• Published 22nd Feb 2014
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Sweet Rose - Nobrains

[2nd Person] When you become the new mailman for Ponyville, you aren't sure whether to be happy or horrified after meeting a mare that you never thought would catch your eye.

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Chapter One: One Last Delivery

*Inspired by this simple little song.*

Chapter One: One Last Delivery

“Anon! Wake up!”

You stirred awake, slobber dripping off your lips as you picked your head off of the filing desk. Oh god, why did you always fall asleep at the filing desk? You looked around to see if you left any saliva on any more poor unsuspecting people’s letters or packages. Everything seemed to be looking okay.

“Huh?” You finally spoke up, whirling around to see your merciless boss Express staring you down.

He did not seem too happy from both his tone of voice and the look he had. “Anon, why were you sleeping on the job again?”

You didn’t know what to say to your pegasus boss. You couldn’t just tell him what you did over here was the most boring shit you’ve ever had the displeasure to put up with. The only time this was exciting was when that gray furred cross-eyed pegasus came to help you with sorting out the mail. She was fun to be with and talk to, but her appearances were a rarity, since she was the mailmare, and you were simply a sorter at the office.

“Sorry… can’t sleep at home…” you half-yawned out in response. You didn’t want to admit it, but there might have been more truth in that statement than you’d want to let on. A year here in Equestria after that damn accident, and you were still having trouble adjusting. You missed your old friends, your family, and you missed human women.

Express trotted up behind you and gave you a pat on the back, and even though you were sure it was meant to be encouraging, the words that followed left you mixed in emotions. “Then I suggest you take a day off before you drench everything in your spit.”

You both sat there awkwardly for a long moment before your boss spoke up again, scratching the back of his head with the tip of his hoof. “Just… get the rest of this crap done today, will ya?”

You grabbed at the letters sitting on the desk before you. “S-sure thing, boss.”

“There you go,” and with that he was back out into the front desk, out of sight dealing with anyone the others couldn’t take care of. You wished the cross-eyed mare was here to help you finish up. You grumbled and went back to work, placing the letters in small section along the tray, labeled by address. At least street numbers were easy to figure out here in Ponyville.

By the time you were done, it was fairly late into the afternoon. You sighed and pushed out of your seat, heading to the front where you would grab your jacket and start heading back to your shitty old house in the middle of town.

You snatched up your jacket and were nearly out the door when Express called back to you. “You mind doing a favor for me, Anon?”

You gritted your teeth and turned back to him, faking a weary smile. “Not at all. What's up?”

“It seems like Derpy forgot one of her packages, and I thought since the address was on the way to your house you might be able to hand it off to the recipient?” He slid the small package your way.

“Uhh… yeah,” you walked over to the desk and picked up the small box, hearing a bit of bits rattling inside. Weird. “What’s in it?”

“I don’t know, like… seeds for flowers and junk,” he shooed you off. “You head on home, alright? And sleep for Celestia’s sake.”

You sighed and walked out the door, holding the box in your hands. Seeds huh? Only pony that used seeds you knew would be Carrot Top, but this definitely wasn’t her address. The late day sun was now only reaching in between the buildings and not above them, and you were walking in the shadows as the blue sky slowly turned to orange and purple.

You looked upwards, and found several figures crossing through the sky. You swore you could see Derpy above, going about her business and returning back to the office the way you had come with her satchel at her side. You weren’t positive however.

You rattled the box once more, trying to hear all the contents. It sounded like a bag of chips, and you began to feel your stomach responding to those thoughts. Just great, now you were hungry. You just hoped this pony would be at their house when you arrived. After checking the address you realized this house was on the same street as yours. Well that made things so much easier.

You hummed a tune as you went around a corner and through a small alleyway, popping out onto your quaint little street. For the first time you looked around and studied all the other homes besides yours. They were all a tad bit better than yours, okay, a lot better than your little one-story shit stacked building, but they all looked fairly the same. Well, except for one.

A roof garden could be seen growing off from the top of the house and down the side of it’s walls, disappearing into the green wooden fences that lined all around it. It gave a sort of a feeling you weren’t sure how to describe other than lively. You were almost positive this was the place you would be dropping off the package.

After checking the address again to confirm, you headed off towards the building, running right up to the small gate that came up to your waist. From here you could see into the pony’s yard, and you were not disappointed as it only built on your past sight.

Plethoras of small patches of flora lined all around the house, all nearly cut off by tiny rope-made fences, declaring their borders to grow. Some went right over the perimeter but you doubted it did much to break away from the beauty as all the colors were on display all throughout the yard. You could even see a fountain at the corner of the wooden fencing, where water was constantly being shot out and sucked up again.

You took a nervous gulp and opened the gate, walking up the cobblestone steps to the door and knocking on it lightly. You were suddenly afraid that you would be nothing more than a blemish upon this pony’s lawn. You hoped you wouldn’t get yelled at.

No answer. You knocked again, and you swore you could hear something, like the sound a screen door opening, but still you were met with no one. You didn’t bother knocking again, and after about two minutes you began to turn to leave when the door finally opened.

“I apologize, I was in the backyard, working on my tulips,” the voice was smooth and feminine, and you were immediately prone to turning around to see just who it belonged to.

The earth pony before you standing in the doorway looked worried, as if she had offended you. Her pale chartreuse eyes reflecting a sort of rushed behavior, likely from rushing across the entirety of her home to get to you. She pushed her raspberry mane out of those eyes, trying to present herself as kindly as possible before you with her pale yellow furred covered hoof.

You couldn’t help but stare for a long moment before speaking up. “Y-yeah I got this here-a… package for you. Flower seeds, right?”

She smiled. “Oh yes, just place that down here on the porch, I appreciate this. You aren’t the usual mailpony that comes though, why is that?”

“Uhh…” you put your hand behind your head. “Yeah, I guess that might be partly cause I’m not a pony,” you feigned a horrible laugh, trying not to implode internally. “She was-a… she forgot this package for you I guess, well uhh… I think that will be everything. I guess I should be going now…” Oh god you wanted to cry inside.

“Huh,” she frowned giving you a concerned look. “Well… alright, you have a pleasant evening,” she began to drag the package inside as you quickly ran down back the way you had come.

“Y-you too!” You slipped out the gate and fell behind her fence, hyperventilating.

What the hell was that?! Why were you panicking so bad right now!? What’s wrong with you?! You hurried on down the street towards your home, having a horrible episode filled with panic and heart wrenching confusion.

It was about as impressive as a van down by the river, but your small house at least had no holes, though the paint on the sides was slowly fading away. You would probably have to do something about that before everyone thought where you lived was abandoned. Then again, that one time you caught that homeless pony in your house going through your pantry probably already meant that it was about as bad as it could get.

You unlocked the front door and rushed inside, feeling as if your legs were going to buckle at any moment. You fell onto your couch in the small living room, groaning like an idiot. Who was that pony? You had never seen her before in your life, and she left you a blubbering imbecile!

You’ve tried to date mares in the past, you really have, but the prospect bothered you beyond anything more than a date; as you nearly felt sick to your stomach about being with something other than a human. You wish you could conquer that, but it just didn’t seem in your nature.

Well now here you were, unsure what to feel after that encounter. She was… well very pretty, and although you knew several mares who would count as pretty, this was beyond anything you could ever have imagined. Her colors and eyes were just, perfect! You couldn’t help yourse-NO!!

You kicked your legs into the air, roaring out a growl of protest. No! That wasn’t who you were, you weren’t going to let someone like that leave you a mess! You only have seen her for like two minutes and then ran off like a big pussy! This couldn’t mean anything! Except she was the prettiest thing you had ever laid eyes on-NO!!

This was getting you nowhere. You got up and went to your kitchen and opened the cupboard. Cans of food and several boxes of cereal were really all you had, and you were fine with that. You missed meat… you missed meat almost as much as human women… not that they could compare to whomever that mare-NO!!

You slammed the cupboard door shut and retreated to your room where a bed and a small night desk were the only features. On the nightstand was a single picture you had kept in your wallet that contained you and your family together at that one last bowling party you had went to together. You couldn’t remember how long you had cried realizing you would never see them again. It almost made everything that much more gloomy here, despite the bright and vivid world you lived in now.

You jumped into bed, suddenly not hungry at all. All you could think about was that beautiful mare, and no matter how much you tried to fight it, her raspberry mane and her concerned eyes always burned into your mind. You laid there, nearly sweating as the realization crept over you.

Oh god, were you in love?

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