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When science goes awry sometimes Pinkie's fourth wall breaking skills break in their own ways...

If you enjoyed my story, feel free to carry over into the sequel: Ponies on Bronies. If you just finished I have a link at the TBC on the last chapter that links to the sequel.

The following link goes to the original: Archived Ponies on Ponies.

This story is rated EL (Every Luna) for mild language and emo Dash.

It has also come to my attention, after nearly a year, that Ponies on Ponies showed up on an episode of The Brony Book Club regarding Pinkie Pie and was incorrectly cited. Said episode can be found here, head to the end if you wish to find out what this story isn't. Head up to about 49 minutes.

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That was probably one of the best fourth wall breakings I've ever read.

1168180 I got a question for you, how well do you think I got Pinkie pegged here? I mean she felt a little hit or miss at times, but I need a different perspective.

In other news, I have the Bronies under construction notice and everyone can see that a little while later. After I've let the last chapter sink in for a while and after I've done more of this story's rewrite.

I think I got everything, but I'd like to get some feedback if I missed something or didn't complete a part of this chapter. I was awake all night ya see and I snoozed after my alarm for a couple of hours. Not quite completely here but I still think I got everything.

1169298 Yes, yes we are. I could say something, but it would be mean.

Deja Vu level: Infinity

Right. I have to say that it looks better. A lot better.

He still seems to take things a little too easy, but I have no idea how I'd react if somepony just suddenly jumped out of the screen. I'd probably scream.

1170527 Unless I missed some memo...
Six sets of pony, one set of dragon, one set of human unless I missed something in little kid classes that equals eight.

Hmm... I don't think anything is missing... yet. I just think Ales there might be having a... delayed reaction to having Fluttershy's flank on his face. Snuggling fur could be a cause for allergies or just plain sneezing.

You can sure as sugar can

Would this be... uhh... I think you could remove the first can.

Now if only I could stop finding pink hair on my floor...

1172432 Ack, I was rewriting the wording and it looks as though I abandoned it, thanks for that.

Now, I can't seem to reach Pinkie so you'll just have to deal with her yourself.

1172816 Great... Least I don't have to worry about... not drinking... every now and again I will find some kind of concoction on the countertop. Last time I tried not to drink I found myself blindfolded and bound to a chair with a funnel in my mouth... Lemme tell you... It was slightly fun but were with Pinkie so yeah... don't wanna go through that again...

grumble grumble grumble...
I liked it.

oo... interesting.. try posting it on equestria daily..

1186518 Have you even seen their rants about human tagged stories? I'd have to be crazier than I already am, and I'm actually pretty crazy,

I’d rather not shock him by letting everypony from meeting him.
Is there an extra 'from' there? doesn't make sense as-is.

1191846 Thank you, let that be a reminder to everyone that doing your final double check before going to sleep is a bad idea.

Hmm... When I saw the name Lauren you can guess what went through my mind...:derpytongue2:

Nice touch adding the store. Another new element is now in...:pinkiehappy: Bah... I can't pull of the evil scheming voice...:twilightangry2:

1197847 How's this...
iambrony.jsmart.web.id/mlp/gif/877__safe_fluttershy_animated_evil.gif?1342342781 ?

P.S. Lauren churned out of my mental "name generator" and is pure coincidence. I wrote that Lauren in an early story that I lost my train of thought on and didn't put anywhere. The story reminded me of FLCL if you took the sad excuse of a wire-frame of a story out of FLCL.

1198169 Fluttershy, the wicked with of the East... or was it West?

and loosing horribly
staying up last night and being woken my an unruly slurping I needed sleep

1. Losing.
2. By.

Wait... Sister? :flutterrage: DETAILS! If you don't mind that is...:fluttershyouch:

Wait... you actually beat Pinkie... in a staring contest? What did you do? Wave a cupcake in front of her? Maybe cotton candy, sugarcane's or even... uhh... I don't know... Just glad I ain't th-... Hmm... Actually, I have mixed feelings now...:fluttercry:

1203652 You see, there's this thing called company. This company comes in the form of two very unusual foals...

You can il/logic the rest right?

1203712 So you were saved by the twins. Just make sure not to grab their attention and you should, SHOULD be fine. :pinkiesmile:

You REALLY pegged Pinkie. And I really mean it. I finally understood what it felt like to be one of the other characters in the show when Pinkie starts talking really fast and everything starts going over your head.

1186518 Equestria Daily is the elitist metalhead scene of the MLP fandom, it only accepts what it views as 'the best'.

1169171 It feels somewhat artificial that they automatically realize that talking ponies aren't normal here. Maybe have one or two of them not realize it or something?

1198293 West, the Wicked Witch of the East is the poor sumbitch that died without any screen time, thus ruining any dramatic presence she may have, and then her life was turned into a comedy with the song "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead."

It must hurt a lot without them with them.


Hate to be that one guy, but since it's the first time that I've had a chance to do this in my life...


Anyway, I'm really liking the journal thing so far.

1215408 I was crazy paranoid about that so it's good to hear someone likes it. I mean I get the vibe some liked it but to actually see the words strung together is a completely different thing.

this is like the begining of the tcb genre

1227611 To be honest I find that amusing since I haven't touched those at all. I mean I hear stuff and it just doesn't click in my head or something.

1203624 I agree I want details about what happened to rainbows sister :rainbowdetermined2:

A few weeks have past

1. Passed.

Time to email:trollestia:

Why would Twilight teaching magic to a unicorn (male or not) be taken the wrong way? :rainbowhuh:

long, intensive private lessons, often behind closed doors "for safety" with a member of the opposite gender?
often including those involved shouting and/or coming out of the room exhausted and sweaty, with rumpled manes?

no, couldn't possibly be taken wrong by folks accustomed to jumping to conclusions. :ajbemused:

1407098 of course. Because none of their friends have ever had to conduct physical training. After all, AJ and RD never had a workout in their lives. And Rarity would have no idea what goes on in a magic training session. And you know Fluttershy... She's so judgemental.

Okay, who again was the ones freaking out because a new person with, ahem, "gaudy stripes" and odd ways came every month to Ponyville, then flipped out because one of their siblings tried to extend the metaphorical olive branch?

Who was the one freaking out because she thought that said newcomer was digging at the ground in frustration, thinking she could've been "digging for poor little creatures" ?

Who was the duo who regularly works out and never show a sweat unless doing long stretches of strenuous or stressful activities?

The only one who kept her head, for the most part, was usually was Twilight, up until the Lesson Zero incident.
You know, when everyone dismissed her worries as utterly inconsequential. And then did it again with the wedding.

Who, again, assumed that Twilight could be pressured or bribed into providing goods (the Gala tickets) and then performed several underhoofed and presumptuous favors to attempt to sway her judgement?

Really, all the ponies except Twilight have an extremely worrying tendency to jump to conclusions quickly.

To address the points you made directly;
AJ and Dash are both used to prolonged physical effort, and usually only sweat and look rumpled after putting specific effort into particularly difficult or intensive tasks.
It is doubtful that Rarity ever went to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, seeing as she has a lot of incorrect fantasies about Canterlot, and it was shown that many Unicorns inducted from a young age where still in the school when Twilight got her "assignment" to stay in Ponyville.
Fluttershy judged Zecora straightaway, finding a flimsy excuse to hold onto an irrational fear and prosecution simply because the others where thinking it too. She may not be judgmental, but she follows the flow worse than most sheep or lemmings. And I'm talking these:

not these:

So yes, they would have some "jumping to conclusions" issues.

That said, after this multi-post rant, Twilight's probably also exaggerating, seeing as the portion was written from her POV, rather than from the Omnipotent 3rd Person. As such, while I can see the others getting some ideas, I doubt anypony would bring it up without being asked about it specifically. And they'd probably investigate first, to make sure.

static.tumblr.com/mfxyxgh/wZ5m5ze9a/tldr.jpg version:
Sure, they would probably jump to some conclusions, and Pinkie would try to be subtle (i.e. throwing a "you got a coltfriend! hooray!" party) but Twilight is worrying a bit too much, and it's unlikely anyone would start tossing accusations around, even RD, who is extremely impulsive.

1407294 Thanks for that and I'm really sorry that after all this time this was all I had to post but what can ya do? Some things have to be done "on camera" and I kinda lost my train of thought along the way.


Pinkie's trying to beat Dragon's Lair? If we're talking the first one, then yeah, fugeddaboutit. I beat the second one in the arcade on a single life. :pinkiehappy:

1407294 well, you have a lot of good points, but I'm not convinced. There are too many logical holes stemming from your argument. But this is a really minor point anyway, so I'm going to drop it and just enjoy the story.

Oh, I was saying that the characters where acting perfectly in character, so that was good.

I'm just saying that it's not impossible, and it's largely from being from Twilight's POV, and she's entitled to her opinion, even if it's incorrect.

Technology doesn't work like that :facehoof:

Note how the first three comments' authors have Lyra as their avatar.

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