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Important stuff in here, please read. · 7:53pm Oct 23rd, 2012

I apologize profusely to anyone who has been eagerly waiting an actual chapter to the one story I have on here, after I put that meager teaser of a prologue up. Every time I have tried to write Chapter 1, even though I have an idea of how it goes, I just can't figure out what to do in it. But I think that's going to change soon, because I'm changing the way I write stories.

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Ha, well, alright, I'll buy a copy if you get it published then. :P

Ah, fun, any chance I can get a link once its up?

Thats fine, mind if I ask what it is?

Also, thanks for the comment. <3


You're welcome. I apologize for not reading your stuff quite yet, but I've got to work on my stories as well, and I've got over 90 stories in my read later list, including all of yours.

Thank you kindly for watching me!

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