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After tragedy has befallen you, you wander aimlessly until coming upon a wishing well. There you make a wish, thinking it will never come true. But as you soon stare into the face of death, you may just find out how far a wish can go.

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Woah! Nice job, no, AWESOME job on that chapter. Now this is something fitting and cool about this story. Keep up the good work, brains, I'm starting to like this fanfic.

Thank you kindly! and will do!

Spooky... I like it:trixieshiftleft:

moar also dont be an ass like all the other fanfic writers i listen to and make him go killing ponies so if he does....make them bad ones? but anyways good chapters and i will deffinetly be reading moar

A dislike?! :twilightangry2::pinkiegasp:
Whoever did this, has no taste or any sense of acceptance of one's prose. :coolphoto:

He won't be killing any ponies, no worries about that.

Perhaps a mix of all three, hmm? My mind is an enigma when it comes to these things.

No worries! As long as my head keeps churning out ideas, I'll keep writing this here story.

maybe you can make a separate story to release where "you" are a bad guy and just be a renegade. you know, the kind of way the story goes for the mass effect series

this story-:scootangel:
second story-:twilightangry2:

but no matter what, fantastic writing and i hope to see much more in the near future :pinkiehappy:

oh god please let there be molestia trollestia and serieouse celestia please or let him prank her :]:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Interesting thought, man. I'll have to think about it! Thanks for the follow too!

Lol, I do have to stay in the bounds of realism (as real as a HiE story can get.) But Celestia will be playing quite the prominent role, trust me!

Some Sabbath.. hellz yeah!!

Hero Rule #1: As soon as you hear the phrase "engulfed in flames", either GTFO or tell someone in a position of power. Preferably both.

HiE Hero Tip #1: Always bring a parachute. You are likely to enter Equestria by falling from the sky

There shall be more, my friend!! :flutterrage:

Liking where this is going! Curse this vile waiting between chapters!

Yes, I apologize for the waiting in between the chapters. I'm working on two stories at once, so I have to update each one every other day. :ajbemused:

Take your time a good story is worth waiting for

And us commenters said, "Let there be moar!":pinkiehappy:

this story is so awesome. i cant wait for chapter four, but don't rush it, its too good :twilightsmile:

... and then there was more, and they saw that it was good. :rainbowlaugh:

Excuse me, I'm going to find the two people who disliked this and beat them to death with…… well, they'll find out:pinkiecrazy:

my moneys on twilight being what celestia meant. Do i win a prize for being right? :pinkiegasp: maybe its CAKE! :pinkiesmile:

:pinkiegasp: maybe even CUPCAKES! :pinkiecrazy:


You got it! Cupcakes! :pinkiecrazy:

What's wrong? You don't like cupcakes? They're to die for! :pinkiehappy:

not baked goods...baked bads :pinkiesick: (vomits off screen)

fantastic work, once again you have me (and everyone else but the two soon to be dead people:pinkiecrazy:) mesmerized and ready for chapter 5."and i know its gonna be so awesome :rainbowkiss: "

You guys are too kind! :twilightblush:

i thought it was guna be luna not twilight D: oh well :P TWILIGHT IT IS!:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

“No worries, how about I show you around town, I've only been her on occasion myself. Usually it's from the summons of our regal princess.” What is wrong with that sentence? TELL ME! Cause I know, but apparently you don't.

No tell me?!?!? Tell me!! I need to know!! I wanna fix this!!

873083 Keep re-reading it. You will see it eventually.
MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I'm not going to tell you!

You bastard! Now I'm going to waste so much time looking for this! :fluttershbad:

No question mark... there was no question mark... and I reworded it.. hopefully it's better now... whew that was some tough work!

But I... dammit! :twilightangry2: I reworded it, though! Is it still there after that?


I'm working on Flickering Light right now, man! If you tell me I can continue to work on that and get it out sooner! But instead i'm having a panic attack on this syntax error.. :raritydespair:

873137 Ain't happening! I will make everyone suffer as a result of your mistake! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

You would doom us all?!?!?! How dare you!! and its the her isn't it? Did i not fix that? Dangit.

873160 That was it good sir! About damn time, now get to writing again!

My self esteem is at an all time low! :raritycry: Nah, thanks for the help, though. I always type too fast for my own good, glad you were able to pick up my error.

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