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Life at the post office has always been the same since you got to Ponyville, and worse, you always end up sleeping on the job! It almost seems like you're destined for a life of getting chewed out by your boss as you just can't seem to stay interested with sorting through the mail.

It seemed that way before you met the most lovely pony on a delivery that was forgotten but one of the mailmares. Now you can't seem to get this beautiful mare out of your head, and you're both ecstatic and horrified of interacting with her on a daily basis, now that your boss has officially made you a mailman.

You're not sure if this is fate, or if this is just the worst luck you've ever had. It looks like you'll just have to wait and see!

[It's a 2nd Person Romance, Starring YOU and Roseluck!]

Chapters (3)

Drifters come and drifters go, leaving the town of Appleloosa as nameless and unnoticed as if they had never been there in the first place. What happens, however, when a drifter isn't an everyday sight, especially when taking into account his peculiar appearance? A world of distrust and violence opens up to not only him, but to a cast of others, all affected directly or indirectly by the chaos in their own way.

When the blinding smoke of skepticism finally fades, will there be anyone left untouched by it?

Rated teen for adult themes, language, and violence.

Chapters (4)

It has been a year since Titus has arrived in Equestria. Deep underground, a betrayal takes place between two ancient beings, and another is brought into Equestria as a result with a strong thirst for justice. An evil soon awakens that not even a god can comprehend and Titus finds himself called to action once more in an attempt to spare Equestria from destruction and corruption.

(Sequel to A Beacon of Light and A Pale Light)

Chapters (12)

After tragedy has befallen you, you wander aimlessly until coming upon a wishing well. There you make a wish, thinking it will never come true. But as you soon stare into the face of death, you may just find out how far a wish can go.

Chapters (33)

(Sequel to "A Beacon of Light" It is highly recommended you read that story before this one. It can be found on my page.) A chilling wind comes to Equestria, provided by a race of pale beings that can freeze anything with a single touch. Can a lone Paladin and his obsessive companion somehow return the land to its previous state? Or simply freeze over with it?

Chapters (10)

New and amazing discoveries present themselves to the Azerothian Paladin Titus, after he believes he has fallen to his death. He wakes to find himself in a land even more mystical than the one he came from.

This is a mlp/WoW crossover. Hopefully even those that don't play WoW will enjoy this, and even if you don't, I appreciate you giving this a read and the constructive feedback.

Chapters (10)
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