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A strange occurrence left you stuck in Equestria. Awesome, right? But questions arose about the method of transportation. How did it happen? And what does it have to do with the unicorn Twilight Sparkle?
Along the way of finding answers you made new friends, discovered new things about yourself and the world you thought you had already figured out.
This is your tale.

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Uhh, another humanxTwilight fic.
I'll read this one, seems fine

Ogawd 2nd person viewpoint. You dug yourself into a hole on this one. Well... I'll give it a read anyways.

Figgured? Do you mean figured?

I like it, well written, keep it up. :pinkiehappy:

Heh, this looks very promising! Second person, well written descriptions, fairly slow and enjoyable speed, the typical dream of a brony, sir you gained a follower!

Thumbs up!

P.s.: I spotted a few faults, like with comas or using 't'-s instead of 's'-s but nothing serious.
Keep up with the good work!


Thanks alot for the warm welcome everypony! :pinkiecrazy:

I will enjoy writing more on this.

Thanks! :ajsmug:
And I'll try to fix up those, and spellcheck more in the future.

Seems alright so far.
But PLEASE don't make the mention of humans in ancient texts be 'Once upon a time there be humans. PS, they're bastards.'. That's been done WAY too much :applejackunsure:. It is not often enough where humans are actually given a positive portrayal in HiE stories :fluttercry:.

Good job with this. :pinkiesmile: Twi's my fav pony, so I enjoyed this so far! :twilightsmile: Hope to see more. :twilightsmile:

Wow.. I am very surprised that you were able to pull off a 2nd person perspective. You did a great job of connecting me to the character in the story and you did a great job with all imagery. I am surprised, however. that this was allowed to be put on the site. I'm not saying that I don't want in on the site, because I can't wait to read more; I am just saying that I thought the rules were that the person had to be in their world by the end of the first chapter. Hmm... Oh well.. Can't wait to read more! :pinkiehappy:

I love this story so far. You are doing a great job.
Keep up the awesome work, this is already one of the better HiE fics I have read based on sentence structure and execution of the storyline.

Second person, sigh.

Geez, what's wrong with second person? Lighten up and just enjoy it.

piift if i ever saw a portal i go

LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYY! and charge at it :rainbowwild::rainbowwild: ill never let something like another world slip by

There's a couple of things I can see that may happen.

>Everyone panics and runs away from the human and they shy away from him until he do something to win their favor (This one is sort of a classic in a Human in Equestria story. Kind of a no-brainer). Seen it!
>Rainbow Dash has an extremely hostile attitude towards him or she simply tackles him to the ground and Twilight has to explain the situation to everyone, then everything is cool with her. Seen it! (though the latter actually is an acceptable happening)
>He's seized by Celestia because (if she have heard of humans before, in this case) humans are violent killers and only interested in conquest. (Very much like Explodium pointed out) Seen it! Seen it all!

Other than that, and a few grammatical errors, I think it's interesting. Keeping an eye out for more. Hope to see next chapter very soon.

PLEASE CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Wait a minute. This isn't even a clop fic and you are doing it in 2nd person? What the hell is up with the fandom? Why do people feel the need to write in 2nd person? Ugh, another fic that I'm going to have to wait till I'm sufficiently drunk to be able to read it. Brony in Equestria also...this will end well :rainbowlaugh:

I guess I just wanted to try it. My apologies if it doesn't suit your tastes.
No one is forcing you to read it. :pinkiesmile: I'd of course love you if you did though. :pinkiehappy:

But I'll look into your advice. I am fairly new to writing, so any criticism will not be taken lightly.

>> GrimPInkamena I'm also new to writing and I think you did an amazing job on this! I'm writing a very similar story accept mine is in the 1st person but personally I love the way you have made this story in the 2nd person. Not many people can do that successfully and I feel that you have :) Please follow me so that you can check out my story when the first chapter comes out!

Excellent chapter, good sir. :moustache:

Reactions, reason for being in Equestia, and dialogue in this fic are all a step up from the usual human in Equestia story. Bravo good sir, looking forward to more

Have a glorious mustache :moustache:

Edit: someone beat me to the mustache so instead, how about an adorable Twilight :twilightsmile:

I think this was an appropriate first contact with Rainbow Dash, way better than the usual!
Just don't mess up anything!

Man, You are doing a great job with this story. It is one of those stories that I can read without being yanked around with all different emotions. I can read it and walk away feeling good and happy. :D This is the kind of story that this site needs more of, a 'Feel-Good' style story. :pinkiehappy:

Approaching target location, Signs show all clea... Wait, what is that sound?
It almost sounds like a..... INCOMING!



Fair enough. I'll look through it later today without drinking heavily and give you a proper review.

Still pissy about the 2nd person thing since it's usually a sign of laziness as far as I'm concerned but like I mentioned before, something about this fandom seems to produce more of it so I won't harp on you too hard about that.

I'll prepare myself for mental bombardment. But really, it would be much appreciated. :twilightsmile:

Another great chapter! Though I know you know this already :P This is just to let you know I read it :twilightblush:

Extremely well-written. Better than most stuff I've seen here. I eagerly await the next chapter.

Marvelous! I'm glad I tracked this! Looking forward to the next chapter.

Edit: "Could a relationship with her even be possible?"
Well, from what I've seen from other HiE stories, not to mention Crowley's Her Whole Darn Heart story which was incredibly good while still being clop, it could be possible. Wiiith a few minor problems like every Human x Mane 6 story points out: "She's a pony and I'm a human.".

Somehow, if my gut and knowledge of such stories are accurate, I feel as if a heartbreak is looming on the horizon...

I'd really like to update this faster than I currently am, but I got a lot going on at Uni at the moment. Hopefully it wont be this long until next chapter comes out. :pinkiesad2:

Hope you enjoy this chapter as well :ajsmug:

I'm really enjoying how this story is coming along! The interactions especially feel natural between the characters which enhances the story. I also haven't seen a story take this route as far as romance between a human and Twilight yet either, so it'll be interesting to see how it works out. The twist of the spell being a summoning for her special somepo- er, someone I mean. Adds a unique element to it all.

Thanks for sharing this! No criticisms this time around, I haven't noticed anything mention worthy. Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

It is def pinkie pie. She is prolly gonna give him a free cupcake then he passes out and a new version of cupcakes starts. :D

Alright. I definitely like this story. Definitely. :rainbowwild:

The pace of the story is perfect :twilightsmile: There are too many HiE fic's where the human falls for a pony in ten seconds flat :facehoof:


This has been a nice, calm read so far. There hasn't been any exaggerated, cliche, tsundere emotional struggles, and i'm loving every word of it.

Great job! This is the pace that I wish all of the fan fics with a romance tag would flow at.:yay:

Got a stalker? Deter them by acting weird!

I love the story so far! I havent read to many fics yet, but this is one of the best so far!
Keep on the great work ;-)

The stalker might be Pinkie or Lyra either.
Pinkie because, well, she is Pinkie.
Lyra because of her human obsession.

We'll see just in time.

Calling it right now, stalker is actually the CMC brigade

Hmmm... not really a humanXTwi kinda guy... i prefer Dash:rainbowdetermined2:, but Twi fics always seem to be written better. This one certainly is. Second person is always hard to write, and though it is a little awkward, it could just be that I'm not used to reading it. Keep it up!

I was thinking Derpy actually... only she or Pinkie could make themselves appear to be in multiple places at once...

Twilight casts spell that is supposed to bring what the "one that was meant for me" to her, first thing that happens is she is clobbered in the head by a satchel bag.

At this point I about pissed myself, because if the bag belongs to a student it's probably full of textbooks, which means in Twilight's case that you could have ended the story RIGHT THERE and it would have been hilarious.

"Oh magic portal, grant unto me the one who I was destined to be with."

SMACK. Enter bag full of random college textbooks.

"Ow... oh very funny universe. HA HA."

And... then I read further and realize I should probably finish a chapter before I post. So instead I'll say, I see what you did there.

Chapter 5 is nearly complete. I only need my trusted editor to wake up and give it a read-through.
Really sorry about the slow updates. Just bear with me. :fluttercry:

Woo new chapter, and it's a longer one, brilliant work keep at it!

Huh. Are Rainbow and Fluttershy together in this fic?

I might be implying such scandalous things. Who knows. :pinkiecrazy:

Excellent chapter! Looking forward to the next one as always!

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