration and such, but I don't feel it. I think this story needed to be a bit more fleshed out to be effective. "Show vs. tell" might be a good writing thing to study. I know I've been doing that a lot lately.

The story flows well, though, and it's mechanically sound. :twilightsmile:


Thanks for the reception, guys! :twilightsmile: When I find the time, I may just re-write this into a better and more developed story.

6595158 My thoughts in the whole "but she's a horse!" worries can be answered thusly:
Does NOT look like

I actually have a idea to where he finally snaps and tells them both, and trys to stab rainbowdash after saying " You took my happy ending from me, so i;m gonna take away yours."

6603991 Whoa, let's not get carried away here! :twilightoops:

A couple of things of note guy... Rainbow doesn't play fair, and Rainbow is a lot more aware than ponies or humans in this case take her for.

She almost certainly was waiting for the right time as well, and when you confessed to her that you were about to take the step, she was able to put two and two together and beat you to the punch with Twilight.

She did so knowingly and with full intent.

Wow, I fceel like I just read Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen Of Verona all over again!

Hey, we going to get a sequel? Just wondering.

6603991 Or not because not everyone is a violent psychopath

6859231 , I will let you know, I am not a violent pyscopath all the time. I am an EXTREMLY violent pyscopath only when I feel I need to be, or when I put someone on my shitlist. Helps me get through the day.

Well,I would really like to see how this would go,can't really leave it hanging

Woah, now you got me wanting more...

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